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 Season 8

Episode 44

(Come back home (3)

"Is that so?" Sharon looked surprised. She looked at Greg and then at Fred, asking,"Have you decided to ask Greg to manage the hospital?"    

"Yes, I want him to manage the hospital,"  answered Fred.     

Before Sharon could say anything else, Greg blurted out,"Dad, I have not given that any thought. And you are managing it well now, aren't you? You should continue doing it. I just want to be a doctor,"  said Greg. He was in no condition to manage the hospital. He hadn't achieved his goal yet. He still wanted to achieve so much in the medical field. If he took over the business now, there was no doubt that he would miss the days when he was just a doctor and would regret his decision for the rest of his life.   

"I will keep managing it for some more time, so that you will have time to adapt to it,"  said Fred. He knew what Greg was thinking, but he also wanted to keep his stand. Fred added,"Greg, XS Hospital will no doubt be yours one day. I will allow you to continue studying cosmetology. 

But you should also be ready to take charge of the hospital."    

Greg looked at his dad and he nodded,"I understand."    

Sharon was delighted to hear Greg's promise,"If Greg takes charge of the hospital, then Fred and I will have so much free time to enjoy ourselves. Fred, we could go on a trip once you are free. 

We have lived in this city for such a long time."  

  "Yes, once I transfer the responsibilities to Greg, I won't be as busy as I am now. I can spend more time with you. Thank you for staying with me and taking such good care of me for such a long time,"  he said to Sharon gratefully. Since Greg wasn't home for so many years, it was thanks to Sharon's company that he felt warm inside. Without her company, he would have been lonely when he came back home after a long day's work.   

"I wouldn't have it any other way,"  said Sharon. She knew clearly that they couldn't be separated from each other.  

   Greg was happy to see that his dad and Sharon were so devoted to each other. If Sharon treated Violet better, he would have been polite to her. But her attitude towards Violet really made him mad.    

 Fred looked at Sharon happily and then he looked at Greg, saying,"Do you see it? I need to retire early. Your auntie is lonely. I need to be there for her."   

 "Okay, Dad. I will help you deal with some simple business. Then you will have more time to accompany Auntie,"  said Greg.     

"But..." Fred remembered something and he continued to say,"If you become too busy, you might not have much time to be with Violet. Wouldn't she be bored at home alone?"  

Greg hadn't thought of that. He replied,"That will be a problem. She doesn't work. So, if I'm not around, she will no doubt feel bored."    

Greg and Fred's concern for Violet made Sharon jealous. Why did they have to take Violet into consideration while making important decisions. Only she, Sharon, was the hostess of the Xiao Family. Violet was nothing!    

 "Maybe she should find some work to do. Then she won't feel bored,"  said Sharon indifferently.     

But Greg immediately objected and said firmly,"That's not a good idea. I don't want her to live a hard life." He knew how much pressure Violet would be under if she worked for a company. He didn't have the heart to let his wife suffer like that.    

 "Greg, you could find an easy job for her if you don't want her to get tired. She isn't a princess. Why should we support her with our family money? She has working limbs. She should earn money by herself,"  Sharon said with a scorn.   

Greg's expression changed and turned sour. He looked at Sharon and asked,"You have working limbs too. Why do you ask my dad for money?"    

"I..." Sharon stammered. What Greg said was true. For all these years, she had just stayed at home and had lived a comfortable life. It was Fred who gave her money whenever she needed and let her live a carefree life.    

 Fred knew that Greg was irritated. He immediately said,"Let's not talk about it. The Xiao Family is rich enough, there is no need to ask Violet to find a job. 

Besides, before we make a decision, we should know Violet's thought on it."    Fred's words calmed Sharon and Greg down.   

Sharon didn't feel like staying in the living room after that spat.    

 She stood up, saying,"I'm going upstairs."   

 She turned around and walked to the stairs.     

After Sharon had left, Fred said to Greg,"Sharon is impetuous, please don't mind it. After living with her in the same house for so many years, you should have gotten used to her character by now."   

 "I know,"  answered Greg,"But her attitude towards Violet..."    

Greg paused for a second, and continued to say,"If she doesn't improve her attitude towards Violet, don't blame me for being rude to her. If there are conflicts between them, I will always protect Violet."  

  "I will talk to her and ask her to treat Violet better,"  said Fred,"I don't know why Sharon is hostile towards Violet. If she knew who Violet really is, she might change her attitude."  

"Dad, if it's possible, don't tell her about Violet's real identity. I am sorry to say this but, if she knew who Violet really is, then she would surely take advantage of her and ask her for favors,"  warned Fred. He knew Sharon well.    

 "Okay, I know what to do. But I really don't know what to do with you,"  said Fred. He loved Greg, but his son was a handful.   

"I'll go upstairs and find Violet," said Greg.

"Okay, go ahead."

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