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 Season 8

Episode 35

(Meeting cassie at the party (3)

From the look in her eyes, Alice knew that she was asking for help. 'Something must have happened to her, ' she assumed. But since the elders were around, she decided not to inquire about it at that moment.     

"Okay,"  Alice replied. Turning towards her mother and aunt, she said,"I will drive Violet home. Tell Dad and ask him to escort the guests to the exits, Mom."  

  "Okay, I will. Don't worry. Your Dad and Uncle will take care of things here,"  Amy replied.     

"You don't like such occasions, do you, Violet? If you're feeling tired, you should go home and get some rest,"  Selina cut in, as she rested her eyes on Violet. She knew that her niece wasn't a party girl and thought it would be better for her to go home.   

"Thank you, Aunt,"  Violet replied. She then said to the ladies,"Aunt Selina, Aunt Amy, Alice and I are leaving now."    "Bye,"  they said in unison.    

 Violet held Alice's hand tightly and they headed towards the parking lot.     

Violet was in such low spirits and Alice was dying to ask her what had happened. But she didn't know how to start the conversation.     

The two got into the car. Alice started her car and drove away from the venue. On the way, she asked,"What happened, Violet?"    

"Nothing,"  Violet replied, as she peered out of the window.    

 "Do you think you can keep me in the dark?" Alice asked, worried about Violet.    
 "One of Greg's university friends was there at the party. Her name is Cassie Zheng,"  Violet began. She tried to believe in Greg's love for her. But as the scene she had witnessed at the party came to her mind, she felt as if her heart was being pricked by a million needles.   

"Cassie Zheng?" Alice mumbled to herself, trying hard to remember where she had heard that name before. It occurred to her suddenly that she had read a piece of news about the woman. 

"Do you mean the Cassie Zheng who is working at the XS Hospital?" Alice asked.     

"She is a doctor in XS Hospital?" Violet countered in shock. 'Cassie must have come here for Greg. But I was an ignorant fool. Cassie and Greg work at the same hospital and they meet every day. If I hadn't seen them by chance today, I would have been kept in the dark and would have led a fake happy life, ' she brooded bitterly.     

Alice took a quick glance at Violet, and then looked back at the road ahead. 

"Didn't you know that she is working for XS Hospital? The report was in the newspaper,"  she replied.   

Violet didn't respond. She was deep in thought. She hadn't read the newspapers in a long time. Ever since she got married, she had been immersed in the happiness and had stayed home. She had been living in her own world without paying attention to the outside world.    

 Alice asked,"Did Cassie come for you?"  

  "No, she didn't,"  Violet answered.    

 "Then why do you look..." Alice stopped mid-sentence. She was certain that Cassie had something to do with Violet's low spirits. She didn't know Cassie personally. She only knew that she was a doctor in XS Hospital. 'Is Greg having an affair with her?' Alice pondered, worried for her friend.     

"I'm fine,"  Violet said,"I just feel exhausted. It's my first time attending a party like this. I was feeling quite uneasy there. I just want to go home and rest."  

Alice knew Violet very well. She figured that Violet was hiding something from her, and she didn't want to talk about it yet.     

"Okay, I'm driving you home now. Get some good rest after arriving there,"  Alice urged.    

 "I will,"  Violet said.     

Alice parked her car in front of Violet's apartment building.     

"I can handle it myself from here. You go back to the party. Your friends are waiting for you there,"  Violet said.    

 Alice gazed at Violet with a concerned look.     

Violet read Alice's mind from her expression. "Don't worry, Alice. I'm really fine,"  she said to her best friend with a reassuring smile.    

 Seeing that Violet was trying her best to act tough, Alice didn't push her any further. "Well then, I will see you tomorrow,"  she said reluctantly.   

"Bye! See you tomorrow,"  Violet said, as she opened the car door.    


Alice sat in her car and watched Violet as she walked up the stairs. The lights were switched on in Violet's house after a while. After making sure that Violet was safely home, she started the engine and drove away.   

  As soon as she left Violet's neighborhood, her cell phone rang. Alice took a quick glance and saw Greg's name on the screen. She picked up the phone angrily.     

"Hello,"  Alice said furiously, as she placed the wireless headset over her ear.    

 "Alice, where's Violet?" Greg asked in a hurry.     

"She is fine, thank you for the concern. Where are you now, Greg?" Alice asked. She was determined to figure out what had happened to Violet. She knew her silly bestie very well. She always kept everything to herself. She had never liked confiding in others. Even if she was unhappy, she would never let anyone know it.   

"I'm still at the party,"  Greg replied. He had already figured out from her voice that Alice was mad at him.    

 "Wait for me there. I'm on my way,"  Alice said.     

"Where is Violet now?" Greg asked, still worried about his wife.     

"I've dropped her home,"  Alice replied,"Stay there. I have something to ask you."    

Greg remained silent.    

 "I need you to explain everything to me,"  Alice added, fuming with anger before hanging up the phone.     

Alice stepped on the gas and drove towards the club.

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