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Season 8

Episode 41

(Misunderstanding (3)

"How many appointments do you cosmetic surgeons handle in a day? I don't think you're that busy," Cassie snapped. After peeking at Greg's schedule the other day, she knew that he didn't have many patients today.

"It's not in line for me to report my work arrangement to you. Get out of here," Greg nudged impatiently.

Instead of leaving, Cassie came closer. She made her way to Greg, stopped between the desk and him, and then sat on the desk. She fixed her eyes on Greg, brooding. 'If Violet is outside the office and looks through the window, she will think that I am sitting on Greg's lap.'

"Don't be so mean, Greg. We were classmates and we were close. Can't you be nice to me?" Cassie said in a soft voice that concealed the mixture of conflicted emotions running through her mind.

"Please behave yourself, Cassie. Leave now!" Greg demanded, as he got up and pushed his chair backward. He planned to leave if Cassie wasn't going to budge.
Cassie jumped off the desk swiftly. Standing straight, she stretched out, threw her arms around Greg's neck, stood on tiptoe and gave him a peck on the cheek.

At this moment, Violet stood outside Greg's office looking through the window with puffy eyes. In the fair weather, she was warm enough as she waited with the cake in her hands. But watching what was happening in Greg's office threatened her heart to freeze. She felt as if a winter storm had suddenly swept across the city, catching her outdoors completely unprepared.

Greg pushed Cassie away, and howled at her furiously,"Are you insane? What are you doing?"

"Do you think I lost my mind, Greg? Don't you know my heart? I traveled so far to come and work here. Don't you know what I want?" Cassie bombarded him with questions, her emotions running out of control. 'How does Violet feel now?

She entered the hospital long ago. I'm sure she must be standing by the door, looking at us. But why hadn't she rushed in, breaking into tears?' Cassie thought to herself.

Noticing Greg didn't respond, she continued,"We were so intimate when we were at the college. You know I'm an enthusiastic girl. Why do you look so surprised?"

"Cassie, get out!" Greg commanded, as he gestured at the door.

At that moment, Violet, feared being discovered by Greg. She quickly made her way towards the end of the corridor.
Cassie turned and stared at the window, but there was no one. Flustered, she wondered, 'Why is she not here? Did I mistake another woman for her?'

When she looked back at Greg, she met his furious gaze. Feeling utterly frustrated, she opened her mouth.

"Greg!" she called out.

"Get out of my sight!" Greg snarled, as he finally lost his temper. 'I don't want to treat her like this, bearing in mind that she really helped me. But she can't just keep on bugging me. How much longer can I restrain myself?' he contemplated.
"I have a plan, Greg," she began. Then she leaned forward, put the index finger on her lips and pouted, gesturing for quiet. "Divorce Violet and marry me, okay?" she whispered. "Just in case you fear she could be a hiccup, we can move abroad and get my parents to arrange everything. We will lead a happy life," Cassie persisted, as she grabbed Greg's hand.

Greg didn't shake off her hand. Instead, looking Cassie straight in the eyes, he said slowly,"Listen! If that's what you're looking for, you might as well forget about us. I'll never divorce Violet for anyone, let alone you. She has my lifetime commitment, come rain or sunshine, and there's nothing you can do to change that."

Greg's words hurt like he had driven a sword through Cassie's heart. She broke down, tears rolling down her cheeks in rivulets. Her grudge and resentment for Violet increased. 'Why does he love that woman so deeply? What's so good about that woman?' she wondered inwardly.

"Greg, you..." Cassie faltered, as she let go of Greg's arm slowly.

"If you continue pushing, I will deal so harshly with you," Greg warned. He then turned around and stormed out of his office, leaving Cassie alone.

Hurrying down the staircase, Violet squatted down at one corner, overwhelmed by the drama. She too burst into tears, sharp pain shooting through her heart as if someone was clipping away large chunks one after another with a pair of scissors. She couldn't get the scene out of her mind.

'He is my husband, why would he allow another woman to walk into his office, boss him around, even grope and kiss him?

I have a feeling that the woman must be Cassie. Her side profile and figure look precisely like Cassie's. I can't think of another person except her, ' she speculated.

Time seemed to stall, Violet praying for strength and courage to pick up her broken pieces and walk out. 'I can't just go on like this. I need to gather my strength, ' she reminded herself.

Violet came down the stairs with the cake in her hand.

When she came to the first floor, while she walked towards the exit. She heard someone call her name.

"Violet," Fred's voice came from behind.

She looked behind to find Fred staring at her.

"Are you coming here to see Greg?" Fred asked, smiling.

Not to worry Fred, Violet tried to hide her upset feelings. "Yes, I am, Dad," she answered obediently.

"You're leaving so soon?" Fred asked. With a look at the cake in Violet's hand, he smiled and continued,"It looks like the two of you get on very well. I was concerned you might have misunderstandings since you're young and only beginning out. It sometimes happens with young couples. It turns out my worries were unfounded if you guys are here buying cakes for each other.

Aren't you such a lucky young couple?" "Yes, we're good, Dad," Violet replied, forcing a smile on her face,"He is bad-tempered, but he behaves well in front of me."

"I have no doubt about that. He will do whatever you ask," Fred echoed with a laugh. But he suddenly realized that there was something wrong. Violet seemed to have brought the cake for Greg, but instead of giving it to him, she kept it and headed out. 'What's going on?' he wondered.

"Why are you leaving without giving the cake to Greg, Violet?" Fred asked curiously.



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