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 Season 6

Episode 82

(Are you doubting me)

Sheryl gave George an embarrassed smile and replied, "Mr. Han, I know my abilities and I trust my judgment. So after making careful considerations, I would like to sign the contract with you, but…" She paused for a while. "I felt guilty to take such an enormous salary. 

Therefore, I think the article here in the contract should be revised,"  she continued.    

 Catching a glimpse of Holley beside him, George faintly replied, "Miss Xia, you shouldn't belittle yourself." "I firmly believe that you deserve this salary,"  he added.    

 "Thank you for believing in me. But..." Sheryl still wanted to resist. She paused for a moment before she continued, "I still stand on what I just said." With a smile on her face, she still kept convincing George to believe her. "I have been feeling indebted to you since you helped me solve the school admission problem of my daughter earlier, so I couldn't take too much. By the way, for the apartment, please arrange an 80-square meter house for me just like the former ones." She deliberately change the topic from salary to accommodation to distract George's attention. "In addition to that, I wished to cut down the previously-negotiated price by 1/3. What do you think of that?" she added.   

George was appalled. He couldn't understand why there were some people like Sheryl who already had a greater opportunity to earn more yet wouldn't just grab it. Wasn't it unbelievable? Why did she want a lower salary where in fact other people were striving to earn more?     
After letting out a sigh, he tried to rebut Sheryl's demand. "Sheryl, it's really unnecessary to reduce your salary. We offer you this because you just deserve it. Most especially that you have a daughter to raise." Holley didn't want to give up persuading her.   

Sheryl couldn't help but laugh after hearing George's words. She replied, "I gave birth to my daughter so I must be responsible for raising her. I also need to discipline myself as to set a good example to her. And also, I made this request because of a personal reason."   

 "What reason?" George questioned faintly. He still couldn't understand Sheryl's point in doing this.    

 Sheryl paused for a few seconds and remembered what Anthony had told her the other night when they talked. 'BM Corporation is so unpredictable that the only thing I could do is to figure out these terms and leave a way open for me in the future,' Sheryl told herself.     

"I knew that BM Corporation's contracts with other models are all five years. In my case, I would like to request for a one-year contract. Would that be okay?" 

Sheryl asked with a smile.     

"A one-year contract?" As expected, George was shocked to hear this request. He and Holley couldn't help but frown.   

Sheryl felt distraught since BM Corporation had never had such a precedent for anyone. However, she didn't give up and still tried her best to be more convincing in front of George and Holley.    

 "Yes, a one-year contract,"  she firmly confirmed. She added, "Mr. Han must know that modeling is a young person's profession. I am no longer very young. 

Additionally, I have a daughter. I wish to become a good example to her. I only wish to earn enough money to set up a small store. As such, I could later on enjoy my life peacefully.     

However, if I signed a five-year contract with your company, I would be 30 years old then. By that time, I know that no one would hire me as model anymore. Mr. Han, your company would surely suffer losses if that happens. So I think, a one year contract would just be beneficial to both of us." Sheryl finished her long explanation.   

"What if I insist on a five-year contract?" It seemed that George would also not want to give in. He couldn't hide the frown forming on his face anymore because of disagreement.    

 "If you'd really insist..." Sheryl stopped her words for a moment. She was watching the faces of the two people in front of her intently. Then she continued, "I would not sign the contract." "I hope that you could understand that my daughter is more important to me than my career,"  she added with a smile.     

"I think it's just a trivial matter,"  Holley butted in. She smiled and threw an assuring look to Sheryl. "Since Sheryl wants a one year contract, why not make her an exception? What do you think, George?"   

 Holley sweetly fondled George's arm while saying this.     

"All right,"  George seemed to admit defeat now. With still a trace of frown on his face, he waved at the assistant behind him to come closer and he whispered something. Afterward, he turned to Sheryl and said, "Wait for a moment, Miss Xia. I have already instructed my assistant make a new contract."  

Sheryl didn't say anything. She was actually contemplating and wondering why George just gave in to Holley's persuasion.     

"A couple of days ago I saw you and your daughter." Holley's sexy voice brought her back to her senses. She looked at Sheryl while she continued talking, "Your daughter is so cute. Could you bring her with you next time?"    

"Uh..." Sheryl was actually hesitant to answer. "Okay." After a while, she finally agreed.     

The assistant quickly finished the new contract and handed it to George for signature. Then he handed it to Sheryl. "I believe we can have a harmonious cooperation,"  he said.   

Laughing, Sheryl carefully checked the contract to make sure that everything was in accordance to her requirements. Eventually, she signed the contract and said with a smile, "Happy cooperation."

    Holly felt relieved after seeing Sheryl sign her name on the contract.    

 "It was rather a hard work for us to convince you sign a contract with us, Miss Xia." George smiled and took a bunch of keys from his bag and handed them to Sheryl. "These are the keys of the apartment I've prepared for you. You can tidy it up before moving in tonight if you want. Later, I will arrange someone transfer the apartment into your name."  

  "Thank you, Mr. Han,"  Sheryl sincerely expressed her gratitude. Taking the keys, Sheryl felt mixed emotions. 'I've always wanted to have my own house. Today, it finally came true,' she thought. 

    "You are welcome,"  George happily replied. With a smile, he added, "In order to keep you away from boredom, the apartment is just opposite Sue's. I hope you'd like it."  

Hearing Sue's name, Sheryl paused. 'Sue has never contacted me since she moved away. She didn't even call me. 

Tonight, I must find her to have some talk,' she told to herself.     

Their friendship didn't need to end over such trifles.     

"So..." Sheryl said with a shrug. "Could I go now?" She smiled, stood up and turned to leave.    

 "How is it? Do you feel satisfied now that you've made her sign the contract? Your wish was finally granted." George turned to Holley after Sheryl left.    

 Laughing wryly, Holley looked at Shirley's direction. "This is just the first step. The next step would be the real beginning."   

 Holley's eyes kindled with so much expectations. On the other hand, Sheryl could sense something was odd so she turned her back to look at the two. 

Seeing her action, Holly altered her expression and put on a friendly smile while still looking at Shirley's direction.   

George seemed to still feel worried about Holley's plans, so he said, "Holley, I think Sheryl is different from what you've told me. I think she's not what you think she is."    

"What do you mean different?" Holley asked with knitted brows.    

 "I couldn't tell,"  replied George hesitantly. "I just thought that she's not as bad as you've said. Otherwise she wouldn't have asked for a lower salary,"  George said in disbelief.     

"That was just all her pretense! George, are you beginning to doubt me?" Holley growled furiously. "Tell me, are you doubting me?"

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