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Over time, its influence grew and was almost catching up with the Venice and Cannes film festivals.

Every year, outstanding films from countries all over the world would participate in the selection. Of course, the movie stars from the various countries were not to be missed out on either. This included the A-listers in the international film scene, who would bring their works along with them. Some would be invited as guests by the organizers.

Participating in this film festival would surely stabilize one’s position in this industry.

Aside from two movies and one variety show, Lu Man did not have any other works. She really needed a chance like this.

“Haha, of course you have a share,” Sun Yiwu said with a smile. “I sent in your name for Best Supporting Actress. Ji Cheng sent in your name for Best Actress.”

“Older Brother Ji also sent in my name?” Lu Man was shocked. She had actually been nominated for both Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress at the same time.

“Isn’t this a must?” Sun Yiwu said as he laughed. “But you’re also lucky. You managed to act in both of our films at the same time. Both films were also shot around the same time and are within the time frame when the film festival was accepting nominations. Furthermore, this is the first time Ji Cheng has produced a film. This is his first film, so it is very important to him.”

“Thank you,” Lu Man said. “I will give Older Brother Ji a call in a moment.”

Although it was just a sending in of her name and she might not even get nominated, it was good that she still had a chance like this.

The competition was fierce in an international film festival like this. There were too many outstanding films and actors.

Lu Man knew that she was basically there to be a side character. Actually, as long as she could be nominated, it would be considered an improvement and a confirmation of her abilities.

“Okay,” Sun Yiwu said. “Basically, according to the usual rules last time, the panel committee usually does not reject the names sent in by big-name directors and will send them straight to the nomination round. Your name was sent in by me and Ji Cheng at the same time. Even if you can’t get nominated for both Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress, you will at least be nominated for one of these categories.”

Lu Man was still a layman to all these things. No one would be a match for her in public relations, but when it came to certain rules in the entertainment industry, she was still in the exploration stage.

She knew of all these only after Sun Yiwu told her.

After ending the call, Lu Man immediately called Ji Cheng.

She could hear the sounds made by his baby daughter, Ji Simian, playing over the phone. She could also hear the sounds of a cartoon show being played in the background.

Lu Man could not help but smile when she heard that and said, “Older Brother Ji, are you at home?”

“Aye, I’m playing with my baby daughter,” Ji Cheng said as he smiled.

“Uncle Sun called me just now and told me that both of you sent in my name to the Fei Yue International Film Festival,” Lu Man said. “Thank you so much.”

“Why are being so polite?” Seeing that Ji Simian had stretched out her hand, Ji Cheng passed the remote control to her and let her change the channel on her own. “We submitted your name at the same time, you will definitely be nominated for at least one of the categories. Prepare yourself well for it.”


“Oh right, aside from these usual awards, the Fei Yue Film Festival also added a Best Newcomer Award this year. We can’t send in your name for this category because all the new actors in the movies that aired this year will be automatically eligible for selection in the nomination round where the Best Newcomer will be chosen,” Ji Cheng said. “You fulfill all the requirements and will definitely be nominated. From what I see, you are the most outstanding one out of all the newcomers this year. The others are no match for you.”

Although Ji Cheng said that, Lu Man could not really think that she had no rivals or that the award was hers to keep.

There were too many variables involved in selecting the ultimate award winner, and this was related to many other aspects as well.



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