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    (Living the life of a lie)

     #Season_2 Episode 9

               EMMA POV

I went back to the palace feeling worried, Would Alicia really try to take Brian from me and what was she Talking about a while ago?
  What was she saying about me having done some thing to her,have never seen her before neither would I have wronged her,I thought.

  I was so deep in thought that I didnt notice that William was standing by the door 

"Worried about what my sister said?"he asked and I stared at him 

"Am not worried at all,I know my husband and am sure that he will always be loyal to me,He loves me and he won't want to see me hurt!"I replied

"Really? Men can't be trusted"He said 

"Not my husband, he will certainly not give me a reason to doubt him"I said and he laughed 

"And do you know where he is right now? Do you know what he is doing? It might not even be with Alicia,He might just be with some one else"He said 

"Enough! I will ask you to stop telling me such lies Mr Ray,You are here to work and that's all,So I suggest you face your job and mind your darn business"I turned to leave only to feel a bit queasy.

  I could feel that I was catching a cold already,After being in the rain last night,I had began to feel its effect this morning but I payed no attention to it

I wanted to tell Brian about it but it but he had already left for work

Instead I went to see Alicia,No one noticed that I looked a bit pale or that I was sick .

 I staggered a bit only to feel some one holding me by my waist 

And it was none other than William "Got sick after throwing your self in the rain last night ?"He said 

"Just ......mind your business,I can do this myself "I said pushing his hands away 

I walked ahead and fell on the floor,I tried standing up but William was there beside me,Pulling me up 

"You really are a fool"He said lifting me into his arms 

I was feeling so cold that I clung to him,I didnt know where he was taking me and I did not care, All I just want right now is to lay down some where, Cause if I don't I might faint and that's one thing I don't want 

   Holding onto his neck,I snuggled closer and he held me close

  I was shivering by the time he got to my room

"Call for the doctor,Her highness is sick"I heard him Say to some one but I had no idea who it was and I didn't bother asking 

He layed me on the bed and I knew that he had brought me to my room

The sheets still smelled of Brian,I thought as I snuggled into the bed 

 He used the sheets to cover me up and through the shivering and pain,I could hear what was going on in the back ground

"We weren't able to get the doctor sir "I heard Some one say 

"Then get another doctor,Her highness is seriously sick"I heard William say 

"We can't do that,The royal family only have one royal doctor and that is the person we just called now,We just can't call any doctor sir"

"So we sit here and wait ,What if some thing worse happens?"He asked 

"I will try to get his majesty,He will know what to do"He said 

"No! First get me some clean water and clean towel" He said and quickly they went off to get it .

He took my hand in his and muttered gently "you will be fine okay! You will"He said. 

The last thing I remember Saying Before I lost consciousness was that he should help me get Brian

"Call him here.....please......."I said before closing my eyes to shut out the world.

   I opened my eyes to find myself still in my room.

There was a towel on my fore head, I no longer felt cold and dizzy,it's like Ave been cured,I thought as I kept on starring around 

   I moved to get up only to realise that some one was beside me on the bed 

 The stranger had his hand clasped with mine and he sat on the bed beside me, He was very close, I thought as I turned a bit to stare at who it was.

  It turned out to be William, He sat on the bed beside me and he was asleep.

But How come? Why is he still here? I remember that he had been the one who brought me to my room but Brian would have been back to take his place beside me right? I thought as I gently tried to pull my hand from his hold

  That was a wrong move because he opened his eyes and he turned to stare down at me 

"Oh you are awake! Are you okay now?"He asked as he stood up, Losing our clutched hands in. The process

"Yes I am,What time is it?"I asked gently 

"Just past seven" He said 

"So have been Unconscious for over nine hours?"I asked 

"You were really sick,You have no idea what your situation put the whole staff and I through"He said 

"Really? Was I that much of a hassle?"I asked starring at him 

"Some thing like that"He replied gently 

"Why didn't you just leave after the doctor came,I would have been fine"I said gently 

 " the doctor never showed up"He said 

"So who ........."I let the questions drift off,waiting for him to answer me 

"I did,As it turns out Brian was phoned and he said he will be here soon but he hasn't show up, Like wise the doctor so I had to use the little training I was taught and judging by your state now,I can say that I did well"He said moving towards me to touch my fore head 

"It was so tiring Your Highness"He said smiling at me 

"Am sorry for having been bother some,You should have just left me on.........."

"Shhhhhhh........... you shouldn't be saying sorry,You should be thanking me"He said putting a finger on my lips

  "Thanking you for what?"Brian asked suddenly and we both turned to stare at him 

Quickly I moved away while he did the same thing 

"Brian I........"

"I just asked a question right? Why should my wife be thanking you?"He asked the second time and there was no doubt that he was angry. 

             BRIAN POV 
I had been on the plane which was taking me to Athens for a very important meeting.

  That was where I had got the call that Emma was very ill and that though they had called the doctor,The doctor could not make it due to some problem.

  As soon as I got the news,I was so worried that I cancelled the important trip and head back home 

  But due to the bad weather,I was told to wait a couple of hour

 While I wait I tried to call home but apart from having a bad weathered,I also had a bad service.

   Seems like luck isn't on my side,I thought as I thought of Emma.

I wondered how she might be feeling with out me by her side

 I longed to know how she is but there was no way, I thought as I stared at my PA who also kept calling home and still kept on getting the bad weathered message.

  I felt so Inadequate, My wife needed me and yet here I am not by her side.

 I should have waited for her to wake up,I should have known that the rain from last night would have its effects.

   As soon as the weather was clear and we were able to fly back,I got into the plane and they wasted no time In taking me back home

  It was early evening that I returned home and I went straight to Emma only to stop when I heard William talking to her.

"Shhhhh...........you shouldn't be saying sorry, you should be thanking me "He said and when I saw that his fingers was placed on my wife lips,I walked in looking very angry.

"Thanking you for what?"I asked as I watched the two of them 

Just seeing him close to Emma made me so mad,I don't know why but I don't like it when a man gets close to her most especially a hot blooded man like William ray

"I was just thanking him for helping me,"she replied 

"For what?"i asked only starring at william

"For being by her side,Watching over her, some thing that should have been done by you" He said starring at me 

Quickly I walked towards him and pulled him by his shirt 

"Brian!"I heard Emma call my name but I was so angry and jealous that I wasn't thinking right 

I stared at William and saw him smiling at me,Seems like he knows what he is doing and causing.

I thought as I held his shirt tightly again,Ready to punch his face if necessary. 

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