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 Season 8

Episode 21

(Violet's call with Alice (1)

Greg returned home to find Violet snoozing on the ample bed. Tiptoeing softly over, he bent down to rest his head alongside hers, gazing at her as she slept. "Sweetheart, I'm home. Are you awake, sleepyhead?" he whispered gently.     

"Hey honey,"  she mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "I felt a little drowsy, I must have dropped off,"  she grinned, blinking at him.    

 "When did Aunt Selina leave?" Greg asked, as he leaned over to stroke Violet's hair.     

"Oh, she left a while ago, a few hours now I'd say. Have you just returned from work now?" Violet asked.     

"Go back to sleep, love. I'll make some dinner for us,"  Greg cooed as he smiled at her and moved some sleep-tousled hair out of her eyes. His love for this woman was so deep that he would let her do anything she desired.   

"No, no, I'm awake now. I'll help you, darling,"  Violet said and smiled, eager to help Greg however she could.     

As Violet sat up in the bed, Greg could see her enthusiasm, so he nodded to her to follow him.    

 They clasped hands as they walked towards the kitchen together. Greg was the chef in the house, but he loved having Violet around to help. They made a good team.     

"When I lived with Uncle and Aunt, I often helped Grandma cook,"  Violet said proudly.     

"Oh yes, washing vegetables and serving everyone, I guess?" Greg returned. There was a smile in his voice, but he wasn't being unkind. He knew his wife wasn't a good cook, but she didn't seem to realise that.   

"You're so annoying!" Violet said as she pouted prettily,"Why do you always have to say that?" She turned away, pretending to be mad at him.    

 "What? Me? I'm just being honest,"  Greg laughed, as Violet resisted his attempt to cuddle her.     

"How dare you tease me?" she responded in mock fury, a smile playing on her lips. "Did I say you were allowed to tease me? You naughty man!" Violet continued as she wagged her finger at him. She spun away from him, hands on hips. She fixed Greg with a stern look, as if he had committed a crime.     

"Oh, I'm sorry,"  Greg yielded while putting his hands up, playing along. "It's all my fault, I must apologize. You go wash your hands, wait and see what I make for you. Go on, take a seat in the dining room, my love,"  he coaxed her.    

 "Smart boy! I look forward to dinner. But just so you know, if I don't like it, you'll have to prepare it all over again,"  she teased, leaving the kitchen.   

Greg gave her a winning smile as he murmured,"Oh, you'll enjoy it. Just wait and see."    

Shortly after, Greg entered the dining room brandishing his dish of the day. He spotted Violet's admiring look, before she could hide it, and couldn't help but ask,"So, what do you think?"    

"Not bad, I suppose,"  she remarked, trying to suppress her desire to dive right in.   

  "Not bad? Seriously? I think you'll find it's delicious!" He looked at her a little defiantly, as he dug in.     

"Oooh, you're confident, I'll give you that. Well, the food is good, but I wouldn't say it's delicious,"  she said mischievously. "I honestly think you will do better, next time,"  she went on, winking at Greg.    

 "Ah, now I get it. You won't say it's delicious, because you just want me to keep cooking for you,"  he said casually, picking up another tasty mouthful.   

"Ha! You got me! My husband is so smart,"  Violet praised him, grinning as she took another bite.     

Suddenly, Violet's mobile phone let out a melodic ring. She placed her chopsticks on the table, whilst frowning at the screen. She smiled as she recognised the number.     

"Who's on the phone?" Greg pondered aloud. 'Look at that smile, ' he thought, 'Violet's obviously delighted with whoever's on the phone. I don't care who it is really, unless there's some secret man whose identity I'll have to find out.'    "It's Alice. Finally she's called,"  she said excitedly, answering the call.   

  "Alice, hi!" Violet's warm tones rang out.     "Hi Violet, my dear friend, how are you?" Alice exclaimed, without pausing for breath.   

"Calm down Alice, deep breaths! It's so good to hear from you!" Violet said as she cleared her throat. She didn't seem very calm herself as she began chatting with her friend.     

Greg shrugged, watching Violet's untethered glee. 'They're always the same, ' he sighed, 'I don't understand it all all.'   

 "You're joking? Oh, really! Thanks! It's good to speak to you!" Alice responded. Then she cheekily changed the subject. "What are you guys up to? Am I interrupting?" she giggled, trying to make Violet squirm.   

  "Absolutely not,"  Violet stopped her, thinking, 'She even talks to me in a roundabout way.'    

"Hahaha, I thought that Greg might be a little annoyed at my interrupting. You know, after dinner and all that,"  Alice joked with her.     

"Oh Alice, you know that you come first, Greg always comes second to you, my love,"  Violet said earnestly.   

Greg stirred a bit in his seat opposite, the resentment rippling across his face. How could Alice be the most important person in her life, he wondered. 'I'm her husband, and Alice is her friend. I should be the one she cares most about, even if it's Alice she confides in, ' he brooded.   

  "Exactly what I like to hear, Violet, as it should be,"  Alice responded happily.    

 "Of course you'll always be the most important person in my life. Don't ever forget that, even if I don't say it,"  Violet stopped abruptly, noticing the look on Greg's face. She realized that she had upset him and didn't want to cause him any more pain.    

 "Ok, Miss Violet. Whatever you say, I'll never forget it,"  Alice promised    

"So, why have you called today? Just because you missed me, or you have some juicy gossip for me?" Violet asked, wondering what Alice was up to, suspecting something was afoot.   

"Both,"  Alice said coyly, confirming Violet's suspicions.    

 "Go on. Tell me, it's good news, isn't it? I can hear it in your voice,"  Violet's own rose in anticipation.    

 "I've booked a flight ticket and I order my very best friend to be at the airport to pick me up tomorrow,"  Alice revealed, excitement flowing through the phone.     "Oh my goodness, are you serious?" 

Violet exclaimed happily, her eyes growing wide. Her voice had risen nearly to a shriek, startling Greg.     

"Yes! I'm dead serious, I got all my travel docs and college diploma this afternoon. My show has come to an end, so now I can go back home!" Alice explained.   

  "Ah, now I get it. That is fantastic news. Of course Greg and I will be there to greet you tomorrow, you have my word,"  Violet replied.   

"Ok, don't be surprised when I give you the biggest hug tomorrow!" Alice said cheekily.     

"Aw I'm looking forward to that,"  Violet replied, and then a thought struck her. 

"One question, are you coming back alone? Or with your boyfriend?" Violet asked. As she spoke, she placed a lot of emphasis on the final word, hoping for a promising answer.

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