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 Season 6

Episode 87

(Still friends)

"It's delicious." With a slice of sweet-and-sour pork in her mouth, Shirley said in a garbled voice and waited for an assurance from Sue. Shirley felt assured when Sue nodded her head in agreement.     

"Thank you both! Take your time and have some more,"  Sheryl said in a flattered tone.     

It took her more than two hours to prepare dinner; from ingredients shopping to rinsing, chopping, and cooking. But it took them only half an hour to consume it. Sue and Shirley were very satisfied with the food.     

As Sue played with Shirley on the couch, Sheryl started to clean up the table. After a while the kid fell asleep, Sue carried Shirley into her room and put her to bed. Sue then approached Sheryl and said, "Come on Sher, you did the cooking so let me clean up."

"I'm good,"  Sheryl grinned and replied. Then she continued, "Hey, it's not a big deal. I can do it by myself."    

Sue forced a wry smile. "Sher, please let me help you clean the dishes otherwise I will feel bad."   

 Sheryl hesitated for a second. She knew that Sue offered to lend a hand because she wanted to make up for what happened that night. Sheryl then smiled brightly and agreed, "Okay. Would you help me to prepare some fruits?"    

Sue was cutting some fruits while Sheryl was washing the dishes. Neither of them spoke until all the chores in the kitchen were done. They went to the living room and sat on the couch. Sue initiated a conversation.    

 "Sher, about that night..." Sue wanted to apologize. Actually, she had been considering it for a long time. She thought she owed Sheryl an apology.

She actually dialed Sheryl's number several times before only to hang up immediately. She couldn't comprehend why she just couldn't complete the call. 

    When she saw Sheryl today, she lost her touch and wondered why Sheryl could talk to her nonchalantly when she couldn't.     

"About that day..." Sheryl interrupted her before she could finish the sentence. 

She gazed at Sue and said, "I have completely forgotten what had happened that day."    

Sue's mind went blank for a while when she heard what Sheryl said. She knew that Sheryl wanted her to feel at ease. But Sheryl's kind gesture made her guilty feeling turned to worst.   

  "Sher, please don't do this to me." Sue slightly pulled her eyebrows together and said to Sheryl, "To be honest, I was trying to make an apology to you. I know I crossed the line that day. I wasn't sure whether you would forgive me because of that incident."

Sheryl smiled and simply said, "Don't be silly. We are friends. You don't have to apologize."    

"You're really not mad at me?" Sue asked Sheryl. She couldn't believe what she heard.     

"To be honest Mimi, I was angry at first." Sheryl told Sue the truth. "You're my friend but you didn't trust me. You took Anthony's side and supported him. How could I not be angry?"    

"I'm so sorry Sher." Sue lowered her head with guilt. "It was only because I thought Anthony and you could be a very good couple. He cared about you that much so I... I only wished you to be happy."   

 "I know." Sheryl giggled and pulled Sue's hands. "I later figured that out. It was just because you are my friend so you always take a strong stand when it comes to my welfare. You want me to be happy. I know that. I don't blame you."    

"Really... Sher?" Sue still couldn't believe her ears so she asked for confirmation.

"Of course it's true." Sheryl confirmed and continued, "Have I lied to you?"    

"No, you haven't." When Sue heard Sheryl's reply, she let out a deep sigh and thought, 'Thank goodness! Sheryl eventually forgave me otherwise I wouldn't know what to do next.'    

"How... are things going with you and... Anthony?" asked Sue, who finally gathered her courage and brought the topic back to Anthony.     

Sheryl knew that Sue had a crush on Anthony. Sue would do anything for her willingly except if it was about Anthony. 

What Sheryl could do was to pretend that she didn't know about it, at all.     

She knew that only that way would Sue continue to be proud and willing to be her usual friend.    

 "Things between us are... going pretty well." Sheryl continued. "He told me yesterday that he would have to go back to America to settle many things. It will take him... probably ten or fifteen days."

"He agreed for you to stay here?" Sue asked. She couldn't believe it when she heard Sheryl's reply. It was a fact that Anthony was not amenable for her to go on a business trip in Y City and yet he just allowed her to stay without much fanfare?     

"Yes." Sheryl was also surprised when Anthony agreed. Anyway, she felt satisfied when he had no objection.     

"I didn't know why he suddenly changed his mind, either. But... since he didn't say no, I still felt grateful to him." Sheryl sweetly smiled at Sue and said, "Now that I have my own house here in Y City plus a steady job, I can already plan my future with him."    

"Did you mean... that you are now considering to marry him?" Sue knew that she was supposed to feel happy for Sheryl but a 'bang' was the first thing that hit her when she heard Sheryl's statement. She was devastated.

She thought she had let go of the past and frankly accepted the fact that Anthony wouldn't love her. She told herself that she had to, but when she heard the news that Sheryl had decided to marry Anthony, she was visibly petrified.     

"Yes." Sheryl kept her smile and said, "It has been postponed for quite some time now. I didn't say yes to him before because Shirley was still too little. Now, it's been so many years. I'm now fully aware how deep Anthony loves me. 

Anyway, I have to put a satisfactory closure to this relationship. Make it go further and start a new chapter in my life."    

Sheryl paused for a while and continued, "After he returns from America, I'm going to meet his parents and shall start preparing for the marriage.     

Mimi... are you alright?" Sheryl felt really sad when she saw the expression on Sue's face. Sue looked very distracted.  

   "I..." Sue pretended as if nothing had happened. She replied, "Nothing. I was thinking what kind of gift I'd give you in your wedding day."

Sue then forced herself to laugh and said, "You have to promise me one thing. You must let me be your bridesmaid. I'll have to be there when you get married." 

 "Sure, I promise you that." Sheryl smiled. She ardently wished that Sue could let go of her crush on Anthony as soon as possible. She wished Sue could find her Mr. Right in the nearest future.    

 "Okay then." Feeling satisfied, Sue laughed out and then, "Sher, I almost forgot..."

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