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Afraid that Lin Jinshu would come to find Xia Qingwei again, Wang Juhuai personally sent Xia Qingwei to school.

“Go on, the same as last time. I’ll be waiting for you at some nearby cafe or something after you end class,” Wang Juhuai said as Xia Qingwei got off the car.

“Alright.” Xia Qingwei did not refuse this time.

She walked into the building but realized that her colleagues in school were all looking at her strangely.

Among them were colleagues who taught other subjects and were mere acquaintances of hers.

Now, everyone was looking at her with reproach and disdain, be it her friends or acquaintances.

Xia Qingwei lowered her eyes, feeling weird.

It was only a week since they last saw her. Why did the atmosphere turn so strange?

Walking towards the office, she heard voices coming from inside even before she reached the entrance.

“Anyway, I’ll never let my child be taught by a teacher with no morals!” A woman’s voice drifted out of the office. “What if she taught my child all the wrong things?!”

“That’s right! We can’t let her teach our kids!” another woman’s voice chimed in.

“It’s not that we’re being unreasonable, but a teacher’s influence on a child is really great,” another person said.

A teacher’s voice rose from within, saying, “Dear parents, let’s take a moment to calm down and listen to me. Ms. Xia is well-loved by the children and has never made a mistake in her teaching.”

“It’s even worse if our kids like her! My child would always praise and talk about Ms. Xia this and Ms. Xia that after she goes home. This means she has too big of an influence on my child! How could I be assured about my child being taught by a teacher with questionable morals who have such influence on my child?”

“Right! What Lingling’s mom said is what I think too!”

“Anyway, you either change our children’s class or change the teacher!”

Though she was not the only teacher with the surname “Xia,” Xia Qingwei had a feeling that they were talking about her.

Thinking about the weird stares she encountered on her way here, Xia Qingwei took a deep breath and continued forward into the office.

The student’s parents were still giving their opinions when Ms. Liu saw Xia Qingwei. Her expression changed slightly as she called out, “Ms. Xia’s here.”

Xia Qingwei smiled and nodded. “I heard from outside that you’re saying…”

“You’re that Ms. Xia who teaches the children’s violin class!” one parent said.

“I am.” Xia Qingwei nodded.

“Ha!” The parent sneered. “Anyway, we’ll never let her teach our children!”

As people with families of their own, they could empathize and hated third parties who destroyed families!

“What exactly is going on?” Xia Qingwei asked.

It was just a week since she last came to school, yet she felt that the whole school seemed to have changed.

She was totally baffled.

Even their school director was alerted and was here in the office dealing with the parents.

“Ms. Xia,” Director Sun explained, “you didn’t have classes before and you didn’t come, so you don’t know that a certain Madam Lin came to our school a few days before and complained that you…”

Director Sun found it hard to say it out loud. “…complained that you ruined her family and interfered in her marriage. That her husband’s with you but they haven’t divorced yet.”

Xia Qingwei was so angry that she felt as if something was blocking her airway. “Madam Lin… was she Lin Jinshu?”

“This… we’re not too sure either…” Director Sun was dazed.



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