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 Season 8

Episode 20

(Meeting in the office (2)

Looking at Greg's back, Cassie stopped crying and fixed herself. Her eyes showed determination. 'I must win him back, a marriage without a wedding does not count, and love without a wedding photo does not count.'    

Greg went back to his office and sorted his emotions out, taking a deep breath before he went back to work.     

In the afternoon when it was almost time to get off work, Greg couldn't wait to call Violet before he left his office.     

"Hello, Greg!" Violet answered the phone happily.     

"What are you doing now?" Greg's tone was gentle. He held the phone in his right hand and twirled a pen around his fingers on his left hand.     

"Aunt Selina is here for a visit and we are chatting now,"  Violet said happily.   

"That's good, invite her to stay for dinner,"  Greg said, looking at his watch. 

"I still have an hour before I get off work, and I will come straight home right after."    

"Unfortunately she can't. Aunt Selina is doing business nearby, so she found time to visit but she has to leave in a few minutes. Don't you know? She is super busy!" Violet exclaimed.     

"Oh, right,"  Greg remembered. Aunt Selina was very famous in the business circle. He had great respect for her attitude towards her career.    

 "Well, don't worry about me, I am fine here at home. Come back after work. I have already gone out this morning to buy things for dinner. I'll just wait till you come back to cook,"  Violet said. 'Since I can't really cook, then I am responsible for buying food and leave it to the people who can.' She thought.     

"Okay, wait for me then!" said Greg.   

"Okay, bye."    


Violet held her phone happily for a while after hanging up.  

   "Wow, it seems that you two are getting along very well as a married couple!" said Aunt Selina, who was sitting beside her.     

"We're okay. Greg listens to me and he learned how to cook for me!" Violet thought she should praise Greg in front of her aunt. She was very happy that Greg could change for her.     

"Really? Then you must be very happy!" Selina smiled. Then she suddenly remembered something and said it on purpose,"But I remember you could only make soup before. You didn't even know how to fry anything!"   

 "Yes,"  Violet admitted. "Aunt, you don't know, when I cooked with Greg last time, since our opinions were different, I said that this dish should be fried in this way, he insisted on cooking in another way, in the end..."  

"What happened in the end?" Selina asked out of curiosity.     

"In the end, we just ordered some take out food, as the kitchen turned into a smoky room. We nearly burned the kitchen down!" Violet stuck her tongue out and laughed.   

  "Ha ha, you two, are a real couple and a perfect match for each other!" Selina laughed as well. "I think, you may have first made the dish as you intended, then Greg changed it as he wanted. Then it became like that, right?"   

 Selina knew her niece very well. Violet usually looked like a well-behaved girl, but she loved to be spoiled by Greg and behaved stubbornly in front of him. But Greg was not a weak person, either. 

When two stubborn people came together, the result would definitely be chaos. As Violet said, the kitchen was almost burned down.   

"Aunt, you understand me the most!" Violet said modestly.    

 Selina grabbed Violet's hands with a smile,"Then ask Greg to cook for you. I can tell that Greg loves you so much. Enjoy it!"    

"Of course, he has to serve me since he married me. Or else why would I marry him?" Violet said proudly in front of her aunt.     

"Well, now you remind me of your brother. You and your brother are really the same. When your brother was young, he was really naughty and liked to show off. Luckily, your mother taught him to behave himself." Selina said with a smile.

 She smiled as she remembered those days when Violet and her brother were young. Although her career at that time was not as stable now, they were really happy when their families gathered together, taking care of their children and talking about their busy careers.  

 "Really? Auntie, all I remember is that my brother, Lawrence was so naughty that he usually pissed my Mom off!" Although Violet knew some things about her brother as a child, it was not much. Since Aunt Selina talked about this today, she wanted to hear more. She really missed her brother, who had been away for so many years.    

 "Well, in Lawrence's heart, he loves your mother most." Selina said in a gentle tone. "Your mother was the one who took care of him abroad when he was young. They didn't come back to the city until he was five."    

"Yes, I remember that. She didn't tell me much about it though. Just a few details,"  said Violet.     

"I'll tell you a few. Since your brother grew up abroad, he had a different way of thinking. We didn't know what he had in his mind all day. He was so smart, anyway. Even your Uncle Derek and I admired your brother and thought that he must be a genius." Selina recalled fondly.

 "And now, it seems that we were right! Among all of you children, your brother is the best, most highly educated and the most capable. I heard that he has an internship in a listed company and he had brought the company a ten-digit account within three months!"  

"This is true. Although I don't understand the business, I heard my father mention it and he looked very happy,"  Violet agreed with a smile.   

  "Of course he was happy. If your brother took over the JC Group one day, the performance and income will increase ten fold,"  Selina said confidently. They had nothing to worry about, for the future of the JC Group. It had already become stable. If Lawrence came back to manage it, with his ability, the JC Group would be unstoppable.     

"Aunt Selina, I am so happy that I have a talented brother,"  Violet said. She felt fortunate to have such a brother that people had a high regard for.   

Selina touched Violet's hair and said,"Violet, you have a very handsome husband who is a star in the medical field, and a brother who is incomparably stellar in the business field! You must be the luckiest woman, under the protection of these two men."   

 "It's not the case." Violet said,"It's Greg's responsibility to protect me. But my old brother, when he finally finds that woman that he will marry, will certainly focus his attention and love on her. It will no longer be me, right?"    

"Violet! Are you jealous already?" Selina said with a chuckle. She knew that Lawrence and Violet had a deep connection with each other. Violet had been dependent on Lawrence and regarded him as her anchor. Ever since the accident, Lawrence had become more responsible towards Violet, out of guilt. Selina was sure that no matter what happened in the future, Lawrence would always love her and protect her.   

  "Of course! I am angry since someone is going to take my brother away!" Violet said immediately.   

"Then was Lawrence angry when Greg took you away?" Selina asked winking. 

    "Oh..." Violet didn't know what to say.  

   "Well, Violet, listen to me, you, your mother and your father will never change in your brother's heart. Especially you, his little sister. You are the one he loves the most." With those words, Selina reinforced Violet's confidence.     

"Is that true, Auntie?" Violet looked into her aunt's eyes and asked.     

Selina nodded firmly. "Trust me, no Lawrence is your only brother, and his love for you will never change."   

 "I know!" Violet said happily. "My brother actually once told me that the person he loved the most in his heart is me. If my brother finds someone to love, as long as she sincerely loves my brother as well, then I will give them my full support. I also want my brother to be happy, just like Greg and me now."  

"That's my Violet!" said Selina, who was happy about Violet's mind-set.

They both sighed happily, thankful for each other.

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