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    (Living the life of a lie)

     #Season_2 Episode 7

           EMMA POV 

Are we going to have both the siblings here too? I thought 

  "Come,come and have a seat William"The king said and he walked in to seat down

I noticed that Brian expression had changed to one of anger,Seems like he is angry because of William entry.

 Though Brian might have hired him as his architect he doesn't really like him.

 "So you were here already William"Alicia asked starring at him

I watched the both of them silently and there was some thing odd about them

"Why did you need William son ,Is there some kind of project you have going on?"The king asked  

"Yes sort of"Brian replied and I saw Alicia starring at him again

"Can William excuse us,It's time to talk about the deal we made"Brian asked 

"Why? There is nothing my brother doesn't know,He knows why am here,So we can speak freely in front of him"Alicia said 

"If you want I will excuse myself,I will just be out side"He said and left the room

  "So back on the deal,We all know why we are here right,I don't have to explain again"Brian said 

"Speak to her properly Brian"The queen said 

"Alicia you already know that you here because am in need of some one to give birth to my child ?"He asked not listening to his mother 

"I know,his majesty made every thing clear to me when he first told me about it,Am here to give birth to a child,Some thing that the queen can't do"She said that with ice in her voice

I stared at her and saw that she was starring at me with so much malice.

I knew then and there that Alicia hates me but why? I just met her today,I thought 

" What my wife can or can't do is none of your darn business,just focus on why you are here and that is to give me a child"He said

"And I can't make a child on my own your majesty, Two makes a baby and I can tell that you hate having me here "She said 

"of course not Alicia,he doesn't hate you,He is just feeling down at the moment" His father said 

"I hope so cause I don't want a father who detest Me for my child"She said starring at me 

Gently I held brain hand hoping that he will stop being so angry 

He starred at me and I silently plead with him and breathing slightly,He calmed down.

"Okay,Am sorry if am Rude,I just want to get things over with,You see it's our wedding anniversary and we have some thing planned already"Brian said holding my hand and lifting it to his mouth to kiss it 

" To what I read about your wants,One of it was that I do not meddle with what happens between you and her Highness and am fine with it just as long as she also don't mess with the time you spend with me"She said 

"You have no right to make a demand"Brian said 

"Brian she has a right to,After all she will have your child"his father said

"You know I only agreed to this only because my wife asked me to,if it were up to me,I wont be consenting to this at all"He said 

"But you have to,Cause no matter what you say or do,You need an heir and that is some thing I can give you ,So stop acting high and treat me the same way you treat your wife" She said 

Brian was about to retaliate when I quickly said 

"Of course you can be rest assured that he will treat you with the same respect"I said holding onto him 

"Finally you are speaking like a true queen, You wouldn't mind if your husband showed Alicia around and they can also get better acquainted too"his mother said 

"Do I really have to do that too?"He asked 

"Yes Brian you need to,Show Alicia around,After all she will be the mother of your child" The king said 

"Seems like I have no choice"He said getting up 

"Are you going to come with me or are you just going to sit down. There" He said walking off 

 Alicia stood up and went towards him, i sat watching the two of them leave 

"What a lovely pair"The queen said as she watched them walk off.

 Quickly I stood up and went after them, Alicia had her arm in His when I saw them.
I felt so jealous and what I did next made her see that I own Brian more than her 

I pulled him suddenly and he turned to stare at me 

Pulling his head down,I kissed him so passionately and hugged him 

"I also have a present for you for our anniversary,Come to the garden later this evening,I will be waiting"I said and he gave me a smile 

"Can you tell me what it is? You know how I get when it comes to surprises"he said 

"It won't be a surprise if I tell you right?" I said and saw Alicia starring at us 

I kissed him again before I walked off, I turned round the corner just to bump into William

 He tried to steady me by holding me by my waist .

I stared at him and he stared back at me 

"Still want to act like you don't know me right?"He asked 

I tried to pull free from Him but he held me tightly not giving me a chance to escape 

"I don't know what you are saying and please let go of me" I said 

" So when you were saying you allowed another woman to give birth to your husband child,You were talking about my sister right?"He asked 

"I didn't know it was your sister who was going to be my husband mistress and I didn't know your name then too"I replied 

"So you aren't denying that you know me right?"He asked 

Gently I pulled out of his arms and stared at him angrily 

"If I had known that I will be meeting you today,I would never have told you about my self but now you know and am hoping that you will be a gentle man and keep what ever I told you a secret"

" Oh I am a gentle man and I will surely keep my mouth shut,It's none of my concern any way but am just puzzled on how you manage to get your self out of the palace with out any one seeing you?"he asked 

"Its none of your business okay,Just leave me alone and focus on why you are here"I said angrily and walked off.

     I got to the garden feeling so very angry,He should have just followed my lead,Should have pretended not to know me but the jerk had to make it known.

 "Your Highness,have you checked the whole decoration,Is it to your liking"A maid asked 

I didnt even check the place,I was so angry that I didn't notice the beauty of the place

"Its beautiful,You guys did well"I said starring at its loveliness

Now the only thing missing is for Brian to show up ,I thought as I sat down waiting for him.

                BRIAN POV
"so this is the worker quarter and it's only for the worker right !"Alicia asked starring at me

I looked at the time and saw that it was getting late and my phone is not with me neither is My PA around, There is no way that I can call Emma, She would still be waiting by now,It's time I leave.

"So now it's time you showed me my room?"She asked and I stared at her 

"Aren't you there already"I asked 

"What do you mean by there already,This is the maid chamber and you .......... Are you actually telling me that the maid chamber will be my room"She asked aghast 

"Being the one that will give birth to my child doesn't give you certain right! You will be staying in the maid chamber until am ready to .........errrrrr .......make a baby"I said slightly 

"To ......errrrrr........make a baby! Is that the right way to even say it? You are acting like you don't even want the child"She said now angry 

"You are right! I don't want any child coming from another woman, if my wife wasn't barren then I won't be going through this!"I said 

"Then heal her,Heal her and stop being a jerk "She yelled at me angrily 

"Look, like have said today is our anniversary and my wife is preparing some thing for me,I don't have much time I need to go,We will talk later"I said and I turned to leave

  I was heading out when suddenly I heard her call my name 

"Brian!!!!"she called and I turned to stare at her only to see her head ooozing with blood 

Quickly I ran back to her and held her close "What happened"I asked  

"I......help me"She said softly before losing conciousness.

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