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(He Would Bear That in Mind!)

“That may not be the case, though. Mainly because Lu Man has no recent activities. Her latest one was joining Dong Hua Station’s Classic X Files, but that’s also when she was opposing The Performer. And Dong Hua Station is Xing Ke Station’s old nemesis. Dong Hua invited Lu Man to fight against Xing Ke Station and The Performer. Of course, that was an unusual occurrence, and it might not happen again in the future. Ever since then, Lu Man has not appeared on any programs or on the screens. But we can’t confirm that she got banned because of that. We’ll just have to wait and see how she fares. If she does not have any activities going on and has zero exposure, that means she’s officially banned. But she’s still active in the industry, so I strongly believe that she has her backers.”

What was originally about criticizing the crew of Sounds of Winter had gotten slightly off-track.

Fortunately, most of the comments were still on-topic.

Many netizens even took to calling the mayor’s hotline, jamming up the line.

B City’s officials could not let it be, and Mayor He personally intervened.

He wasn’t informed of the road blockage issue; the traffic authorities had approved it straight away.

Mayor He learned about it after Wang Juhuai called him, but he felt that there was no need to intervene since it was already done.

It was not until the matter got out of hand through the Internet that he contacted the director of the transport authority to quickly unblock the road.

“This is ridiculous! It’s just a filming crew, who gave them the right to block the road?!” Mayor He fumed.

So why didn’t you say so earlier…? Director Huang thought to himself.

A Monday morning quarterback acting all selfless when it was too late.

But Director Huang pretended to be all apologetic on the surface. “It’s my fault for not managing them well. I’ve already notified and punished them.”

Meanwhile, Liang Chengbing received the call and was notified that he had to unblock the road and allow free pass for the residents. If they disrupt the daily lives of the neighborhood and the traffic, they would be barred from filming on the roads of the city for good.

When he hung up the phone, Liang Chengbing’s face went from green to purple as if he was a color palette.

The traffic police had received the news as well and removed the barricade tape without waiting for Liang Chengbing’s instructions.

“What’s happening? Can we pass as usual now?” someone asked.

The young man whose username was “Brazen Old Monk” said delightedly, “B City’s mayor’s official account says that this road is no longer allowed to be blocked for non-official reasons and that we can pass as usual. The production crew is ordered to clear all props that are blocking the road to prevent disruption to our daily lives.”

“Great job! They should have done so earlier!”

“Haha, go on, be arrogant! Filming’s not even that impressive!”

“Ha! All those swag and arrogance just now, saying which award-winning actor was filming here, do you think we care? Bah!”

“I’d still boycott your movie even if you remove the blockage now!”

“Same for me! I won’t even let my kids watch! What trash!”

“Sounds of Winter, is it? I’ll keep that in mind!”

Liang Chengbing’s face grew ashen. Though there was a long time before the movie was to premiere and people might forget about this incident by then, what if?

The movie had not even finished filming and it already had poor word of mouth.

Lu Man, was it?

He would bear that in mind!

Liang Chengbing did not even bother saying goodbye to Han Zhuoli before storming back to where he came from.

To be precise, this matter arose due to Han Zhuoli.



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