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 Season 8

Episode 28

(Sisters' pillow talk (2)

"Alice, you must trust my reputation in my home. If Greg dares not listen to me, he gets to kneel on durian peel." Violet told Alice in a serious voice, while shifting her eyes to Greg to see his reaction.     

A confident smile spread across Greg's face after he heard Violet's words. He knew that even if the so-called domestic discipline was made and executed by Violet, she would still favor him at home. So he just smiled and kept silent.    

 "Great! That's a good idea. Men should be punished this way! Better if the durian is pushed up their crotch!" Alice's tone was full of praise for Violet's idea.    

 "Alice, now I get why you are single! It turns out that you always think of how to punish men. You are too strong and men would be intimidated by you." Greg shrugged his shoulder and teased Alice. He then pretended to turn his head aside to avoid eye contact with her.   

"Greg, you..." Alice's temper again flared and she fiercely stared at Greg.    

 Sensing the tense atmosphere, Violet immediately stood up and walked beside Greg and sat down. Curling her hands up under her chin, she winked at Greg and in a flirtatious voice, said,"Honey, since you care about Alice's love life so much, why don 't you introduce one of your buddies to her?"    

"Well, this..." Greg hesitated for a second, not knowing how to reply. The only person he could think of was Tim, but he knew what kind of a person he was! He wouldn't dare introduce such a playboy to Alice. If Alice knew of Tim's romantic affairs, she would kill him!     

"What? You don't want to do a favor for my best friend?" questioned Violet. She pulled back, looking a little mad at Greg who looked hesitant.   

"Hey, you two stop planning my love life! I have my own plans so don't worry about me. At worst, I will go for a blind date, just as what Greg suggested to my father,"  Alice said indifferently. She was not in a hurry at all about finding a boyfriend. Her friends were more anxious about it than her.    

 "I will see whether there is a guy as good as me when I get together with my friends next time. You know it's rare to find a handsome and outstanding young man as me,"  Greg said complacently.   

  "Greg, are you boasting? Look at you blowing your own horn,"  Alice bantered.     
"What do you think, honey?" Instead of replying to Alice, Greg turned his head to Violet and threw the question at his wife.     

"Well..." Violet hummed, grinning broadly. She knew it's not appropriate to praise her husband, but she couldn't deny it in front of her best friend. So beaming all over, she said to Alice,"Well, Greg is indeed great..."  

Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Alice's scream. 

"Violet, you bad woman! How dare you take his side?" Saying that, she threw away the snacks in her hands and ran towards Violet and grabbed her.     

Greg helplessly shook his head when he saw the two women wrestling on the couch. But he didn't forget his duty to protect his wife.     

So he shouted,"Hey, Alice, let go of my wife!"    

"Shut up, Greg! You have snatched away Violet from me and I haven't gotten even with you!" Alice retorted, without a sign of weakness.     

"Violet is mine. She is my wife!" Greg defiantly told Alice with a resolute expression.    

 "She is mine!"    

"No, she is mine!"  

The three persons didn't stop playing and teasing each other until the early morning. It was already 1 o'clock when they decided to go upstairs to take a rest.     

But Violet and Alice were not sleepy at all when they crawled into bed.     

"Alice, are you sleepy?" asked Violet.  

  "No, I am not sleepy at all. I still want to have some pillow talk with you,"  replied Alice. She looked at Violet with her two big eyes sincerely and she had been looking forward to this moment with Violet, her best friend. How many nights she had dreamed of staying with Violet and talking about their small secrets! That was the most wonderful thing in the world!    

 "Alice,"  Violet called her name and became serious suddenly.   

"Yes?" Alice replied.   

  "You must have had a tough and bitter life abroad alone by yourself, haven't you?" asked Violet. Alice was her most intimate friend, how could she not know what kind of a person she was? She could feel that Alice had become more mature despite her childlike behavior. 

She must have experienced a lot to have matured this way.   

Violet's concern made Alice feel warm inside. Eyes welling up with tears, she sighed,"Yes, it was very tough to study and live abroad."    

Violet didn't say a word, but wiped her tears with a tissue, waiting for Alice to go on.     

"I still remember when I went to Paris for the first time, I could hardly communicate with others because I knew very little French. Few of them could speak English so it was difficult for me to talk with them. For the first two months, I dared not go out because I was afraid of dealing with the outside world. I was scared." Alice was absorbed in her memories as a student and her tone became more calm. "Later on, my roommate encouraged me to overcome the language difficulty. Even though I tried to escape it, I had to face it and cheer up. Eventually, I learned to blend in with the rest of the world."  

After pondering for a second, Alice continued to say,"My roommate became my first friend there. She often took me out shopping and sightseeing. We soaked in the fashion in the streets of Paris." This time, the happy memories with her roommate brought a genuine smile on her face.     

"Violet, you know what? After one-year of specialized courses, I designed my first piece, but I was scolded sternly by my instructor. She rebuked me for that design. She said that it was just a piece of cloth without any sense of aesthetics." Alice's tone was calm, without any sadness in her voice.    

 "How could it be?" Violet couldn't understand why.     

"Because I wanted to design a dress to cover all the scars on your body." Alice's voice sounded clearly in Violet's ears and she continued,"Perhaps, I still didn't get the essence of designing and I did not have any specialized knowledge at that time. What I made was just a long dress with long sleeves and a waistband. 

There was no other design element in it. That's why my instructor criticized me for it."  

Violet couldn't help but be moved to tears. She realized that Alice had done too much for her and her value in Alice's heart was beyond fathomable.   

  "I then looked at other designs and there were various styles and materials. I suddenly realized that my design was just too common, no better than the ready-to-wear clothes that are mass produced." Alice continued, describing her life in Paris.

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