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Season 8

Episode 16

(Greg's old lover came back (1)

Greg parked the car outside the restaurant. After he got out, he opened the car door for his lovely wife. They walked hand-in-hand into the restaurant.     
At the same time, a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster was speeding towards the restaurant. Cassie Zheng sat in the passenger's seat with a diplomatic smile on her oval face. With her cell phone in her right hand, she said politely into it,"Oh, I see. I will give you my reply by eight o'clock this evening."   

 The instant she ended the call, the fake smile vanished from her pretty face.    

 Steering the car, Francis An turned slightly to look at Cassie's side profile. "What did the media say, Cassie?" he asked.   

"They asked me to give them an answer before eight o'clock,"  Cassie replied, staring outside the car window pensively.     

"You came back to work in XS Hospital just to approach Greg, didn't you?" 

Francis An asked, confounded. He didn't understand what Cassie was thinking. 

'She could have told this to the media at the airport, but she didn't. Instead, she dodged the topic, ' he brooded. A few media people had contacted her and had inquired about her decision, but she was still unwilling to give them a specific answer.     

"Cousin,"  Cassie replied impatiently, and focused her gaze on Francis. "You don't understand. I have my own reasons,"  she snapped coldly, her eyes full with hesitation.     

Since she had lost contact with Greg, she found it hard to make a decision. Besides, she had already learnt that Greg got married while she was abroad. To confirm this news, she had tried many ways to search for pictures of Greg's wedding ceremony. However, she failed to get even a single photo of his wife or the wedding site. That was why she couldn't give up on Greg yet. She had returned from abroad to figure out whether he was really married or not. 

More importantly, she had resolved to get back with Greg. She still bore her promise in her mind that she would await him. As long as she could win his heart, she was willing to spend the rest of her life waiting for him.   

Francis remained silent because he knew Cassie's temper very well. 'Once she makes a decision, no one can change her mind, ' he thought.    

 When he didn't respond, Cassie realized that she shouldn't have treated her cousin that way. 'He is my kin. I shouldn't have said that to him, ' she regretted inside.    

 "I'm sorry, Francis,"  Cassie apologized, as her voice softened.     

"You don't owe me any apology. I just hope that you can take care of your own matters,"  Francis replied.   

"I will,"  Cassie said,"Oh, what about the matter that Aunt and Uncle had asked you to do? Have you found any clues?"   

 "I haven't found anything yet,"  Francis replied casually as he shrugged. "Over twenty years have passed, things have changed a lot here. I don't even know where to start. I'm going to try my luck. Perhaps I might find something."    "Perhaps. We just came back, so let's try to fit in first,"  Cassie suggested,"Will you find a job here?"  

  "It depends. Even if I don't work, I can still support myself,"  Francis An answered casually as he shrugged his shoulders.     

"I know you were born rich,"  Cassie remarked with a grin and added,"Let's go and get something to eat."    

"Let's,"  Francis said, opening his car door.   

At the corner of the restaurant, Greg and Violet were sitting at a table, enjoying their dinner.     

"The food here is really good, honey,"  Violet commented with the chopsticks in her right hand.   

  What Greg said next caught Violet by surprise.     

"I will practice some more and try to cook delicious food like the ones here,"  Greg said without looking at Violet.    

 Violet was stunned and excited. She did not expect that he would say such a thing.    

 "And then you could be a qualified chef here. You will have assistants who will follow your instructions in the kitchen,"  Violet joked cheekily. She made fun of Greg on purpose as she was in a good mood. She never missed a chance to tease her husband.     

"Look at my slender and long fingers. Do you think your husband is really the sort of person who could work in a kitchen?" 

Greg countered, locking his deep eyes with Violet's. 'She gets carried away so easily. What should I do with her?' he wondered.   

"Of course, you can. Nothing is impossible as long as you try your best. Even though I was born in a wealthy family, I used to give out leaflets to passers-by on the streets,"  Violet snapped. She assumed that he must have never undergone hardships and thought that it was necessary for him to know how hard it was for the laboring people to make a living.     

"Oh? Is that so? Let me have a look at your hand,"  Greg demanded, as he put down his chopsticks.    

 "I refuse,"  Violet replied as she put her hands behind her back. She was determined to not give Greg a chance to take advantage of her.     

"Why not? Are you afraid that I might take advantage of you?" Greg asked with a wry smile. 'What will you do now, honey?' he thought to himself.   

"You're so annoying. No talking while eating!" Violet said, blushing. She lowered her head and continued eating.

     Staring at the cute expression on Violet's face, he curved his lips into an evil smile. He ate his food without another word.    

 In another corner of the restaurant, Cassie sat at a table with Francis.    

 "Francis, are you still staying at the hotel?" Cassie asked.    

 "No, I'm not,"  Francis replied as he lifted his head to look at Cassie,"I don't like hotels. They are too noisy."   

 "Where are you staying then?" Cassie asked.    

 "I bought an apartment. I live alone and it's comfortable,"  Francis replied. He enjoyed living alone. That way, he could do whatever he liked without being bothered by others. Besides, he had a cozy home.   

"Is that so?" Cassie asked in disbelief. "Are you really staying alone?" she asked tentatively.

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