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Season 6

Episode 72

(A fight)

The shock brought by Sheryl's words kept Anthony rooted to the spot. His mind got crowded with too many thoughts at once. 'What does she mean by asking me to leave alone? Does it mean she has decided to stay here?

Does it have something to do with Charles? Does she get back her memory?' Fear clutched his heart as he looked at Sheryl's cold face. Finally finding his voice, he asked, "What do you mean by that? Does it mean you're not leaving with me?"

Lifting Shirley higher in her arms for a more comfortable position, she said impatiently, "I have promised to be a contract model for BM Corporation. I'm not going back to America."

In reality, Sheryl didn't sign the agreement yet. She had decided earlier to follow Sue's advice and discuss it with Anthony first. If he disagreed with her decision, she had made up her mind to turn down the offer.

However, finding out that Anthony bought their tickets without consulting her first made her change her mind quickly. She felt disrespected and that enraged her. 'This is an important decision. Although I was nearly convinced by my boss, I have decided to talk it over with Anthony. Why did he have to interfere in my affairs and make a decision without consulting me?

It was not his decision to make. It only means one thing, he has no respect for me.

Sometimes people say things in the heat of the moment without meaning them.

But from the bottom of my heart, I was serious. I wanted to stay in Y City.'

Her words dropped like a bombshell for Anthony. He seized Sheryl's arm to hold her back. Sheryl was startled and the sleeping Shirley almost fell from her arm. Fortunately, the sudden movement didn't wake Shirley. She gave Anthony a glaring look.

Dropping his hands to his side, Anthony clenched his fists. "You're not staying to be BM Corporation's model. You're staying because that man is here, aren't you?" he accused harshly.

Anthony was a proud and confident man. However, he had a feeling that Sheryl wouldn't choose him over Charles when she remembered her past. He knew he should have a serious talk with her. At the moment, he couldn't restrain his anxiety and anger. Sheryl had promised to go back to America before coming to Y City. The fact that she was now going back on her words frustrated him and inflamed his anger. He sneered at Sheryl, "In order to be with that man, you are willing to give up all that you have achieved in America. You're desperate to come back, aren't you?"

Behind his accusing words, Anthony was worried. He wasn't sure that he had really won Sheryl's heart. His sharp words were designed to test her real thoughts.

His words cut straight into Sheryl's heart. Her face reflected the hurt that she felt at Anthony's words. She was heartbroken and angry.

She opened her mouth but no words escaped her throat. There were no words to describe the desperation she was feeling. Forcing a bitter smile, she said to Anthony, "We're both tired. It would be better if you leave now."

With that, Sheryl turned around and headed back to her room with the still sleeping Shirley in her arms. Following behind her, Anthony tried to apologize and explain, but Sheryl closed the door on his face. Being suspected made her sad and desperate. It was a terrible feeling. Back in the bedroom, she just realized that Sue was not back yet.

After putting Shirley on the bed, she went to the bathroom to fetch a basin of water. She smiled tenderly at her daughter's sleeping form. She gently wiped her face clean and washed the sticky traces of cakes on her small hands. She changed into a T-shirt before going for a short bath.

It had been a long day and the simple bath refreshed her body. Climbing into the bed, she drew Shirley in her arms. With her daughter beside her, she felt comforted.

She was about to fall asleep when she heard a key turning in the door. It was Sue. Sheryl covered her nose as the reek of alcohol hit her nostrils. Obviously, Sue had one drink too many.

"Sher, you…" Sue started blabbering in a loud voice, but she was interrupted by Sheryl. "Keep your voice down, please. You will wake Shirley." Coming back after having a few drinks, Sue found Anthony sitting at the doorstep, his face full of remorse and shame. He didn't leave even after Sheryl closed the door on him. Sue asked him what had happened. He just shook his head and sighed deeply.

Her heart was moved with pity and sadness for Anthony. Too much alcohol had made her lose her cool and she stormed inside to tackle Sheryl.

She opened the door without preamble and swayed drunkenly to Sheryl's side of the bed. She started ranting at her but Sheryl interrupted her. Sheryl wanted to spend some time alone to cool herself down and give Anthony some time to think about the whole thing. She knew that both of them were to blame for the argument. Anthony made a mistake in buying her ticket without consulting her.

Admittedly, it was a small issue, but she made it big out of pique. The fight had already happened. She didn't know how to make peace now.

The image of Anthony sitting outside with his head on his hands, made Sue's temper rise. She had to speak her mind or she would go crazy.

"Well, what the hell? You have forgotten you have a daughter, haven't you?" Sue snarled at Sheryl. "Who took good care of your daughter while you were working? Who was there to make sure you have nothing to worry about?"

"You're drunk," Sheryl said, frowning. Sue gave an unladylike snort.

"I'm not drunk at all." Sue sneered. The only time she could speak her real thoughts was when she had too much to drink. "Sheryl, you're a selfish bitch.

When you needed him, you smiled at him and showed your concern for him. Now that you don't need him, you lock him outside. He was squatting outside the door when I came back. He looked miserable and pitiful. What mistake did he make? Why are you torturing him like this?"

It was only then that Sheryl knew that Anthony hadn't left, but instead was just sitting outside in the cold. It made her feel bad.

"Mimi, this is between Anthony and me. Please don't concern yourself with our problem," Sheryl spoke with a stern voice. She wanted to solve the problem alone. Sue was only adding to the problem. She should have stayed out of it.

"Yeah, you're right. You're a couple. Your problem is not my concern. Just pretend that I'm talking nonsense because I'm drunk." Smiling bitterly, Sue continued, "My brain is having a hard time understanding what's happening. You have such an excellent boyfriend! Why are you taking him for granted?"

Sheryl kept quiet. She continued, "You are always going out with that man. Why are you so obsessed with him? He's not even half as good as Anthony. In order to be with him, you prefer to hurt Anthony.

Don't you have a conscience? You're not being fair to Anthony.

When you were busy working, he was the one who took care of Shirley. When you were sick, he stayed by your side day and night. Tell me, what did he fail to do perfectly? Just speak out." After finishing her rambling, Sue felt as if a weight was lifted from her chest. Her eyes became unfocused and dreamy. Feeling anxious that her outburst had given away her feelings for Anthony she covered her face with her hands.

Sue thought, 'I can't bear it any longer. Because of our friendship, I give up on my feelings for Anthony. I put more importance in our friendship. So, how can she be so ungrateful?

She has Anthony's heart, but she doesn't value his love. It's so unfair!'

Sheryl could understand Sue's feelings, but she minded her criticisms. She felt that she was being judged unfairly.

'Why is it that everybody thinks Anthony is perfect and he can't do anything wrong, while putting all the blame on me,' thought Sheryl.

Pulling out her phone, she sent a message to Anthony asking him to check in at a hotel and rest. After sending the message, she turned off her phone. She spent the whole night tossing and turning on the bed, unable to sleep.

It was almost dawn when she finally succumbed to sleep. When she woke up, she found that Sue had left with all her belongings. Unlike Sheryl, Sue slept like a log. When she woke up, she decided to move to the apartment that BM Corporation had allocated to her. She was too embarrassed to face Sheryl. She remembered ashamedly that she had blamed Sheryl fiercely and sided with Anthony last night.

Meanwhile, Shirley who had slept soundly the night before, woke up bright and early. She had tried on the dress that Sheryl bought for her and was spinning on the bed. Sheryl watched Shirley with amusement and reminded her gently, "Be careful. You may fall down."

"Sher, does my dress look nice?" Shirley asked happily, still twirling on the bed with her new dress, waiting for her mother's compliments. The sound of the doorbell startled Sheryl. After a short hesitation, she got up to open the door. There was no need to guess who was standing outside. She knew that it could only be Anthony.

She looked at him coldly and asked impatiently, "What's the matter?"

"I just dropped by to bring breakfast for you and Shirley. Just have some food."

Anthony seemed back to his normal self, calm and gentle unlike last night when he was wild and accusing.

However, what had already happened couldn't be ignored. It was impossible for anyone to pretend that nothing had changed.

The same went with Sue. There was no taking back the words that she said last night, when she was under the influence of alcohol. Although Sheryl didn't say anything, Sue couldn't pretend that nothing had happened.



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