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 Season 8

Episode 49

(Danger approaching (2)

The loud club music playing at the bar and the other noises displeased Cassie. 

She thought to herself, 'It seems that Greg won't be home and he is going to be mine tonight! Thank God for giving me such a good chance. I shouldn't waste time here and I can just find another quiet place to spend time only with Greg.'    

Cassie fondly whispered in Greg's ear,"Greg, it's quite noisy here. Let's get out of here, okay?"   

 "Yeah, okay. Let's go. I don't want to stay here." Greg was so drunk that he didn't know what he was saying or what he was actually doing and just agreed with Cassie.     

"Then let's go." As Cassie intended to help Greg out, she saw his phone screen light up.    

 Cassie took his phone and saw it was from "Wife", so she guessed that it must be Violet.   

Cassie swiped the screen and hung up the phone. Then she used his phone to take a picture of the bar hall and a picture that Greg slept on her shoulder then sent these two pictures to Violet.   

  Then she helped the now very drunk Greg out of the bar. Before she left, she gestured to her friends to show that everything went perfectly well.     

Violet sat on the floor in the living room and stared at the two pictures sent by Cassie. When she saw the picture of Greg and Cassie, she couldn't believe what she was looking at. She had her hand on her mouth as her tears fell down her cheeks. She thought to herself, 'Oh, at last, he decided to leave me. He is now out on a date with that bitch, Cassie. Is his love for me so weak? I have done something wrong many years ago. I shouldn't have accepted Sharon's money. But in that situation, I had no other choice. Why couldn't Greg walk in my shoes?'   

 Violet tightly held the phone and didn't know what to do next.

Time flew by quickly as Violet kept crying. She couldn't say out how hurt she was. At this moment, she felt so helpless and didn't know what to do. She loved Greg the most and she didn't want to lose him.     

Violet took the phone and called Alice.     

After a while, Alice picked up the phone.    
 Alice sleepily said,"Hello, Violet." It was obvious that she was sleeping just now.    
 Violet cried,"Alice." She couldn't hold back anymore and wept on the phone.     

Alice was astonished and asked,"Violet, what? What's going on? What happened?"  

  Violet just cried,"Alice, what should I do? What should I do now?"

Alice comforted her,"All right, all right. Don't cry. First, tell me what happened." She thought that something serious must have happened to make Violet cry so much. And now she wanted to figure out what had happened so she could help Violet. Otherwise, she wouldn't know how to help her.    

 "Alice, Greg, Greg..." Violet couldn't tell Alice what had happened. Greg had become a scar in her heart and to tell about his unfaithfulness to Alice was to add salt to the big painful wound. And she wouldn't hurt herself like that.    

 Alice asked,"What's wrong with him? Did something happen to him?" She had no idea what was going on.     

Violet finally said, crying more loudly,"He is with Cassie now."    

"WHAT?" Alice was appalled and shouted to the phone.     

Violet continued,"They're really together. She sent me a photo of them together now!"

Alice put her on speaker phone while she got dressed,"Violet, don't cry first. Tell me where they are now. I can go find them."    
Violet was also in a mess and replied,"They may still be at the bar, but I don't know which bar it is."    

Alice asked,"Is it your bar?" If it was the bar of the JC Group, she could find it easily. She could call the bar managers and told them she was Derek's daughter. Then those managers would help her find Greg.     

Violet shook her head and said,"I don't know. I don't know. I rarely go to our bars and we have so many bars. I really don't know where he is now."   

 Alice thought Violet's words made sense. Violet didn't go to bar and even the managers of the JC Group didn't know Violet, let alone managers of those bars. Besides, there were so many bars of the JC Group. If she wanted to find Greg in so many bars, it would take a lot of time.

Alice then said,"Violet, listen to me. Stay at home and don't go out. I'll go out to find Greg and the moment I find him, I will call you, okay? Just stay home. 

Believe me and I will find him." Then she continued fiercely,"If I see that bitch, I will make a purse out of her skin."    

Violet simply called her name,"Alice." She felt only tiny bit of relief after she heard that Alice would look for Greg. At least she had a friend who would help her and be there for her.    

 Alice said again,"Then I have to hang up now. I'll go find Greg and remember to stay at home. Okay?" As long as Violet was home safe, Alice didn't need to worry about her and had time to do other things.     


After hanging up, Alice went downstairs and walked out of the house. At the same time, she called Tim.    

 After quite a while, Time answered the phone.

Tim joked,"Hello, princess Alice." The surrounding music could be heard by Alice.     

Alice directly asked,"Where are you?"    Tim laughed,"I'm here at the karaoke club. Will you join me and let's sing together? My treat!" Just now, Tim had sung a love song, which reminded him of Alice. And now, Alice called him. So he thought that there was a connection between Alice and him. He was glad to have exchanged phone numbers with Alice.

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