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(Man Man Is a Professional)

If he went, everyone would know the male protagonist was Wang Juhuai.

Though what Lin Jinshu said was fake, people would still see Wang Juhuai in a bad light if word got out.

Xia Qingwei was now very concerned about matters in the entertainment industry because of Lu Man.

In the past, her sickly constitution did not allow her the freedom to be bothered about such matters.

But slowly, because of Lu Man, she brought herself to pay heed to the matters and circles that Lu Man was involved in.

She also knew of many popular celebrities who fell to obscurity because of scandals that were untrue.

Even if their innocence was proven in the end, their popularity was gone forever.

She did not want Wang Juhuai to encounter such incidents.

Fortunately, Wang Juhuai heeded Xia Qingwei’s words and drove away promptly without arguing.

Back home, Xia Qingwei told everything to Wang Juhuai.

“Why didn’t you tell me just now? I could’ve gone straight to the school and clarified things!” Wang Juhuai said anxiously.

“You think I didn’t try to explain in the school just now? But no one believed me. They’d rather believe the ugly lies,” Xia Qingwei said helplessly. “Even if you went, the most that could have happened was that news of Wang Juhuai’s adultery would get out.”

“I can release a statement!” Wang Juhuai said.

“How? Lin Jinshu didn’t point out your identity to the school, which was why the school and the parents thought I was the third party,” Xia Qingwei said. “If you just pop up and give a statement, people would think that there’s some sorcery on you going on.”

“We should probably tell Man Man about this,” Wang Juhuai finally said. “I was originally too embarrassed to let Man Man know. If it wasn’t for my foolishness for falling into Lin Jinshu’s trap, you wouldn’t have suffered for so many years. Now that Lin Jinshu is back, I-I can’t bear to show my face, I don’t know how to face Man Man.”

“I don’t want Man Man to be worried for me,” Xia Qingwei said.

“But Man Man’s a professional, shouldn’t we listen to her advice on this?” Wang Juhuai suggested.

Seeing that they really needed Lu Man’s help, Xia Qingwei did not persist and nodded. “Okay.”

Deciding on the course of action, Xia Qingwei called Lu Man after seeing that it was already afternoon.

“Mom?” Lu Man was with Zheng Yuan and the others in the canteen, about to order food.

“Man Man, you’re not having lessons now, are you?” Xia Qingwei asked.

Xia Qingwei rarely sought for Lu Man when Lu Man’s in school. Xia Qingwei felt that there was no need to call Lu Man for non-urgent matters.

Now that Xia Qingwei’s calling her, Lu Man instantly asked, “No, lesson’s ended. What’s wrong?”

“Do you have lessons in the afternoon? When you’re done, come home for a while,” Xia Qingwei said.

“Mom, what’s wrong? You can tell me. You’re making me more anxious like this,” Lu Man said.

“It’s hard to say on the phone,” Xia Qingwei said. “But it’s nothing urgent, I’m just telling you to come over today.”


Hanging up, Lu Man lost all interest in staying at school.

Forgoing lunch and saying goodbyes to Zheng Yuan and friends, she hurried home after applying leave from the counselor.

Lu Man was still panting hard when she arrived home.

“Why did you come back so fast? I told you there’s no need to hurry!” Xia Qingwei said, surprised.

Lu Man sighed. “You were so ambiguous over the phone. How could I rest my mind? So I rushed back.”



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