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 Season 8

Episode 34

(Meeting cassie in the party (2)

Francis turned his gaze back to Violet. As he looked at the crying woman, he slid into a panic. 'She is crying in front of me, ' he thought, feeling his heart ache. 

    "Oh my God, are you...?" Francis broke the silence, as he gazed at Violet with enlarged eyes. 'Is she Greg's wife?!'    

Francis couldn't find any reason to think otherwise. The way she was acting and the tears in her eyes showed that the man was important to her. There was only one explanation for this- she was the woman whom Greg loved most, his wife.     

"Let me go!" Violet yelled, as she pushed Francis away furiously.    

 Francis took several steps backwards, paused and stared at Violet.   

Violet leaned against the wall, with tears streaming down her face. Breaking down, she collapsed slowly and squatted down. She hugged her legs and buried her head between them. At that moment, she was unwilling to show her pathetic face to others.     

Francis was at a loss and didn't know what to do or say. As he looked down at the broken woman in front of him, an urge to protect her rose in his heart. She looked sad and lonely. 'She must be feeling helpless, ' he thought.     

After a while, Violet was still sitting there silently, her head buried between her legs. Francis looked outside the window, but only saw Cassie standing there alone. She was staring straight ahead in front of her blankly.    

 "Uhm..." Francis started to say something, but he heard quick footsteps from the hallway.     

"Violet! Violet!" Greg called out as he made his way to the restroom.     

Francis turned around and saw Greg. He studied Greg and perceived a strong, unreachable aura emitting from him. He didn't have any fine features, but was nevertheless a handsome gentleman.   

Greg looked at the man standing across him. He immediately spotted Violet in the corner. She was sitting there with her head buried between her legs, quivering.     
"What happened, Violet?" Greg asked, dashing towards her. He squatted down and grabbed Violet's shoulders tightly.   

  Recognizing Greg's voice, Violet raised her head slowly. She wiped her tears away and shook his hand off.    

 "Get out of my sight!" Violet growled at him, and then managed to get up with all her might. Greg was right in front of her, and the other man was standing not too far away from her. She didn't even know his name.    

 "Are you all right? Why are you crying? What happened to you?" Greg asked, all in one breath apprehensively. His eyes turned red. He flustered at the sight of her crying face.   

"Greg,"  Violet called out coldly.     

"Yes?" he answered swiftly.  

 "Who is that woman?" Violet snarled, pointing at the French window.     

Her question left Greg dumbfounded. He looked along the direction Violet was pointing, and realized whom his wife was referring to. 'Did she see what happened between me and Cassie?' he wondered in shock.     

There was no one outside the window anymore. But he remembered clearly what had happened there moments ago.     
"Listen to me, Violet. That was Cassie Zheng. We went to the same university,"  Greg tried to explain, as he held Violet's hand.    

 Violet shook his hands off again. Staring into Greg's eyes, she cried,"Is that so? If that's the case, shouldn't she be abroad? Why is she here?"   

 She continued in contempt,"Who would act so intimately with a university classmate?"  

"I can explain. It's not what you are thinking,"  Greg pleaded, as he shook his head. However, Violet didn't give him the chance to explain himself.     

She pushed Greg away and ran out of there.    

 She didn't even cast a glance at Francis as she ran past him.     

"Violet!" Greg shouted as he attempted to follow her. When he tried to go past Francis, the latter stretched out his hand and stopped him.     

"Just give her some time to be alone,"  Francis advised.     

Greg paused. Squinting at Francis, he asked,"Who are you?"    

A thin smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as he replied,"Cassie knows me."    
Greg was taken aback by his reply. With his eyes wide open, he asked,"Are you her cousin?"  

"Indeed. Nice to meet you, Greg. I'm Francis,"  he introduced himself.    

 After thinking for a moment, Greg asked,"Did you see that too?"   

 "Yes,"  Francis nodded,"Both your wife and I saw that."    

Francis was drowned in his own thoughts as he stared at the anxious expression on Greg's face. 'He must really care about Violet and his love for Violet must be true. But why am I feeling upset? Am I feeling sad for myself or for Cassie?' he wondered. He knew that Cassie loved Greg very much and that she never forgot him even for a second. But according to what he had seen just now, it seemed like Greg only loved Violet.     

Worried about Violet, Greg resolved to go after her. He said to Francis courteously,"Excuse me, I gotta go now."    
After saying that, Greg took off.     

Violet reached the lobby and looked around for Alice. To her dismay, she couldn't find her confidant.   

She then quickly walked out of the lobby. She went to the meadow and then to the garden in search of Alice and she finally found her best friend there.    

 "Alice,"  Violet called out, as she walked towards Alice.    

 "What are you doing here, Violet?" Alice asked her.     

Seeing Selina and Amy with Alice, she forced a smile on her face and greeted them,"Aunt Amy, Aunt Selina."   

 "Where is Greg? Why are you alone?" Amy asked, as she looked around for Greg. 'This is an important occasion for them. They are supposed to stay together, ' she thought.    

 "He..." Violet faltered. After hesitating for a moment, she continued,"He ran into some of his friends, so I came to see you."    

"Oh, I see,"  Amy nodded without noticing her hidden displeasure.   


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