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 Season 6

Episode 83

(Meeting her in elevator)

"No. It's not like that." George sighed and thought that he'd better change the topic. He could talk about anything to Holley but this one. She would totally become a different person when someone tried to talk about Sheryl with her. George decided not to risk saying anything. Instead, he put his arm over her shoulder and smiled. "Forget it. I was just wondering why you'd agreed with her request to sign just a one-year contract,"  he tried to explain.    

 Holley turned to him and sneered, "One year is enough." Her eyes showed a sudden hint of rage.     

"George, could you please leave the modeling company for me to handle?" she added.     

Unable to resist her coquetry, George immediately agreed. But he still warned her, "Look, let's make this clear. You can do whatever you want to take revenge on Sheryl. However, if you cause losses to the company, I'll have to find someone else to replace you."  

"Deal!" Holley replied firmly.     

Sheryl soon arrived her room. When she was about to enter, she heard some voices. They seemed to be talking and laughing. She knew it was Anthony who came and played with Shirley.     

She opened the door and greeted them, "Morning."    

Anthony smiled and replied, "Morning, too. Come and have breakfast. I brought the famous pancakes here in Y City."    

Sheryl knew what pancakes he was referring to. She saw a lot of people waiting in a long queue to buy those pancakes at that shop before. But she hadn't tried it yet. She then took a small bite to check how it tasted. After taking that small bite, she realized she didn't like it that much. So she didn't eat more and instead, drank a glass of soy milk.   

Suddenly, Sheryl heard Shirley asking Anthony to take her out. Anthony agreed but Sheryl interfered and immediately said no.  

   Anthony paused and turned to her. He asked, "Why not?" Sheryl looked at him and explained, "You knew that I've already signed the contract with BM Corporation, right? So that means I need to move in to the apartment they have arranged for me. I will be moving there tonight." Anthony nodded to show his understanding and sat beside the table. 

He then opened Sheryl's contract to take a look at it.    

 He carefully looked through the contract. Fortunately, he didn't find anything wrong so he felt satisfied and relieved.   

  "I think it's a good idea to sign an annual contract. In this case, you can quit anytime if something comes up,"  he commented. Sheryl smiled and looked at him. She was pleased to hear Anthony agreed to her decision.   

Actually she was really grateful to him. He had helped her a lot and would always remind her if there were things she would forget.   

  Anthony paused a bit. He seemed hesitant to continue. Eventually, he said, "Sher..." He paused for a while before he continued, "I've booked a flight to US tonight. Since you've already decided to stay here, I have to deal with some stuff in the US. Also, let me just deal with the landlord about your moving out here. 

Leave everything to me. I'll just send all your belongings to your new apartment later, okay?"    

"I can go with you,"  Sheryl offered. She knew that Anthony would always be there for her and would always help her in everything but she didn't want to cause too much trouble for him. She didn't want to give him so much burden so she tried not to rely on him too much.    
 "No, you don't have to,"  Anthony quickly answered while shaking his head. The truth was that Anthony was hiding something from her. Sheryl was not aware that the reason why she could rent that apartment for a very low price was because Anthony had already bought it. So Anthony couldn't go with Sheryl because he wanted to sell the apartment without her knowledge.   

But he also didn't want to upset her so he thought of some reasons to convince Sheryl to stay.    

 "I remember you told me that you are planning to have a close look at Shirley's school, right?" That idea flashed into his mind so he immediately voiced it out. 

"You should do it when you still have some time these days because you'll be busy soon,"  he added trying to sound more convincing. To his relief, Sheryl nodded in agreement, Since Sheryl decided to move in to the new apartment tonight, Anthony helped her to pack some stuff and sent her and Shirley to the new apartment. He then said goodbye to both of them after he made sure that they were all settled.   

Sheryl took Shirley's hand and turned to Anthony. "So when will you come back?" she asked.     

Anthony couldn't help but tease her, "Why are you asking?" A playful smile hung on his lips. "You don't want me to leave, do you?" He added. Sheryl knew that he was just teasing her so she also pretended to be annoyed and said, "Enough of your nonsense, Anthony! Who cares if you leave or not!"   

 Anthony couldn't help laughing. This was exactly the reason why he loved her so much. She was shy but tough, which attracted him most.    

 Anthony pushed Sheryl and said, "It won't be too long this time. Maybe ten days... or a month at most. Don't worry, I'll be back as soon as possible." He couldn't contain the happiness he felt inside because of Sheryl's simple yet sweet gesture. He would be traveling with a light heart this time. He bid them goodbye again, "Just take care of yourself. I gotta go. Go up and find your room. Lock the doors once you're in, okay? Bye for now."  

Anthony was actually worried leaving Sheryl alone. She was a delicate woman and had a daughter to take care of. Most of all, there was Charles. He felt that the greatest danger came with Charles.    

 A lot of things could happen in just half a month.     

"Come back soon, okay?" she requested. After Anthony was gone, Sheryl and Shirley decided to go and look for their room.     

Since her original plan of going to Y City was for business, she didn't have too many things with her. She only brought her daily necessities. Shirley's stuff also fitted in a small suitcase so it was not really difficult for them to go up.     

She checked the keys and she found out that their room was on the 9th floor. She guided Shirley to the elevator and pushed the button for the elevator to move up.   

"Sher, where are we heading?" Shirley looked up and asked her mom.    

 "Honey, we're going to our new home. This is our new home so we'll live in here. Then you can go to a new school and make a lot of new friends. Are you happy with that?" Sheryl tried to make her voice more energetic to sound more convincing. She wanted to cheer her daughter up.     

"Wow, that's great! So does it mean, I can get a chance to play with Amanda and Charlie?" Shirley asked excitedly.    

 Sheryl smiled and nodded. With a ding, the elevator's door opened. Sheryl took Shirley's hand and guided her out of the elevator. When Sheryl looked up, she saw Sue standing out there looking so beautiful.     

Sheryl was stunned. They stared at each other, both surprised.   

"Aunt Sue!" Shirley cried. Since she didn't know what happened between Sue and her mom, she ran up to Sue and put her arms around her legs. She innocently asked, "Where have you been? I've missed you."   

 Sheryl and Sue awkwardly looked at each other, and didn't know what to say. 

But Sue didn't want to make Shirley unhappy, so she paused for a while and hugged Shirley back. She lightly said, "My little princess, I've been busy with work."    
Sheryl immediately said, "Shirley come on, you're a big girl now, aren't you?" 

Then she added while smiling sweetly to her daughter, "Be good, okay?"   

 "It's okay." Sue tried to stop Sheryl for saying more. Then she smiled at Sheryl and said, "So you've decided to stay?"  

  Sheryl lightly nodded and answered, "Yes. And Anthony agreed, too."    

Sue gave her a bitter smile and thought, 'No matter what, Anthony would never say no to Sheryl. He would even be willing to take the moon if she wanted it. It was no wonder he agreed with Sheryl's decision to stay.'  

To lessen the tension between them, Sheryl asked, "Are you heading somewhere?" Earlier, she planned of having a good talk with Sue because she cherished their friendship. But now that she was face to face with her, she didn't know how to do it.     

Sue smiled and answered, "I'm meeting some friends for a cup of wine." She paused for a while before adding," Would you like to join us?"   

 "No, thanks. I'm a little bit tired today so I want to take an early rest. Just enjoy yourself,"  Sheryl politely refused. Before contemplating for a while, she added, "By the way, since we're neighbors now, so why don't you come to our room and have lunch with us tomorrow?"  

Sue let go of Shirley and smiled. Her face showed that she liked Sheryl's idea. 

"That sounds great!" she happily replied to Sheryl. She then turned to Shirley and said, "My little princess, I'm coming over to see you tomorrow, okay?"    

"Okay, see you tomorrow!" Shirley replied. The excitement that she felt could be seen through her twinkling eyes. She was so happy. She missed Sue so much and she couldn't wait to spend time with her again.     

After they have agreed, Sue got in the elevator. Sheryl then led Shirley to their room and opened the door. A fine decorations of the room met them. 

Needless to say, Shirley liked it.     

Since Sheryl didn't want Shirley to live in a mess, she immediately cleaned up the entire room. After cleaning, she checked the refrigerator to see if there was something she could cook for dinner. Unfortunately, it was empty so she asked Shirley if she wanted to go to the supermarket with her.   

This time, she needed to do everything on her own because Anthony was not there to help her. As much as possible she also wanted to learn to do things by herself. So she didn't necessarily need to rely on Anthony's help all the time.    

 Anyway, she didn't need to buy too much. So, she only got some milk for Shirley and some daily supplies.     

In one shelf, she saw a pair of cute slippers that caught her attention. She wanted to ask Shirley if she would like to have it. But when she turned her back to asked Shirley, she found out that Shirley was not with her anymore. She was stunned for a moment and panicked.

     "Shirley!" Shirley!" she called out loud. She would go crazy if she'd lost Shirley. She felt very nervous. Many things came to her mind. She tried her best to look for Shirley in every alley of the supermarket. 

After minutes of searching, she finally saw Shirley. But to her surprise, Shirley was not alone. She was holding Charlie's hands while playing with him.   

Sheryl felt Relieved to see her daughter.

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