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 Season 8

Episode 27

(Sisters' pillow talk(1)

After dinner, Derek and Amy knew clearly that their daughter would not stay at home this evening, so they went home early.    

 Arm in arm, Violet and Alice walked into a supermarket, with Greg following behind pushing a shopping cart. Still like two little girls, they bought a heap of snacks including yogurt, biscuits and chips. Greg just looked at the two, speechless. Not minding him, they happily went up and down the supermarket aisles, tossing whatever they wanted to eat into the cart.    

 An hour later, the shopping cart was filled with snacks and Greg helplessly shook his head at the jubilant girls.    

 After paying at the checkout counter, Greg carried two huge bags containing nothing but snacks and put them in the trunk. When he got into the car, he found that the two intimate friends had already gotten in the backseat chatting with each other cheerfully. Feeling helpless, he started the engine and drove towards the Chu villa.   

When they arrived, they saw Bill and Lily standing at the gate to greet them.     Beaming, Violet and Alice got off the car immediately and headed towards them.     
"Aunt Lily, Uncle Bill!" greeted Alice warmly, as she gave Lily a big hug.     

"Oh, Alice. It's so good to see you! Let me see, you've grown up!" Lily was so excited to see Alice again after so many years. She still remembered when Alice, as a little girl, went abroad. Now she had become a fashion icon!    

 "Aunt Lily, is there any change in me?" asked Alice, with a smile, turning around once.    

 "Of course you have changed a lot. You are so much taller, more beautiful and fashionable!" exclaimed Lily. "But you are a little too thin, just like Violet. It seems that foreign food is not so good for you."  

"You're absolutely right! I really miss the delicious food at home,"  Alice agreed. During her first few months abroad, she struggled with her appetite and didn't feel like eating most of the time. She was not used to the foreign tastes and she usually had just one meal a day! It took her a while to slowly adapt to the cuisine there. Every day, she missed the meals cooked by her mother and Lily.    

 "Come here often and I will cook delicious food for you,"  said Lily, smiling.     

"Aunt Lily, how could you forget about me after you see Alice?" Violet interrupted pretending to be jealous as she linked her arms into Lily's.     

"Oh, that could never happen! How could I forget about my Violet?" Lily gave Violet a gracious smile as she patted her hand gently.   

"Lily is right! You are always the sweetheart in Lily's heart. Now let's get inside,"  suggested Alice.     

As the three walked into the house, Greg and Bill took out all the stuff from the trunk and carried them to the villa.    

 Afterwards, Greg brought three glasses of water for Violet and Alice when he saw the two girls already sitting on the sofa.    

 "Violet, I have cleaned up the rooms. Just call me whenever you need me!" Lily said to Violet.    

 "Thank you, Lily! We don't need anything for now. You can go and rest. We will be okay!" replied Violet. She then turned towards Bill and said,"You too, Uncle Bill! Have an early rest!"    

"Violet is right! Uncle Bill and Aunt Lily, don't worry about us and just go to bed now. We will be talking late and deep into the night. See?" Alice added as she pointed to the snacks on the table,"We have prepared lots of stuff to eat and these are for our midnight snack."  

Seeing them being the two little girls that they used to be, Lily nodded and excused herself.     

The moment Lily and Bill left the house, the three young adults talked all night, laughing, screaming and even shouting without scruple, almost bringing the roof down. Luckily, they were in a villa, which was far away from other homes. 

Otherwise any neighbor would have been driven crazy.     

"Hey, Greg, you were abroad too, right? Tell me, how was it? I heard that there were many beautiful girls in medical school." Alice raised an eyebrow to Greg. But before he could answer her, she continued to say,"But I am glad to see that you treat my Violet properly and wholeheartedly. At least you still have a bit of a conscience."  

Greg didn't like the ridicule in Alice's tone. At the same time, he felt a little disappointed that his beloved woman was taking Alice's side. But the thought of Violet's relationship with Alice calmed him down. They were intimate friends who grew up together and there was no question to them being always standing for each other, even if he was now Violet's husband.   

  After clearing his throat, Greg grinned wickedly saying,"I got tired of ogling at beautiful girls! Just like eating the same food every day, you won't want to take a bite of it any more." A snicker then crossed his face as he continued to say,"For example, a beautiful girl like Miss Lu in front of me, if i stare at you longer, I will..."    

He then pretended not to go on, pausing to look at Alice, to see how she would react.     

Alice was eating chips at that moment and when she heard what Greg said, she threw a potato chip at him.   

"Greg, you need a good spanking!" screamed Alice, as she continued throwing more chips.    

 Greg deftly dodged the chips flying over the sofa and falling on the floor.    

 "Haha! Hey! We're not opponents! You are single and we are a couple. Do you think you can beat the two of us? My wife will certainly take my side." There was confidence in Greg's tone, but he wasn't sure at all in his heart. He secretly took a look at Violet, hoping that his beloved wife would indeed take his side.     
"Violet, tell us. Which side will you take if I fight with Greg?" Alice asked Violet, not to be outdone.     

"Well,"  Violet had a bright idea and found a good solution,"you just tell me what you dislike about this guy and I will teach him a lesson at home for you!"    

Violet's answer brought a genuine smile on Greg's face. He felt warm and fuzzy because he could tell that he still had a place in Violet's heart.   

"But I won't see it when you punish him at home!" retorted Alice. She was not the person to be fooled easily.     

"Well, that's no problem. I can send a video to show you how I treat him. And you will see the Xiao family's domestic discipline. Whoever dares not to obey it, will be taught a hard lesson,"  Violet said proudly.   

"Great idea with the video!" Alice agreed. This time she ate the chip she was holding.

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