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 Season 6

Episode 88

(Inform Zhoa family that Autumn has returned)

Sue looked around and asked Sheryl with a doubt, "I remember you asked for a much bigger apartment. But this one seems to be just the same size of mine. 

Did BM Corporation change their mind?"   
 "No,"  Sheryl replied shortly. She told Sue that it was she who had made some changes in the contract with BM Corporation. She shrugged her shoulders and added, "That's why I am living in this apartment."   

 Sheryl didn't think she deserved much better treatment than other models, and that was why she discussed the contract with BM Corporation and requested some portions to be changed.

"You dim-witted woman! You usually look smart. Why did you become so stupid this time?" Sue furrowed her brows while blaming Sheryl for her foolishness. 

"Since you were promised a better treatment, you should have accepted it. Why did you declined their offers? Aren't you fool enough to let go of such a very good assurance?"    

Sheryl smiled and explained patiently, "I don't deserve such a special treatment. I am a person with a self-knowledge. And since I know myself well, I can assure you that I am contented with the treatment I am getting right now."    

Sue felt it was a pity to refuse such a better treatment. She really couldn't agree with Sheryl's modesty and honesty. However, there was nothing she could do anymore since the contract had already been signed.     

Sue sighed deeply before warning her, "Sher, since you will be staying in BM Corporation, please be cautious. In my opinion, the other models are not easy to get along with."

The other models regarded Sheryl as an imaginary enemy. They would do anything to ruin Sheryl's shows. Actually, their biggest dream was to destroy Sheryl's career.     

Sheryl didn't care much about the hostility of other models toward her. She preferred to focus her full attention on her shows. If every show that she would be attending succeeded, she had nothing to be ashamed of.     

Charles had informed the Zhao family that Autumn had come back as soon as he was able to confirm her real identity. 

Arthur and Amy had never stopped looking for their granddaughter. 

However, when Rick Xu was born, he was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. In order to take good care of him, the Zhao family moved away. Of course that was not the only reason. The other important reason was that living in the house constantly made the whole family miss Autumn. When Charles called and said he had found his wife, Amy fainted because of too much excitement. On the other hand, Abby beamed with happiness. Almost all of them were immersed in ecstasy.     

On the contrary, Andy's expression was weird. Good thing no one noticed it. 

Helping Anthony seemed to be a mistake. Autumn's absence had caused the whole family to suffer. He was suddenly seized by a pang of conscience.    

 "My dear husband, do you think it's for real? Or am I only dreaming?" Amy asked, holding Arthur's hand tightly. The good news seemed to be so hard to believe.   

  "It is true. It is true,"  Arthur comforted Amy. Although he too, was very excited, he tried his best to stay calm. He patted Amy's shoulder and assured her, "It was Charles who called to tell us that our granddaughter is back so, I believe she is really back."   

 Amy was so elated that she suddenly ran to her bedroom. Though it was already late, she intended to pack her luggage and drove the entire night to Y City. They had bought an apartment there before so that Autumn could visit them more frequently. And even after she went missing, they didn't sell the house because they believed that she would return soon.     

Now, their wish came true. Autumn's return was really a big surprise.    

 "Mother, it's already too late. Let's just leave tomorrow morning,"  Abby held Amy's shoulder and persuaded. "I suggest that you have a good rest tonight. You want to look great, don't you? Having a good sleep can assure you that you would got much energy and appear in front of Autumn early tomorrow morning."   

 "Yeah, I agree. Mother, it is too late now. Besides, Rick is not strong enough to spend the night on the road. If you are really eager to see Autumn, just wait until dawn,"  Andy standing nearby echoed.   

  Andy's words succeeded in calming Amy down. If he said anything else, she would probably just ignore it and insist on setting out to meet Autumn. But she must take Rick Xu's health into account.    
 'My grandson has suffered a great deal since he was born.

When Abby gave birth earlier than the expected date of delivery, we didn't worry too much. Anyway, premature birth is not a rare case. We were even excited and decided to name him Rick Xu. However, we didn't expect that the doctor would tell us that he had a congenital heart disease. If Andy hadn't been able to find a compatible heart for the transplant, he would have died long ago.     

Autumn was not yet found by the time we discovered Rick's disease. So it made us more desperate. It has been really a tough time. But all the sufferings have passed and I believe good days are coming.' She contemplated for a long while.     

The three-year-old Rick Xu was thinner than other children of his age. The good thing was that he was healthy. Given the best care and support, he would definitely grow stronger and longer.    

 "Okay. We will leave tomorrow morning,"  Amy sighed in defeat and announced.

Hearing Amy change her mind, Abby immediately left and went to her children's bedroom. They were already asleep. Her six-year-old daughter, Cindy, had grown more mature. She was very considerate of her brother and even helped take good care of him.     

Rick Xu was also a very good boy. Actually, he was cute and quiet. These made Abby proud of her children.     

She tucked them in and set the air conditioning to the most comfortable temperature. She took one last glance to both of them before closing the door. 

When she walked out of the door, she saw Andy smoking in the balcony. She walked close to him and asked in a soft tone, "Why are you smoking?"    

"I haven't smoked for a long time. I just felt like smoking right now,"  Andy explained casually. Abby didn't buy it. She thought, 'Andy seldom smokes since Rick was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. His weird behavior must have a certain reason. If nothing were bothering him, he wouldn't smoke like this to reduce his stress.'    

"What happened? Is there something bothering you? I am your wife. You can share anything to me. I can take the burden with you,"  Abby asked while staring at Andy with a concern look.    

 "There's nothing,"  came Andy's short reply. He forced a smile and consoled his wife. After taking a deep puff on his cigarette, he persuaded tenderly, "We are leaving for Y City tomorrow morning, won't we? Why don't you take a bath and go to bed. I will go back to our bedroom after I finish this cigarette."    

"Okay,"  Abby replied reluctantly. She walked away looking back several times. A look of concern flashed across her face.     

After Abby went to the room, Andy took his cellphone out from his pocket and made a call. He intended to call Anthony. Fortunately, he immediately got through. Anthony asked in surprise, "What's the matter?"

"Charles called just now. He informed us that Sheryl's back. What is going on?" he asked quickly. When Andy found out that his son had a congenital heart disease, it was Anthony who helped him find a compatible heart for the transplant. His only condition was to keep Sheryl's whereabouts a secret. Although he intentionally ignored news about Sheryl, Charles still found her. He was wondering how it happened. He wanted to know the whole story.     

'Anthony made a great effort to keep Sheryl away from Charles. But, how was Charles able to find her in just few years?' thought Andy.     

"Have they already met?" Andy asked calmly. He was really not expecting Charles to find Sheryl this soon.     

"Yeah, they have met,"  Anthony heaved a deep sigh and whispered on his phone.

"Then what's your plan? Is there anything I can do to help?" Andy furrowed his brows and offered. After all, Anthony had saved his son's life. As long as he could, he wouldn't hesitate to repay Anthony's kindness in any way possible.     

Anthony replied in an emotionless tone, "I will ask you for help if necessary."   

 "So …" Andy opened his mouth but hesitated. He wanted to ask how they should handle Charles. After a short consideration, he gave up the idea and decided to just let things go as it went. 

    "Please just pretend nothing has happened. I will deal with these things myself,"  Anthony said and hung up. He knew what Andy wanted to say but he didn't want to use him anymore. He thought, 'I did find a heart for Andy's son and save his life. However, even without me, Rick would still not die because Andy's father-in-law could also do the same thing I did. I know Andy was too desperate thinking about it. Besides, he was Sheryl's relative. If Sheryl would know that I used him, she might be unhappy.'


  1. U re already a betrayer I hate u tony

  2. Andy should just confess to his wife 🤧 and Tony wait till everyone discover your secret then you're doomed


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