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 Season 8

Episode 48

(Danger approaching(1)

Greg went out of the house and drove straight to the bar.     

The bar provided a totally different world from the real one outside. There were shining neon signs and colorful lights, with which, the whole bar looked sexy and exciting. Some people were drinking their blues away and some were just there to relax. Some were dancing on the dance floor, some were drinking in little booths and couches arranged around the bar and some were making love in the private rooms. These were the typical people seen in the bar. They made the bar fun and mysterious at the same time.     

Greg entered the bar, looked around and then sat down on a stool.     

Watching a few girls swing on the dance floor, Greg only thought that they looked ridiculous. But he couldn't get his mind off of Violet.   

Greg couldn't find any word to describe his current mood. He was quite confused with a lot of things going on in his head. He even didn't know how to face Violet tomorrow. He wondered what he should say to Violet, first. To be honest, he didn't know where he could sleep tonight.     

Greg had drunk a lot of wine and felt the world spinning. He made himself laugh and talked to himself helplessly,"It's nice to be drunk."    

In a corner not far from him, Cassie and her new friends were also there drinking. When she looked Greg's way, she was surprised and couldn't believe that it was actually Greg. She had to look twice to make sure. What a surprise from heaven!     

A friend asked her,"Cassie, what are you looking at?"   

 Cassie quickly replied,"Well, nothing."    

Another friend also looked Greg's way, smiled and said,"Oh, that's the son of the Chairman of the hospital you're working for, right? Now I understand why you can't take your eyes off him. He is such a handsome guy."  

That girl said exactly what Cassie was thinking. But Cassie wasn't embarrassed and she just smiled and was deep in thought.     

Cassie suddenly asked the girl,"Hey, isn't your husband a newspaper reporter?"    

The girl replied,"Yes. Why?" She was puzzled, because this was a girls' night out and her husband wasn't with them. Why did Cassie ask her about him?     

An idea flashed across Cassie mind and she said,"How do you think of making tomorrow's headlines with Greg?"    

Cassie's words intrigued the girl and she immediately replied,"That sounds like a good idea. I've heard that Greg is the perfect man for many women, but it's a pity that he has gotten married. A lot of women still go to XS Hospital just to see him. So if he becomes the headline, he will certainly be the center of attention and those women will buy the newspaper because of him!"  

Another woman asked,"But the question is how to do that? It must be rather sensational."   

 "Well..." Cassie had a concrete plan. Since it was hard for Greg to be in the news doing something ordinary, just sitting alone at a bar, she could help Greg and make the headlines with him. A scandal would surely become viral. This way, it would make a splash all over the city and silly Violet would find out. At that time, even if Greg didn't want to get a divorce, she would be forced to do break up with him.   

  Cassie huddled with her new friends as she told them her plan in a low voice.

Her friends all nodded their heads in agreement.     

As they all watched smiling, Cassie fixed herself, stood up and went over to Greg. 

  Greg was drinking and in the dark, he noticed that a woman sat next to him. He couldn't figure out who it was and mistook her as Violet, so he just said,"Violet."    

Cassie was jealous and angry at the same time when she heard him lovingly call out that name. Even though Greg was drunk, he still thought of no one but Violet. His wife was obviously of great importance to him.    

 Cassie leaned closer, held his hand and said,"Greg, it's me."   

 Greg squinted as he heard a different voice. He examined the woman in front of him and after quite a while, he said,"Cassie? Ah yes, it's you!"  

  Cassie was glad that Greg recognized her and said,"Yes Greg, it's me, Cassie, and I will always be at your side."   

 Greg chuckled,"Haha, my side? Nobody is on my side. Even Violet left me." But actually he was so drunk that he didn't know what he was saying.   

Cassie seemed to understand why he was drunk, stared at him and asked on purpose,"Greg, it's late now. Why aren't you at home and why are you drinking here alone?"    

Greg replied in a sad tone,"Violet told me to get out of the house. That's why I'm here. I can't face her now. I've said some bad things to her." He blamed himself for not considering Violet's feelings and for saying hurtful things without thinking too much.     

Greg frowned tightly, which made Cassie upset. She thought to herself, 'He looks devastated, but he is unhappy because of another woman, not me. How nice it would be if he were upset because of me.'    

Cassie asked,"Greg, did you have a fight with Violet?" Cassie went closer to Greg, tightly held his arm and stared at his side face.   

Greg leaned on her shoulder and told her why he was sad,"You know what? Five years ago, she accepted money from a bad woman and broke up with me for that amount. I thought that we loved each other and our love was pure and untainted. But she was bought. When I found out about such thing, I couldn't accept it and I said a few hurtful words at Violet." At this moment, he really wanted to crawl back to her and take back what he said. All he wanted was for Violet to forgive him and he was even willing to get down on her knees before her.     

Cassie enjoyed having Greg physically close to her and they hadn't been in such an intimate position for a long time. She wanted time to freeze in that second.

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