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 Season 6

Episode 70

(Fiance versus husband)

Sue's face grew dark with anger and discontent. Knitting her brows, she asked coldly, "Anthony, what's going on with?"   

 "I..." Anthony stammered, as he realized his rude act. "I... am so sorry, I didn't mean it,"  the panic-stricken man apologized.     

He let out a deep sigh pensively. Since Sheryl returned to Y City, he had been anxious and afraid to lose her. But for awhile, he reassured himself, 'It is impossible for Sheryl to meet Charles. After all, Y City is huge.' But, when he learned that Sheryl wasn't with Sue, he got irritated again. He could have exploded but then managed to contain himself. Anthony opened his mouth, "I was too shocked. Today is Shirley's birthday. Why would Sher celebrate with other boy's birthday?" he asked, as he squinted his eyes.   

"How would I know? Have you ever paid me to keep an eye on her?" Sue responded with anger and dissatisfaction in her voice. Judging by her tone, Anthony knew she was still mad at him. He gazed at her with guilt and made an apology again. The woman's fury vanished at the sight of his sincere face. Sue started to answer Anthony's question. "Sheryl knew the little boy after coming here. She likes him very much. They often went out. Later, she also met the boy's father. Since then, the three always hang out together. I have a hunch that the boy's father has a thing for Sher. I reminded her to stay away from him so many times, but she didn't listen. I did my best,"  she said as she shrugged her shoulders.    

 Taking notice of the worried look on Anthony's face, she assured him with a smile, "But I believe there is nothing to worry about. Sher agreed to meet them simply because she adores that little boy."    

"Well... do you know where she is?" Anthony asked, as he clenched his fist. 'She still met Charles,' he thought with anxiety and rage.   

"I have no idea. How about you give her a call and ask where she is?" Sue suggested. She briefly looked at Anthony, and then said, "I'm in a party. I... have to go back there."   

 "Sue!" Anthony called out her name, as the woman turned around in an attempt to walk away. Slightly embarrassed, he scratched his head and said, "Well... I'm really sorry for yelling at you. By the way, you look great today."    

Flattered, she flushed and lowered her head. After a while, Sue leered at Anthony. "Come on man, stop apologizing. Hurry up and find Sher!" she urged. Then she turned around and started walking back to her party.    

 As Anthony watched Sue's shadow disappear, he took his cell phone from his pocket, called up Sheryl and asked, "Hi Sher, where are you?" Being ignorant of her boyfriend's return to Y City with her daughter, she blurted out the address of the hotel. The man hang up the phone as soon as he learned Sheryl's location.  

 Disappointed at not seeing her mother, Shirley tugged at Anthony's right arm. "Tony, where did Sher go? Why is she not here?" she asked in a cheerless voice.   

  "Your mom left for another kid's birthday party an hour ago. Don't worry Shirley, I'm taking you to her,"  Anthony replied with a stern look. 'Sheryl, I ardently hope... that we're as good as before,' he thought.     

Anthony had lived in Y City for a long time. Even though he was away from it for several years, no big changes had taken place. The restaurant that Sheryl told him about was quite famous in Y city. So, it didn't take him a long time to find the place.     

Anthony and Shirley arrived at the restaurant. He spoke to the receptionist and found out where the birthday celebration was being held. He got the private room's number and went straight to it. The door was closed but he heard the cheerful laughter coming from inside. He froze immediately and lost the courage to push the door open.   

He was definitely afraid of losing Sheryl. The thought that she might fall in love with someone else temporarily paralyzed him.     

When Shirley recognized Sheryl's voice coming from inside, she tried her best to push and slowly open the door. As she spotted her mother, the little girl gave a bright smile and sprinted towards her.  

   "Hey Sher!" the little girl called out cheerfully. When Sheryl heard her daughter's voice, she was stunned and even thought she was dreaming. But, she soon realized it wasn't a dream. The sight of her lovely daughter dashing to her was so real and joyful.     

Apart from Sheryl, all the party guests' eyes were fixated on the bubbly, little girl.     

Charles' eyes almost popped out when he saw Shirley. His raw instinct told him that she must be his daughter. Perhaps, that was the great power of blood relationship, and the strong bond that defined a family.   

"Who brought you here, Shirley?" Sheryl asked with a wide smile, as she took her daughter in her arms fondly. Charlie who was beside Sheryl stared at Shirley fascinatingly. He could not remove his eyes away even for a second.     

"Sher, Tony said you were celebrating with another kid's birthday. Is that right?" Shirley asked, as she visually scanned through the guests. She focused on two cute kids, one was a girl and the other was a boy. Somehow, she liked the latter very much.   

  "I'm so sorry, sweetie. I had no idea that Anthony took you with him to visit me here in Y City,"  she apologized, looking like a kid who made a mistake. "I bought you a birthday gift. How about we celebrate your birthday after the party is over?" she negotiated, as she saw the unpleasant look on her daughter's face.   

  Shirley pursed her lips and turned her gaze away from her mother. When she caught sight of the gigantic birthday cake, her eyes sparkled with joy. Charlie saw Shirley's reaction. He approached the little girl and asked, "Do you want to have some cake?"  

Shirley stared at the boy and nodded at him. 'He is so cute,' she thought to herself.     

"Come on, let's get some,"  Charlie offered as he held Shirley's hand and walked towards the finely designed cake. Isla's daughter, Amanda, followed behind them. The three kids stood in front of the cake and sliced a piece for each. They laughed and ate merrily.     

Charlie didn't like to play with kids about his age. However, he was very fond of Shirley and couldn't help but treat her well.    

 Anthony stood at the door for a while, but no one came to usher him in. As he saw the familiar faces inside, he assumed Sheryl's identity had been discovered. Despite this, he entered the room. He made his way to Sheryl. "Sher,"  he called sweetly.    

 'Anyway, she is my girlfriend and her name is Sheryl not Autumn,' he told himself.   

When Charles saw Anthony, he immediately recognized the latter. He suddenly understood why he couldn't find Autumn anywhere. He surmised that Anthony had kept her hidden.   

  'I didn't think of him as a suspect that time because he was Autumn's friend.   

  Now, he even had the guts to show his face to me. If Sheryl and the kids weren't around, I would punch him to teach him a lesson,' Charles thought furiously.    

 "Anthony, why did you not inform me that you are coming to Y City?" Sheryl asked with a bit of embarrassment and anger in her voice. Anthony's sudden appearance in Y City caught her in surprise. However, she wasn't delighted to see her boyfriend here. Instead, she felt a little embarrassed.    

 "I was planning to give you a surprise,"  Anthony replied with a slight smile. He recognized a lot of people in the party and even leered at Leila and the boy who looked exactly like Charles. 'I stole Sheryl away from him and hid her for three years. But they still met each other. Is this fate? he mulled.   

"Who is he?" Anthony asked Sheryl as he looked at the direction of Charles. 

Charles sharply caught that look from Anthony and gave a sneer. He walked closer to Sheryl and stood behind her. 

That gave a picture perfect moment where a gorgeous woman closely stood right in front of a handsome man. And just beside them were their children: Shirley and Charlie who were playing and laughing heartily together. They were like a portrait of a happy family. At that scenario, Anthony was definitely the outsider.     

Anthony felt his heart ached. 'Sheryl is my girlfriend. Charles and she were over a long time ago,' he thought. He gave an approving smile and pulled Sheryl to him naturally.   

  He held Sheryl's shoulder and looked at Charles. "Hello there, I'm Anthony, Sheryl's fiance,"  he proudly introduced himself as he tried to shake hands with Charles.

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