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 Season 8

Episode 19

(Meeting in the office (1)

In the morning, Greg got up as the alarm rang. As usual, he left after giving Violet a happy kiss.     

When he arrived at the hospital, Greg opened the window of the office and let the fresh air blow in. Looking at the scenery outside the window, Greg was in a good mood. He guessed that Violet should still be sleeping in bed. She looked very cute when she slept.    

 About fifteen minutes later, Greg had just had one consultation with a patient when he got an internal call.     

"Hello, This is Greg speaking." He politely answered the phone.     

"Greg, it's me,"  said Fred over the phone.    
 "Dad!" Greg was a little confused. "Why are you calling me so early?"  

"Come to my office, I have something to tell you,"  said Fred, in an excited tone.   

  "What's it?" Greg had no idea why his Dad was bothering him so early in the morning. If it was a family matter, he should call him on his mobile phone. Why did he have to make an internal call?    

 "You will know when you come. It is inconvenient to talk over the phone,"  Fred said, unable to hide his excitement on the phone. He wanted to surprise his son. Cassie, who was sitting opposite him, had told him that she and Greg were classmates in medical school. If Greg saw her and knew that she had chosen the XS Hospital, he should be very happy.     

"Okay, fine! I'll be there in a few minutes,"  Greg said.     

"Great! I will wait for you here,"  Fred said and hung up.     

Fred said to Cassie happily,"Miss Cassie, wait a moment, Greg is on his way over."  

"Okay, no need to rush,"  Cassie put on a pretty smile,"I haven't seen him in quite a long time. I have no idea if he has changed or not."   

 "He hasn't changed much. He is still very impulsive and stubborn,"  said Fred half jokingly.    

 "Oh, I see,"  Cassie nodded.     

Greg called his assistant in and assigned a few tasks. Then he went to his father's office.    

 Greg heard several nurses chatting in the hall.     

"Hey, did you hear? Cassie chose our XS Hospital."    

"Really? I've told you that ours is the only hospital deserving of her talent and skills."    

"I also heard that Cassie knew Doctor Greg."  

"Really? What's the relationship between them?"    

"Nothing special. Doctor Greg is married. What relationship could they have?"   

 "It's hard to know. The relationships between the second generation rich are very complicated. Many of them have affairs outside of marriage."    

"Right, maybe."    

Greg then realized why his father asked him to go to his office. Cassie must be in his father's office and he wanted his son to meet Cassie.     

Waiting for the elevator, Greg caught a glimpse of the newspaper that someone was reading. The front page news was about Cassie.    

 "Excuse me, may I have a look at that newspaper?" Greg greeted the person with the newspaper politely.    

 The patient family next to him, who saw him wearing a white coat, immediately knew that he was a doctor. The person thought that it was just natural for him to want to read the newspaper.   

"Sure, here you are,"  the person said, handing him the front page.    

 "Thank you!" Greg took the newspaper and read it carefully.     

According to the newspaper article, Cassie had chosen the XS Hospital. 

Outsiders thought that she chose a hospital with a relatively high reputation and good strength. Some tabloids reported that Cassie chose this hospital to find her lover. But no one knew who her mysterious lover was.     

After Greg finished reading, he returned the newspaper to the man. At this time, the elevator car had reached his floor and opened promptly. Greg stepped into the elevator car and readied himself to face anything.    

 Greg knocked on the door when he arrived at his father's office. He entered the office when he heard the answer from inside.   

"Dad,"  Greg greeted his father as he closed the door.    

 "Greg, look who's here!" Fred said happily while he pointed to Cassie.     

At this time, Cassie also stood up and looked at Greg coming over. He was dressed in a white coat, looking very handsome. His short hair, flawless face, beige V-neck sweater, deep blue casual pants and the white coat made him look perfect.     

"Greg!" Cassie happily said.     

Greg glanced at Cassie and then looked at his father,"Dad, why did you ask me to come?"   

 Greg's response made Fred and Cassie feel a little awkward. Fred was somewhat confused. His son wouldn't say anything in front of his old classmate.   

Cassie's smile became stiff since Greg did not show any surprise or gladness at all when he saw her. He just glanced at her. Why? She came for him from abroad. How could he treat her like this?    
 "I have good news. Miss Cassie agreed to work in our hospital. Since you were classmates, I thought you would be very happy to meet her,"  Fred said, trying to sound cheerful.    

 "Okay." Greg nodded slightly. "I've read the newspaper about her. Then you can arrange her work according to the plan."    
"Okay, no problem,"  Fred said firmly, trying to recover from the shock at his own son's attitude. "Our hospital will become much stronger in the future with you and Miss Cassie."   

 "Dad,"  Greg felt that it was inappropriate for him to stay long in his father's office because of Cassie's presence. He also felt that it was difficult to breathe. "If there is nothing else, I will leave now. 

Several patients are still waiting for their consultation."  

"Okay, get back to work then." Fred couldn't retort since Greg made a valid point. So he let him go.     

Without even looking at Cassie, Greg turned around to leave after he nodded to Fred.    

 Seeing Greg leave, Cassie said to Fred immediately,"I am going out for a few minutes."   

 Fred nodded helplessly, unable to tell what the hell just happened.    

 Cassie ran out of Fred's office. Seeing Greg leaving, Cassie rushed to stop him.     
"Greg!" Cassie stood in front of Greg and stopped him.     

Greg stopped and looked aside to avoid her eyes. "What's wrong?"    

"Why don't you look at me? Don't you know, I've missed you very much!" 

Cassie's voice was very gentle. So gentle as if there was no strength in her, but her heart was beating excitedly. For so long, she had been looking forward to see Greg. She was crazy about him. But now, although Greg was standing in front of her, talking to her, she felt that she was farther away from him than ever.   

After a while, Greg's gaze finally moved to Cassie's face and he saw some tears in her eyes. He said,"I never expected that you would come here. Since you chose the XS Hospital, you can work here. XS Hospital will give you a handsome salary and you will get good benefits."    

Greg then prepared to walk away but Cassie grabbed his arm tightly.     

"I don't want any of that, don't you understand?" Cassie said desperately, unable to control her emotions. She felt sadder, seeing how cold he was to her.     
"Sorry, but I am married now,"  Greg declared.   

"I don't believe you!" Cassie yelled,"If you are really married, where did you hold your wedding ceremony? Where are your wedding photos?"   

 Greg didn't know how to answer Cassie's questions.    

 Seeing that Greg didn't answer, Cassie continued,"Greg, you know how much I love you. I really love you."    

"I don't need your love." Greg grabbed her hands, only to push her away. He dropped her like a hot potato.     

Cassie cried and said firmly as she looked at Greg,"Greg, I won't give up on you."    

Greg looked at Cassie and said word by word,"I will say this for the last time. I love another woman, so leave me alone."   
 Greg left immediately without looking back.

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