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 Season 6

Episode 73

(You are not my mother)

Sheryl hesitated for a moment and decided to let him in. Shirley showed off her new dress to Anthony once again. 

She did a little twirl for his benefit. After he smilingly exchanged a few words with her, he said gently, "Shirley, I want to chat with Sher. Could you go watch cartoons for a while?"    

"All right." Shirley always knew when to take a cue and give them their space. She didn't want to bother them.    

 After Shirley walked away, Anthony hesitantly said to Sheryl, "I have cancelled the flight ticket."    

Deep down, Anthony knew that he had made a mistake, but he had seen no other option. He had been utterly desperate to take her away and have her all to himself.    

 "Really?" Sheryl said to Anthony in front of her, not entirely believing his words. 

As the meaning sank in, a ghost of a smile appeared on her face.   

"Sher, I know you're mad at me,"  Anthony said to Sheryl with a sad smile. "I thought things over for a long time last night. I really shouldn't have bought the tickets without asking you first. More importantly, I shouldn't have said all those words. I sincerely apologize for my behavior."    

Sheryl had also calmed down after a night, so she had the potential to forgive Anthony.     

With her brows knitted slightly, she had no idea how in the following days she could maintain their relationship.    

 "Why are you silent? Please say something,"  begged Anthony, staring at Sheryl with a look of desperation.     

"I don't know what to say,"  said Sheryl with a smile.   

Indeed, she had realized there was nothing she could say to him.     

"Don't you want to discuss the contract of BM Corporation with me?" Anthony voluntarily brought up the subject himself to make conversation. He felt insecure and vulnerable, which had something to do with the city and the people in it.     

Sheryl hesitated and remained silent for a good while. Then she said to Anthony, "I haven't signed the contract yet. I planned to discuss it with you, but after yesterday..."    

It had been much easier to blurt out hurtful things yesterday. Exposing herself and explaining her wishes to Anthony were much harder.     

"Can you at least tell me why you want to stay?" 'She is Sheryl now.' He believed that she would by no means stay for Charles. Their love story was over, according to him.   

His remarks yesterday had been attempts to cover up his diffidence.   

  "BM Corporation has given me a good job offer." Sheryl smiled and continued, "I have mentioned to you that I couldn't get a sense of belonging in the US. I am a native of Y City all along. I really feel out of the element in the US."    

"Since Shirley is getting older, her education is my primary concern. I have mulled over this for quite a long time. I want her to attend school in Y City. BM Corporation has assured to help me find a really good kindergarten and an apartment there. It also offers a generous annual salary. I couldn't refuse these conditions,"  resumed Sheryl, after a pause.    

 "Sher, I have already told you..." Anthony furrowed his eyebrows slightly. Sheryl didn't have to worry about these things, but she refused to listen to him.    

 "I can give you all of these. Don't you think the three of us could have a great life in the US?" said Anthony with a deep frown.   

It did not seem like he could change her mind. She had a firm idea of what her life should look like.    

 "Anthony, like I already told you, I don't like depending on you. I want to make my own living and provide for my child,"  Sheryl said calmly. "Most of your business operations are at home. You stay in the US only because of me and Shirley. Now that we have moved back to Y City, you don't have to shuttle back and forth. Isn't that better?     

I really don't understand. Why do you not want me to come back?" said Sheryl to Anthony, with a confused look.    

 "Because I am apprehensive about what could happen." Anthony smiled bitterly. Charles truly panicked him and he didn't trust him one bit.     

Sheryl raised her eyebrows with disdain. "To put it plainly, you distrust me, don't you?"  

"No..." spluttered Anthony. He had no idea how to explain what he was feeling. But it occurred to him that they would end up fighting if this conversation continued. He decided to let it go at that moment. "Well, we should both think over everything carefully. I won't push you to do anything. Sher, I hope you consider my advice."   

 After that Anthony walked out of Sheryl's room.     

At Leila's    

The sight of Sheryl truly struck a terrible blow to Leila. Every time Leila closed her eyes, she thought of Autumn's hateful eyes boring into her before "death".    

 She awoke from her nightmares, screaming. She was sweating all over her bed.     

'Why, why does Autumn haunt me after all those years? Why does she come back?'  

Leila wiped the sweat off with the back of her hand. She went out to pour a cup of water, only to find Charlie leaning on the French window on the balcony. He had gotten ready already. He stared at the scenery outside, waiting for someone to arrive.     

"Who are you waiting for?" blurted Leila.     
"My father,"  Charlie answered, "he promised to take me to visit Sher today."    
He often thought of Sheryl and the cute little girl. He normally didn't like kids, but her smile was so charming that it could disarm him and make him surrender to all her wishes. She was easy to please and fun to spend time with.    

 At the sound of the casual mention of 'Sher', Leila's rage flared. She threw down the cup she was holding in rage. She shouted at Charlie in front of her, "Charlie, you'd better stay away from Sheryl from now on. You are not allowed to meet her without my permission. Keep that in mind."  

It was the first time Leila had spoken to Charlie so harshly. Charlie recoiled and did a double take. He then said with a frown, "I have complete freedom to be friends with whoever tickles my fancy. You have no right to stop me."    

Leila clicked her tongue in exasperation. She realized that she had given Charlie so much freedom that he would no longer listen to anything she said. She had never imposed any restrictions and it was too late to do so.    

 "I am your mother. You just listen to what I say,"  Leila said firmly, putting her foot down. Leila was terrified of the invisible power. She had raised Charlie for so many years, but it paled in comparison with the thin blood ties between them.    

 'From Charles to Sheryl, Charlie voluntarily associates with them. Even though I live under the same roof with him, he acts as a stranger with me.'  

Leila was afraid that her lies would be exposed if she let Charlie continue to get in contact with Sheryl. This was why Leila wanted him to stay away from Sheryl.    

 "You are not my mother!" he yelled at her. Charlie's remarks shocked Leila dumb. He looked at her coldly. He was really interested in biology and astronomy all along. Unless his memory deceived him, Leila was Type O while he was Type AB. It looked like he knew more than he had let on.


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