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 Season 6

Episode 63

(It's not that I refuse to help)

Taking her opportunity while Sheryl was out, Sue dialed Anthony's number before she would change her mind.     

The incessant ringing of his mobile phone woke Anthony. It was quite late, but he immediately reached out to answer the call. Since he didn't want to miss any calls from Sheryl, his phone was never on mute. Thinking it was Sheryl, he was surprised when he saw that the call was from Sue. "Miss Wang? Has anything happened to Sher?" he asked worriedly.     

"No, no, Sher is all right." Sue hastened to dismiss his fears. She called Anthony to remind him about Sheryl covertly, but she didn't know how to effectively convey the message to him. Biting her lip, Sue was at a loss how to start the conversation. "Did I wake you up?" she asked fearfully.    

 "It's all right,"  Anthony replied, feeling relieved that there was no emergency. 

Since Sue was Sheryl's friend, he always treated her as his friend, too. "So, what's the news? Why are you calling at this time of night?"  

She wanted to answer that "I'm worried that Sheryl might fall in love with other man." But instead she asked, "Shirley's birthday is coming up in a few days. How are you planning to celebrate it?"    

"I don't have a plan yet,"  Anthony said, sounding annoyed. He couldn't believe that she woke him up just to ask what he was planning for Shirley's birthday.     

His reply was unforthcoming, but Sue ignored it. "Sher used to celebrate Shirley's birthday every year, but she had to miss it this year because of work. I can see that she's very upset about that,"  she replied and then gave a pregnant pause. "If there's a way for Sher to celebrate Shirley's birthday without missing her work, that would be great,"  Sue hinted.     

After listening to Sue's suggestion, Anthony decided to tell her about his plans. "Actually, I've already made plans for Shirley's birthday. You see, I had the same thought as you, so I booked a flight to Y City. We will arrive there in time for Shirley's birthday. I wanted to surprise Sher, so please don't tell her,"  Anthony requested.   

"That's great to hear. Don't worry, I won't breathe a word to Sher. Thank you, Anthony. I'm sure she will be very surprised,"  Sue said, smiling. 'Anthony is coming. Once the man finds out what a great person Sheryl's boyfriend is, I'm sure he will stop pestering her,' she thought happily.    

 In her eyes, Anthony was the perfect match for Sheryl and not Charles.     "Sorry for disturbing you, Anthony. That's all I wanted to ask. Sweet dreams." 

Hanging up the phone, Sue was pleased that she had a chance to talk to Anthony and learn about his plans.     

Meanwhile, Anthony couldn't fall back to sleep. He had a feeling that Sue called him for something else, but changed her mind at the last minute.   

After thinking about it for some time, he dialed a number. "I will be in Y City in a few days. Before I leave, can you arrange to meet me?" he asked the person on the other side as soon as the call was put through.    

 "Autumn's already in Y City. I'm afraid that things might get out of control,"  he added with a frown. After hearing the response of the person from the other end, he nodded slightly and said, "Okay then, I'll contact you when I reach there."    
Clutching the phone tightly in his hand, Anthony whispered, 'Sheryl, I've done so much for you. Please don't let me down.'    
Meanwhile, Sheryl was unaware of what was brewing in the air. She was busy shopping for birthday gifts for Shirley and Charlie. Shirley's birthday present was easy to choose. She knew that her daughter, like any other girls her age, liked beautiful clothes, hair accessories and dolls. Soon enough, she spotted a pink dress that would fit Shirley perfectly, including matching accessories.   

She had a little difficulty in choosing a gift for Charlie, since it was her first time to buy a present for a little boy.    

 Fortunately, during the time she spent with Charlie, she managed to find out his preferences, which were different from other boys his age. He had no interest in toys that ordinary little boys liked. 

Luckily, she remembered the book Charlie had read the last time they were in the library together.     

Hurrying towards an outdoor equipment shop, she went in excitedly. "Excuse me, do you have an astronomical telescope?" she asked the storekeeper.   

  "Yes, of course,"  the storekeeper replied warmly, walking towards a shelf in the corner of the store. "How about this one?" he asked while handing her a high-quality telescope.     

Sheryl didn't know much about telescopes so she let the storekeeper recommend the best telescope for amateur stargazers.     

"How much is it?" Sheryl asked after hearing the storekeeper brag about one beginner telescope in particular. "5, 800,"  the storekeeper demanded an exorbitant price for the astronomical telescope. In the end, after much haggling, he gave the telescope for 5, 000.   

Feeling immensely pleased that she found the right gifts for Shirley and Charlie, Sheryl happily headed back.     Meanwhile, in the hospital   

 After being cooped up in the hospital for three days, Chris demanded to be discharged and sent home but Sam refused adamantly. "You are already a mother. Why are you still being headstrong? Don't you know that not only our baby but you also were in danger? If you will continue to disregard your health, what will you do if you don't recover completely?"   

 When he heard that Chris tried to manipulate Charles to accept Leila, he was really pissed. She, growing up with Charles, should have known Charles better.     

Even Sam knew how stubborn Charles could be. Nobody could force him to do something he didn't want to do, even if you held him at gunpoint.   

"But I'm going to be bored to death if I have to stay here another day,"  Chris complained irritably. "When can I go home?"    

"When the doctor gives the go signal, and not before,"  Sam replied readily.    

 Looking sourly at her husband, she knew that once Sam decided on something, he would never change his mind, no matter what she did. Resigning herself to another boring day, she turned away and sulked.   

  Suddenly a knock sounded on the door. "Come in,"  Sam called out.    

 The door opened slowly and Leila walked in, carrying a fruit basket. Sam frowned slightly as she strode inside the room. "What are you doing here?" he asked coldly.     

"I'm here to see Mrs. Lin,"  Leila said softly. Hearing Leila's voice, Chris looked up briefly and said, "Oh, Leila."  

Sam never liked Leila, but for Chris' sake he decided to be civil. "I'm going to see the baby. Take your time,"  he said and left the room.    

 As soon as they were alone, Leila rushed to Chris' side and said miserably, "Mrs. Lin, you promised me that you would help me. You're the only one who can help me. Please, please, help me."    Leila grabbed Chris' hands desperately, trying to win her pity.    

 Leila's request put Chris in an awkward situation. How could she help her when she herself was already in trouble with her family for meddling in Charles' affairs?     

Aghast, she withdrew her hands and told Leila reasonably, "It's not that I refuse to help you, but…"    

With a frown of bewilderment, she continued, "As you can see, my hands are tied now. Even if I want to help you, I can't."  

Leila's eyes narrowed angrily at Chris' words. "But you promised you'd help me. That's why I took your advice and acted boldly. What am I going to do without your support?" she demanded shrilly.   

  "I..." Chris felt a little guilty. Having a lot of time in her hands, she had time to think about what she did. She realized that she was wrong to force Charles to accept a woman he didn't love.   

  "I've done everything I can to help you,"  she said, looking up at Leila with a hint of pity in her eyes. "But you know, my words have no weight with my brother now. I can only offer you a piece of advice."


  1. This Chris eeh
    I don' i will be able to love you again

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