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 Season 8

Episode 42

(Come back home together (1)

"I went to Greg's office just now, Dad. He wasn't there. I waited for a while, but he didn't come. So I decided to go back home,"  said Violet. She tried to make her voice sound natural and breezy so that Fred wouldn't discover that she was lying.    

 "Why don't you wait in my office and I will ask someone to find Greg for you,"  said Fred. Violet was his daughter-in-law, and he had no reason to think that she was lying.    

 "There's no need for that, Dad. You are busy, I don't want to bother you. And I am a bit tired. I'd like to go home and get some rest,"  said Violet, politely.   

  "Okay,"  Fred nodded,"You haven't had dinner with us in a long time. Why don't you and Greg come back to my house for dinner tonight? I will ask Sharon to prepare some delicious food for you. You look thinner now. Haven't you been eating properly?"  

"I am fine. Don't worry about me, Dad,"  replied Violet. She didn't think that Fred would ask her to have dinner with them.     
"All right. Don't forget about the dinner. I'll call Sharon and ask her to prepare your favorite dishes,"  said Fred.     

Fred's assistant walked up to him. He wanted to tell Fred something, but since Violet was there, he stayed silent.   

  Violet knew that Fred was busy and she didn't want to take any more of his time. She nodded to Fred and promised,"Okay, Dad. I'll tell Greg about the dinner. See you later."    

"Okay. Try to come early,"  Fred said with a smile.     

Violet nodded.     

After Fred left with his assistant, Violet turned around and walked out of the hospital slowly.   

When she saw a dustbin in the corner, she walked to it and threw the cake into it. Then she hailed a taxi from the hospital gate.     

Violet took out her mobile and dialed Greg's number.    

 He answered it in two rings.    

 "Hello, Violet,"  Greg's voice was clear and sweet.     

"Greg, Dad has asked us to have dinner with him at his house tonight,"  Violet's voice was calm.    

 "Why didn't he tell me about it?" asked Greg, confused. He worked in the same hospital with his dad. 'Why did he call Violet instead of just telling me?' he wondered.     

"Dad asked me to tell you that we will be having dinner at his house together tonight,"  Violet repeated. But she didn't give any explanation, she was too tired. 

  "What did you do the whole day?" asked Greg, looking at Violet tenderly.     

But Violet just sat still and didn't react to his embrace. She didn't feel as passionate as she used to be.   

  "I watched some TV, surfed on the internet for a while and got some sleep,"  Violet replied without showing any interest in the conversation.    

 "What's wrong? Are you upset?" Greg seemed to have read Violet's mood. She didn't look happy. Every day, when he came back home, Violet would be so excited to see him and would follow him around. But today, she was cold. She let him embrace her, but didn't even glance at him.    

 "I'm not,"  said Violet, finally looking at Greg,"Let's go. Dad and Auntie must be waiting for us."  

"Okay,"  Greg nodded. And he stood up and took Violet's hand. They walked out of the apartment together.     

When Greg and Violet arrived at Fred's house, Sharon opened the door for them. She glanced at Violet, but said nothing to her. Instead, she said to Greg gently,"Greg, it's so good that you are back."    

Greg looked at Sharon, but didn't reply. He ignored her and said to Violet,"Come on. Let's go in."    

Greg walked past Sharon with Violet.   

  Sharon stood at the door, feeling embarrassed. She thought furiously, 'Violet, don't ever think that you are superior to me just because Greg loves you. I will always be the hostess of the Xiao Family.'   

 Fred was waiting for his son and daughter-in-law in the living room.     "Dad,"  Greg greeted him.

"We are back,"  said Violet, smiling.    

 "I am happy that you are here,"  said Fred and he motioned them to sit,"Come here and have a seat."    

Greg and Violet walked up to him and sat beside Fred.     

"Just wait a moment. Supper is almost ready,"  said Fred, smiling.     

"I'll go to the kitchen and help Auntie,"  said Violet. She got up and headed for the kitchen.     

Although Violet was willing to help her, Sharon totally ignored her.     

"Is there anything I can help with?" she asked since she didn't know what to do.    
 "Don't think that I would welcome you here if you flatter me. Five years ago, I looked down upon you. And I still dislike you now,"  said Sharon viciously.    

 Violet was in no mood to please Sharon. She was already upset and angry, but no one cared about her.


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