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 Season 6

Episode 77

(Stay away from her)

Alice and David frowned. They didn't know what to do. Alice looked at David and asked, "Is everything okay?"    

"How should I know?" David replied. He could vaguely recall that the man was Mrs. Lu's attending doctor. Mr. Lu hadn't been to see him for several years. But how could his boss and the doctor come to blows when meeting after such a long time?    

 David had absolutely no idea about Sheryl. He also had no valid excuse to go in to help. He was forced to wait outside and could do nothing about it.     

Alice patted David on his shoulder and said, "You don't worry, David. Mr. Lu is a good boxer, after all."    

David was a little relieved when he heard that. He could recall that Charles used to practice boxing many years earlier. He was good enough to win a championship easily. But in the last few years he had seldom put on his boxing gloves. David was confident that Charles wouldn't take too severe a beating.   

While Charles thought that he could defeat Anthony, it actually wasn't so easy. Anthony was as strong as Charles. If they kept on fighting, they would both get injured.     

Charles punched Anthony in the nose and the latter started bleeding. Anthony wiped off the blood and tried to fight again. Charles angrily shouted at him, "Enough! Just stop, you bastard!"    

"I'm here to teach you a lesson today, Charles. You have Leila and Charlie but you want Sheryl and her daughter too. 

Can't you leave them alone?" Anthony threw a punch at Charles and connected.     

Charles snarled as he touched the wound on his cheek. Charles too, was injured on the face.   

"Leave her alone?" Charles raged. 

"Anthony, don't you know who she is? She is my legally wedded wife, Autumn. We would not have separated from each other for so long if you had not hidden her.     

It's because of you that my wife and daughter are away from me. You tore my family apart. After all that you have the cheek to ask me to leave them alone. 

How dare you do that? Ridiculous!"    

What made Charles angrier was Anthony's betrayal. He had blindly trusted him. However, because of Anthony he had to be apart from Autumn for three long years. Thank God he had found her. Now he wouldn't miss the chance to get her back in his life.    

 Anthony couldn't control his anger. He stepped towards Charles, grabbed him by the collar pushed him against a table.

 Charles couldn't move. Anthony gritted his teeth and spat out, "I'm warning you Charles. Remember her name is Sheryl and she's my fianceĆ© now. You remember to keep your hands off her and stay as far away as possible. 

Otherwise, I assure you that you'll regret not doing my bidding."  

Anthony finished his long list of rules. Charles didn't care about it and paid no notice to his words.    

 Of course he would never accept Anthony's suggestion. In his mind he did not see Autumn and Sheryl as being different persons. He knew they were one and the same — his beloved Autumn and his daughter!     

"Really? Your fianceĆ©? So that means you are not married yet, right?"    

Charles shook off Anthony's hands and freed himself. He sneered and said, "You know, Autumn married me and eight months later she was pregnant as well. 

Look at yourself. It has been three years since you know her but you are just engaged to her. She would have married you by now if she really loved you. If she has made you wait for three years, don't you wonder why?"  

Charles believed Sheryl didn't love Anthony at all. It had just become a kind of habit for her to accept his help. The poor soul was not even aware of her true identity. How could she know whom she really loved?     

Anthony was miffed at Charles words. He knew some of that was true and it hurt his ego. He stared at Charles and shouted at him, "Yes, you were married and your wife was soon pregnant. How could you allow her to be substituted soon thereafter, though? My feelings for Sheryl are different. She's the woman I love and respect. I'll always be there for her when she needs me. I'll always comfort her when she's upset. It was me who was there to hold her hand when Shirley had her first tooth and her first fever and also when she spoke her first word. But you, you're just a stranger to her. So how can you now come and say that you love her?"   

 Anthony used Charles' pain points to torment him and Charles did the same to him. So both ended deeply hurt, especially Charles. He thought about and regretted all that he had missed in the past three years. Autumn, Shirley and he should have been a happy family together.   

Anthony paused and then poked him again, "Don't you think it's too late for you to think about her now? What about the two new loves in your life, Leila and Charlie? Also Autumn would never share her man with others. Probably you know better than me about this, don't you?"    

Charles had to admit to his fault and face it. But he was not going to let that become a hurdle in getting Sheryl back in his life and loving her again.     

"Well, you mark my words, Anthony. It does not matter whether she's Sheryl or Autumn, I am confident that she'll love me once again. This time I will never let go of her. I'll find her wherever you hide her,"  Charles said firmly.   

To be frank, Anthony had sensed the change in Sheryl. He knew that something was destined to happen when she and Charles met again. He couldn't change that even if he took Sheryl away.     Charles still wouldn't give up.    

 Anthony continued to hold his fists and insisted, "Charles, just let her go. Do you really think she'll love you again? Don't you even dare to have a hope about it.    

 Autumn was determined when she took that pill to erase her memory. She wouldn't like to remember any of those sad memories. And now Leila is your girlfriend. It seems that you have no chance at all."   

 Anthony ruthlessly continued, "You keep saying that you love her and harping on all you did for her. However, where were you when she was taken away? Also where were you at the time of her delivery? Or even this morning when Leila slapped her? Is this what you call love? Is this how you uphold your fucking vows?   

You do not understand Sheryl at all. She made a clean break from you three years ago. She didn't want to see you ever again. That was the reason she took that pill."    

He bent to pick up his crumpled coat from the floor and continued, "Look, I know you can locate wherever Sheryl and I go. So, I think, we'll stay here instead. You can attend our marriage and watch when we have our children. I will devote my whole life to take care of her. I swear I won't make her sad at all. I'll try my best to be a better husband than you.     

So, if you truly love her please stay away from her. Instead pray for her future happiness with me. Don't waste your time pining for her."

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