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(Are You That Cheap?)

Lu Man said, “Dad, give a call to Lin Jinshu and find out what she wants.”


Wang Juhuai picked up his phone, then scratched his head. “I don’t have any way of contacting her. After the divorce, I don’t even want to see her face. I’ve long since deleted and blacklisted her number.”

Xia Qingwei laughed at that. This was probably the funniest thing to happen today.

Wang Juhuai looked so funny scratching his head, but she was really glad with how he cleanly cut off any ties with Lin Jinshu.

Wang Juhuai had to find Wei Zhong to get Lin Jinshu’s number from him.

As Wang Juhuai’s butler, Wei Zhong managed to hit the expectation that he would succeed at the shortest time possible at whatever task Wang Juhuai had for him.

Wang Juhuai put his phone on speaker mode, and Lin Jinshu picked up the call shortly after.

“Juhuai.” Over the phone, Lin Jinshu sounded delighted, but the smugness over guessing correctly was also there.

As if she was waiting for this call, as if she knew Wang Juhuai would definitely contact her.

Hearing Lin Jinshu’s voice made Wang Juhuai nauseated. In the ten years after they divorced, he felt repulsed every time he recalled that he’d been married to her for a long time.

Just hearing her voice or even hearing her name was enough to make Wang Juhuai want to puke, not to mention seeing her.

Ever since he tightened the security around him, Lin Jinshu had had no chance of appearing in front of him. This was the first time in so many years that he was talking to Lin Jinshu and hearing her voice.

Barely holding down his revulsion, Wang Juhuai said, “You went to Qingwei’s school and spewed rubbish.”

“How is that rubbish? You’re my husband even if we’re divorced. After our marriage back then, Xia Qingwei had occupied your thoughts. For so many years, even when she wasn’t there, she still affected our marriage. You’re constantly thinking about her, and the more you thought about her, the more you hated me,” Lin Jinshu said through gritted teeth.

“Wang Juhuai, was it only problems that caused our divorce? No, it was because you never wanted to live with me and managed to catch a mistake I made and seized the chance to divorce. Why did you divorce me? Don’t you know the reason in your heart? You insisted on divorcing me because of Xia Qingwei. Don’t speak as if Xia Qingwei’s so innocent and doesn’t bear any responsibility!”

“If it wasn’t for you keeping Xia Qingwei in your heart, why would you have divorced me? She did nothing, yes, but that does not erase the fact that she’s the third party in our marriage!” Lin Jinshu said sharply.

Lu Man was so angry she laughed. Lin Jinshu really had a twisted sense of logic.

That marriage was gained through Lin Jinshu’s lies, but she dared to blame Xia Qingwei?

Indeed, she heard Wang Juhuai say, “Did you forget how that marriage came about? You lied to me. Even if Qingwei weren’t involved, I still wouldn’t love you or live with a liar like you!”

“Is that so?” Lin Jinshu sneered. “That Xia Qingwei is just that good? She gave birth to another man’s child. And you? You don’t even have your own, and you treat the daughter she had with someone else as good as your own. Wang Juhuai, none of them are yours. Are you that cheap?”

Xia Qingwei’s face grew white.

Lu Man grabbed Xia Qingwei’s hand and shook her head, telling her not to be affected by Lin Jinshu’s words.

And she heard Wang Juhuai say, “I’m willing to accept everything of hers. Are you angry? What you tried so hard and failed to get, I willingly give to Qingwei.”



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