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Season 8

Episode 31

(The party begins (2)

"It's hard to say. Don't forget Greg. He likes Violet so much. If Alice glues to Violet every day, he might get jealous," Amy returned. 'It's good to see the three kids staying together. Every time, I catch a glimpse of their chitchat, I can't help but feel glad, ' she thought to herself.

"It seems we need to find Alice a boyfriend as soon as possible. In this way, the two couples can hang out together. It would be a win-win plan for them," Selina suggested.

On the stage, Alice stood near the mic with a wide smile.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are indeed grateful for gracing the party with your presence. On behalf of my father and the entire JS Group of companies, I, Alice Lu, do hereby express our sincere gratitude to each and everyone in attendance," Alice announced politely.

The crowd erupted into warm applause. Alice looked towards the guests, a bright smile adorning her pretty face. Taking a glimpse of Violet and Greg, she went on,"Actually we're not holding this party for me, but for my confidant- our dearest Violet."

Everyone's gaze shifted to Violet and Greg.

"I heard that the Chu family and the Xiao family have united by marriage without holding a wedding. Perhaps this party is to celebrate for them," one assumed.

"I suppose so," another echoed.

"It is said that the young couple want to keep a low profile. But their elders thought formality is necessary. That's why they held the party," one more explanation was offered.

Sensing the direction of discussions among the crowd, Alice continued,"Let me introduce the gentleman and lady standing beside me, Violet and Greg. I think you must have heard that they got married. They just announced their good news but didn't invite any guests. I just came back from abroad the other day, and together with my father, we worked to hold this party in honor of the young couple. I hope all of you can give your blessings and wish the newly-weds a happily ever after."

The lobby erupted into thunderous, prolonged applause. All the guests fixed their gazes on the trio on stage, wishing full blessings to the new couple and flowing with gratitude for Alice's return. They sincerely hoped Alice would settle well in China and find fulfillment for all her vast potentials.

"Well, without further ado, the party starts now. I hope you all have a good time tonight. Feel free to enjoy the drinks and desserts. It will be dancing time in ten minutes," Alice concluded.

Together, Alice, Violet and Greg walked down the stage to yet another round of applause that seemed to go on forever.

Slowly, the crowd began to huddle into smaller groups as the music started.

As Francis killed the engine in the parking lot, he checked time by his wrist watch. "We are still late," he sighed with palpable disappointment.

"You need to take it easy. The party has only just started. You can still enjoy yourself there," Cassie said casually as she climbed out of the car.

Side by side, Francis and Cassie stepped into the lobby crowded with people.

Looking around, Cassie exclaimed excitedly,"I never thought there would be such grand parties in China. But here I am, only a few days after back into the country, and look! I'm privileged to attend one heck of a party, at par with the finest anyone could ever find abroad."

"I have the same feeling. JS Group is an influential enterprise here. Don't underestimate the Lu family," Francis followed with a nod.

"It has nothing to do with me. I came here for Greg," Cassie said. As she spoke of Greg, a brilliant smile spread on her face.

"But I heard that Greg's wife is here," Francis said, gazing at Cassie with a worried look. 'What if she stirs up trouble? The host and guest here have powerful backgrounds, such that it would be irresponsible upset them at their most auspicious function. I'd also be very disappointed to see Cassie get herself into trouble, ' he brooded.

"I'm not afraid of her. Besides, I don't even know her. I came here for one person: Greg," Cassie said, her eyes reflecting a hint of hatred. 'I'd like to meet Greg's wife. I want to see what kind of woman is this, who so easily won his heart. If my assumption is true, then I'm afraid, Greg proposed to break up with me only because of her, ' she mused, narrowing her eyes with intense emotion.

"I never intervened with your matters before. But I hope you can keep a low profile today. I understand you missed Greg and you badly want to see him. But if I were you, I'd tread with extra caution," Francis reminded his cousin, still feeling worried.

"I will. I am just a girl. What can I do here? If you want to talk with those rich young men, you're at liberty. Go and amuse yourself. It's good for you to make friends in this city," Cassie reassured.

"Okay. Take care of yourself," Francis urged before walking away.

"You got it? Just go and have fun," Cassie nudged as she motioned him to go.

Once Francis was out of sight, Cassie walked to a table and picked up a glass of wine. She took a small sip and looked around.

"Look who is here? Aren't you the famous doctor Cassie Zheng from XS Hospital?" a wealthy young man accosted.

Completely enthralled by her breath-taking beauty, he stared at her as if his eyes would bug out.

"Hello," Cassie greeted with a diplomatic smile.

The man looked around, and then an flirting smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. "Did you come alone?" he asked.
"No, I came with my friend," Cassie replied, grinning.

"So he left you to seek pleasure himself, right?" he asked, as he gazed at Cassie suggestively.

"I asked him to leave and amuse himself," Cassie replied as she studied the man. Judging by his expression, she assumed the man's thoughts. 'He is disgusting, ' she remarked inside.

"Oh, I see. I should thank you for giving me a chance to know you," the man said cheekily as he sidled up to Cassie. He stretched out in an attempt to put his hand on Cassie's shoulder. But Cassie moved aside and excused herself politely,"I'm sorry. I gotta go now. I got things to do."

She put down the glass and walked off quickly.



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