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(Led by the Nose)

Wang Juhuai’s face was pale with anger as he hung up immediately without another word.

A few seconds later, he received a text from Lin Jinshu. “I know you want to speak to me. I’m giving you a chance now. As long as you do as I say, I’ll speak with you at the dinner.”

Wang Juhuai did not reply and threw his phone on the table, utterly disgusted by Lin Jinshu.

“Man Man, what are you thinking?” Xia Qingwei asked.

She knew Lu Man would never let her be unfairly treated.

“Dad, where did you marry Lin Jinshu back then?” Lu Man asked.

“Locally.” Wang Juhuai’s face turned ugly when he spoke of his marriage to Lin Jinshu.

Lu Man smiled and said, “And is the divorce certificate still with you?”

“Should be.” Wang Juhuai frowned, a bit uncertain. “It’s probably kept by Wei Zhong. I had no reason to bring the divorce certificate with me when I came back this year. Wei Zhong was the one who arranged for my things left in America to be sent back. He brought back some of the important stuff. I’ll ask him.”

Wang Juhuai then called Wei Zhong. Lu Man realized that living here was indeed slightly inconvenient.

The house was not big enough, and without Wei Zhong living here, they had to contact him first should they need anything.

It would be better to move to the villa after the renovation was done.

Meanwhile, Wang Juhuai had finished asking and told Lu Man, “It’s with Wei Zhong. He’s taking it over.”

Wei Zhong arrived after a short while.

Lu Man took a photo of the marriage certificate and handed it to Wang Juhuai. “Bring this with you tonight. Doesn’t Lin Jinshu want to lie to the world about how you’re still a couple? I guess she’s not only salty that you married Mom and wants to make you both uncomfortable, she’s also trying to form connections with some of the upper echelons of B City.”

The second point was easy to comprehend since Wang Juhuai was extremely popular and well-received in the country. He was the star of the Chinese people, after all.

But Xia Qingwei could not understand the first point.

Wang Juhuai frowned, asking, “What’s the point of making us uncomfortable? Even if we are, we’ll only hate her more, and that wouldn’t change a thing.”

Lu Man shook her head. “I’m just guessing. She’s mainly trying to make my mom uneasy. Like today—by asking you to attend dinner with her as her partner and claiming to be a couple with her to the world, won’t my mom be unhappy if she heard of this? She’d definitely have a chip on the shoulder. But will you not tell my mom? No, because knowing you, you’ll tell my mom the truth and let her know beforehand.”

“But let’s assume you didn’t tell my mom. Lin Jinshu would find ways to let my mom know after that. And hearing the exaggerated version of events from others’ mouths would make her feel worse than hearing it from yourself,” Lu Man said.

“She made things strained once and you explained clearly, but what if she constantly did it after making things tense between you two? Will you two really not fight? As long as you both argued, there’ll be a thorn left in your heart. Will both of you guarantee that you’ll never be sick of each other after constant arguments?”

Lu Man’s words were like thunder, striking a chord in Wang Juhuai’s heart.

That’s right. They could tolerate a couple of fights.

But what if their marriage became fraught with arguments?

They would be sick of each other sooner or later!

“I can’t guarantee that I can guess all of Lin Jinshu’s motives, but this is surely one of them,” Lu Man said. “So, the two of you can’t let her lead you by the nose.”



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