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 Season 8

Episode 43

(Come back home (2)

"I am the daughter-in-law of the Xiao Family now, and we will often meet each other in the future. You can like me or dislike me, but you just have to accept it. So grow used to it,"  said Violet. And then she walked to the dining room with a dish in her hand.     

Violet's attitude and her words made Sharon uncomfortable. Violet was younger than her and yet, she was impolite and arrogant towards her. Sharon felt disgusted by her bad manners.    

 The family sat down for dinner and enjoyed it together. But Violet kept her focus on the food, and said nothing.    

 At intervals, Greg put some food onto Violet's plate. He paid immense attention to her needs.     

Fred didn't think that there was something wrong with Violet. He felt happy that his son loved her deeply. He asked,"Greg, were you busy at the hospital today? Violet tried to find you there today, but she said she couldn't meet you."  

Greg was surprised and he asked Violet,"You came to the hospital today?"    
"Yes. I couldn't find you, so I left,"  said Violet nonchalantly while eating her food.     

"Why didn't you call me?" asked Greg. Then he remembered that he had left his office after he had that quarrel with Cassie. He wondered if Violet had gone to find him at that time.   

  "I thought you might be busy with your work, so I didn't want to disturb you,"  said Violet. She didn't show her unhappiness in front of Fred and Sharon. 

Sharon was prejudiced against Violet. If she got petulant now, their dinner would be ruined.     

Violet looked at Greg, saying softly,"It's okay. Let's just enjoy Auntie's delicious food now."  

Saying that, Violet put some food onto Greg's plate.     

Greg smiled and didn't ask any more questions.    

 After dinner, Fred and Greg were chatting in the living room. Violet accompanied them for a while, but she felt bored after some time had passed. 

They were talking about the hospital business and Violet couldn't understand much of what they were discussing. So she waited for the right time and told Fred,"Dad, I'm going upstairs. You continue your conversation with Greg."    Fred nodded.     

Greg took her hand,"What's the matter? Are you unwell?"    

"I am okay. I just don't understand what you are talking about anyway, so I thought I might as well get some rest,"  Violet said calmly.   

"Okay. I will come upstairs and wake you up later,"  said Greg.     

"Okay,"  Violet nodded.    

 Fred smiled as he watched Violet go upstairs.     

"You look happy tonight, Dad,"  said Greg. Even though they worked at the same hospital, he had barely seen his dad smile. He felt relieved to see that his dad was happy.   

  "Yes, I am quite happy tonight. I wish that you and Violet would have dinner with me more often,"  said Fred. Just like tonight, he wanted them all to come together as a whole family every now and then. That was his greatest happiness.   

  "I will visit you more often,"  Greg promised. He hadn't realized that he had spent only very little time with his Dad recently. He was just enjoying his alone time with Violet. He did neglect his dad. 

As his dad was getting older, he probably wanted more company and care and it was his responsibility to take care of him.   

"Good,"  said Fred. His smile spread from ear to ear. "Greg, you have been married to Violet for some time now. Do you have any plans on having your children?" he laughed.     

Greg didn't know how to reply. He had never thought about it. And he didn't know what Violet's thought about it was.
He didn't know whether she wanted a baby. Both of them were still young. Greg was busy with work, and he was focusing on cosmetology at the moment. He was trying to remove the scars on Violet's back. And he was about to make that possible. He had no desire to have a baby now.     

"Dad..." Fred stammered,"I haven't discussed it with Violet yet. I don't know what her opinion is."    

"Then you should discuss it with Violet when you are free. If you are too shy to ask, then you can say that it is me who wants a grandchild,"  said Fred. He wanted a grandchild even if he had to take all the blame.   

"I will talk to her when the time is right,"  Greg said.     

"All right!" said Fred, as if he had taken a load off his mind,"Greg, I saw the analysis sheet of the hospital today. The number of patients in the department of cosmetology has increased. Is it due to your efforts?"    

"I am not the only one who works hard in our department. There are other experienced doctors who make important contributions. And even before I joined them, the department had sound business performance,"  said Greg. He knew that he was good at his work. He did treat every patient consciously. But he spent more time studying about ways to get rid of Violet's scar. And he often discussed it online with his classmates from college. Only when he was one hundred per cent certain of a cure would he tell Violet the news and take her abroad to get the treatment. The medical technology at home still needed improvement, so they would have to go abroad to get her treated.   

"I know that we have some very exceptional doctors. They do make brilliant contributions to XS Hospital. But my son, you are outstanding too. And the hospital will be yours soon,"  said Fred. At the time, Sharon came out of the kitchen.     

She saw them talking and walked up to them with a smile. She sat beside Fred, and took his arms.     

"What are you talking about? You two look so happy,"  said Sharon, looking at Fred and smiling.     

Fred laughed,"The new generation is excelling the previous ones. My son is going to surpass me soon."


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