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 Season 8

Episode 47

(Tears of despair (3)

Greg looked at her. The pained expression on her face made him realize what terrible things she must have gone through when he wasn't around.     

Violet started blurting out the details bluntly,"She told me to meet her at some coffee house and I went there. But I never thought that she would spike my drink with drugs. When I came to my senses, I was at some abandoned warehouse. I still remember it so clearly.

 There was no light and I could only see the outlines of several men in the dim light of the sun which was coming through a small window. They approached me, I was so scared. I screamed your name! Where were you then?"    

Tears streamed down from her eyes,"And then I saw someone standing behind the men. It was her. That was when I realized that it was all her doing.   

They started to rip my clothes off. And when the last piece of clothing on me was about to be torn off, I gave up and agreed to what she had always been asking." Violet sniffed and tried to rub away her tears.     

"I tried to cover myself up with the ripped up pieces of my clothes, I was so ashamed and scared. I agreed with her and then called you in front of her. That was when I broke up with you and told you never to call me again,"  said Violet without any expression on her face.    

 Greg suddenly remembered that when Violet had called him to break up, her voice was obviously trembling, but at that time, he was so focused on the fact that she was breaking up with him and had neglected the details.    

 "She threw me a check, and left with those men. And when they were finally gone, I passed out. The last thing I remember seeing was the number on that check and it was written for one hundred million dollars."  

Taking a deep breath, Violet continued,"When I gained my consciousness, I was at the hospital. I was told that someone had found me in the warehouse and had called an ambulance."    

"Where is the check?" Greg asked.     Violet shook her head and said,"I don't know."    

Greg was lost in thought.     

Violet didn't want to explain more about the money. She said,"Anyway, she must have thought that I took the money and wouldn't contact you again. I did see the check when she threw it at me, but I don't know where it went after that."  

  The corner of Greg's lips curled up, he looked helplessly outside the window.    

 Violet was surprised to see Greg like that. She didn't know what was going through his mind. Didn't he believe what she had said?   

"Greg?" Violet called him.  

   "Why didn't you tell your parents? Why didn't you tell me? Or my father? If he had known about this, Sharon would have gotten what she deserved long ago. 

We wouldn't have let her stay in our family till now. And also, I would have made her pay for what she did to you!"

 Greg said, firmly and slowly. He had just realized that Sharon had already crossed the line five years ago, she had pushed their love off the cliff.    

 Violet didn't answer him, instead, she strode up to him and slapped him across his face! She glowered at him and asked slowly,"Do you really think that this was something I would have wanted everyone to know? Should I have told everyone about what had happened to me?"    

Greg was startled by her reaction and didn't know what to say at all. This was not at all like the Violet he knew.     

"Greg, do you think that I was strong enough to go through all of this? Let me tell you this, if not for my parents and my brother, who are always there for me, I wouldn't even be alive today. I would have probably jumped off a building and killed myself when I was ten. Do you think that I am really strong inside? 

Everyday, I hope that I could live peacefully in a small town somewhere, with no kidnappings and revenge plots; a place where I could live an uneventful life,"  said Violet, summoning up all her courage to tell him what was hidden inside her for so many years.   

Greg stood still and said nothing. He was shocked by Violet's confession. All this time, he had never put himself in Violet's shoes. He had only cared about finding the truth. He could image what Sharon was capable of, but he never knew how deeply Violet was hurt.     

Violet looked desperately at Greg, grief filling in her eyes. She asked,"Do you still remember what you had told me in the past? When we were very young, you told me to stay strong, and not worry about other things. In the beginning, I considered you my friend. As time passed, we both matured, and I realized that what I had always felt for you was love. You know, other than my own family, you and Alice are the most important people in my life. But now... 

you have made me doubt the depth of the relationship between us. Are you still the person whom I've loved for all these years? How could you tell me to broadcast my worst experience to everyone? Greg, you are such a jerk!"  

Violet's soft fists pounded on Greg's chest like a hammer. He just stood there in silence. He had no idea what to say, so he looked away from her grief-stricken eyes.     

For a long time, Violet cried. Finally, she pointed to the door and screamed,"Get out! I don't want to see your face from now on!"    

Greg looked at her. Her eyes and cheeks were drenched in tears.     

"Get out!" Violet cried.


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