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 Season 6

Episode 69

(None other than autumn)

Leila was stunned when she met Sheryl. Though Sheryl had lost her memory, Leila feared her and was afraid that there would be severe consequences to this.  

   Leila could not restrain herself and blurted out, "You are presumed to be dead. How could you be here in fine health?" Sheryl looked at Leila with a perplexed expression on her face. "Are you talking in your full senses? Are your words sensible and reasonable? I cannot figure out what you are trying to say."    

"No… no, I did not mean anything serious..." Leila managed to calm down and continued to stare at Sheryl. Sheryl was indifferent to Leila and turned away.    
 'It seems Autumn has really forgotten the past. What on earth could have happened?' Leila wondered.   

"Well, let us join the dinner!" Gary was the happiest person on earth to welcome Autumn's return. It had been three long years of separation.   

  Sheryl was supposed to sit beside Charles. Meanwhile her old friend Isla kept looking at Sheryl. She was thoroughly perplexed. She found herself hesitant to talk to her.   

  But Sheryl smiled at Isla politely without any recognition.     

Sheryl's presence left all present absolutely stunned, especially Leila.   

  Leila still could not believe her eyes. Her confused thoughts kept playing in her mind. 'Sheryl somehow looks like Autumn.     

But is she really Autumn? What is her true identity?'    

During dinner Charlie was very delighted to chat with Sheryl. This upset Leila. She took Charlie aside and scolded, "Charlie, why are you being so attached with Sheryl? Stop troubling her with your chatter."  

"Do not touch me!" Charlie pulled away from Leila with evident dislike.    

 Charlie's aversion to Leila was more evident than ever now.     

Sheryl's sudden appearance, the growing affinity and chemistry between Charles and her and Charlie's obvious love for Sheryl — all this drove Leila mad with jealousy.    

 'What justifies Autumn's popularity?    

 Has she not been out of Charles' life for three long years?' Leila jealous thoughts continued to torment her.     

"Have some more. Eat well. Enjoy,"  said Charles as he served a sweet and sour spare rib to Sheryl. She expressed her thanks with a sweet smile at him.    

 Seeing this, cunning Leila decided to test Sheryl's true identity. She sweetly offered her beef tenderloin stewed with potatoes. "Miss Xia, please have this tasty dish."  

"Oh. If it pleases you I will. Thanks,"  Sheryl replied with a gentle smile but actually she was hesitant to eat the dish. 

It contained potatoes to which she was allergic.     

Isla swiftly and harshly scolded Leila, "Leila, how could you ask Autumn to eat potatoes. You know she is highly allergic to them."   

 Leila gave her a cold smile and said, "Isla, don't forget that it is Autumn who is allergic to potatoes not Sheryl. Don't confuse them in your mind."    

"She is none other than..." Isla nearly blurted Autumn's name. As Autumn's best friend there was no chance of her mistaking anyone else for Autumn.    

 "Well, thanks for your kindness,"  Sheryl immediately mediated between them to thwart an arguement. She wanted to maintain the happy and festive atmosphere of Charlie's birthday.   

"Miss Xia, are you allergic to potatoes?" Leila slyly questioned. She was completely satisfied with her plan.   

  Sheryl managed to give a reasonable explanation to Leila, "I am prone to heat rash, a discomfort in my chest and shortness of breath when I consume potatoes. That is why I avoid eating such food."    

Hearing this Leila grew alarmed. She had to accept that Sheryl was indeed Autumn, her mortal enemy. On the other hand Isla was thrilled to have her closest friend Autumn back.     

Leila felt foolish. She had helped reveal the true identity of Sheryl.     

However Leila remained confused about Autumn's return. She still could not get over it as Autumn was supposed to be dead three years ago.   

Plagued with growing suspicion, Leila decided to plan her next move against Autumn.     

She knew she could not use Charlie in her plan against Autumn, as Charlie was obviously growing fonder of Sheryl with time.     

However Sheryl had obviously lost her memory. This was beneficial to Leila's scheme.     

Charles was determined to win back Sheryl while Charlie wanted to sit closer to Sheryl and be with her.    

 Sam who was sitting beside Charles voiced his doubts in whispers. "What on earth has happened to Autumn? How could she totally forget her past?"   

 "I am also confused about that,"  Charles shook his head and replied. "Ever since we met, Autumn has been oblivious to her past, but I don't care. I will not ever separate from her now."  

Sam sighed, "Charles, I think it necessary to apologize to you for Chris's unwarranted interference in your personal matters."   

 "It does not matter. I will begin a new chapter in my life now." Charles had almost forgotten how Chris had tried to get him to marry Leila.     

"Charles, later I will make Chris understand and admit to her mistake." 

Sam would have felt very embarrassed if it were not for Charles' understanding and tolerance.    

 Meanwhile, Sheryl was finding it hard to sit through the birthday party. However, she knew she could not abruptly leave. 

    Anthony in the meantime had brought Shirley to Sheryl's hotel. He planned to surprise Sheryl. On reaching the hotel he called Sue to tell her to inform Sheryl of his arrival.    

 Shortly afterwards, Sue was rushing out alone to meet Anthony and Shirley.   

"Aunt Sue!" Shirley lost no time in rushing towards Sue and giving her a loving hug. She wanted to make up for their long separation.     

Sue kissed Shirley affectionately and asked endearingly, "Shirley, did you miss me?"    

"I missed you so much!" Shirley expressed her love for Sue while nodding her tiny head.    

 Sue was a little upset by Anthony's serious look and casual greeting.     She realized Anthony had come to meet Sheryl not her.     

"Sue, where is Sheryl?" Anthony finally enquired about Sheryl's whereabouts.  
"She is not here." Sue complained to Anthony, "Sheryl headed to the birthday party of a little boy soon after our fashion show ended. She did not even attend this evening's victory banquet. 

Even I do not know exactly where she is."  

"Why did you not go with Sheryl to keep her safe?" Anthony was too worried about Sheryl. He could not bear to stand there patiently chatting with Sue. He knew he was wrong to be angry and irritate with Sue.

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