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Season 8

Episode 36

(A fight)

Back at the party, Alice was still looking for Greg.     

Alice saw that Greg was standing close to Tim and moved quickly to talk to him.     
"Greg,"  she shouted.     

"What happened, I hope Violet is okay?" Greg asked, worried. He wanted to know how his wife was.    

 Alice didn't reply. She looked around and saw that there were some other people standing and talking there, so she said to Greg,"There is a lot of disturbance here. 

Let us move out elsewhere and discuss."    Alice moved to a quiet place soon after.     

Greg glanced at Tim which meant that he wanted both of them to talk to Alice in solitude. They then moved to follow Alice.   

When they reached there, Alice stopped. When she was sure that there was nobody else around, she turned towards Greg, and asked,"Who is Cassie? What is going on between you two?"    

Greg knew that he would not be able to hide things from Alice. He said frankly,"Cassie was my classmate at the university."    

"Why has she come here? Now, don't tell me that she has come back to China for you!" Alice said. She knew her guess was most probably right, but still, she wanted to confirm it with Greg.     

"Actually, I really don't know why. But maybe your guess is right,"  Greg answered. That was something that couldn't be denied. Everyone could guess it and Greg did not think that it can be kept as a secret anymore.     

"That means that you both were close to each other in the university? Were you a couple at the university?" Alice asked. 

  "No, we weren't,"  Greg tried to explain. 

He looked at Alice seriously, and added,"Alice, you know how much I love Violet. But Cassie, she is just the girl who was with me during the worst phase of my, that is it."   

 After hearing Greg's reply, Alice understood that he was speaking the truth and calmed down.     

Tim looked at Greg and then said to Alice,"Greg is such a wonderful person. Only a few women could ignore a man like him. But I personally believe that Greg is in love with Violet only."    

Alice didn't believe what Tim had said. She stared at Greg, then asked seriously,"Are you sure that you and Cassie were only classmates, nothing more than that?"   

 "Absolutely not. Violet is the only one I have ever loved,"  Greg replied firmly. He could never change his love for Violet.   

  "That's good,"  said Alice. She felt a bit helpless. She then added,"I believe that you love Violet. But because of this woman, Violet is in a low mood now. I think that you should explain the relationship between you and Cassie to her instead of me. I know you will handle it well."  

Alice had given up by now. She knew that Greg loved Violet from the bottom of his heart and she was not the right person whom he should be talking to right now. 

He owed an explanation to his wife and he should go and tell her the truth.    

 Tim also nodded in agreement. He patted Greg's shoulder, and suggested,"Greg, when the party ends, you go back home and explain everything clearly to Violet."   

 Greg nodded, to him this seemed to be the best way to solve the problem now. He was quite worried about Violet. But he couldn't leave now. It was important that he stayed at the party till it ended.     

Along with Derek, Wilson, and Mond, Greg and Alice said goodbye to all the guests. Then Greg drove back home.   

Back at home, Greg put on his slippers and hung his coat up on a hanger. He looked around the living room, but Violet wasn't there. Greg thought that she must be in the bedroom.     

Entering the bedroom, Greg saw Violet was sitting at the edge of the bed. She was just looking in front, trying to ignore him. But Greg knew that Violet had heard his footsteps and knew that he was there in the room.     

Standing beside the bed, Greg tried to take Violet's hand in his. But when he reached out, she jerked away.     

"My dear,"  said Greg, with a surprised look. He had never thought that Alice could treat him in this manner. Did she hate him?    

 "Why did that woman embrace you?" Violet was very angry. Her voice was cold. She wanted to know who that woman was. Why did that woman embrace Greg?   

Greg didn't know how to explain it to his wife. What should he say to Violet? 

Could he say that she did that because she loved him? Or should he say that he was so shocked by her presence that he could not react and that gave her a chance to embrace him But would Violet believe whatever he was saying?    

 Greg took Violet's hands tightly. However hard she tried to break away from his grip, he did not release her hand. He looked into her eyes, and said firmly,"Violet, I love you and have loved you only. Please believe me."   

 "Is that so?" Hearing that, Violet had a questioning look in her eyes. She stared into Greg's eyes, and added,"Cassie has come here only for you. Are you sure that you two are just friends and nothing more?"    

"I didn't know that she was at the party. And neither did I know that she worked at XS Hospital,"  said Greg, honestly. He did know nothing about it. He only knew that Cassie had come back in this city. 

But if he had told it to Violet when he knew Cassie's coming. The situation wouldn't be as worse as it was now.   

"Tell me what else you don't know? And what else don't I know about this whole matter?" Violet's tears gushed from her eyes. In front of her was her husband who she had loved all her life. It did not matter whether it was in the past or now or in the future, her feelings for him would never change. But it seemed she did not know him well enough. Violet had never asked Greg about his five years in the university. She did not even know how he spent time there and who were his friends at that time.

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