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    (Living the life of a lie)

     #Season_2 Episode 47
                    BRIAN POV

"What did you just say?"I asked starring at her and she gave me an angry look in return.

"I said I remember now Brian,I know who I am,I know my real identity" She yelled at me 

"How did you find out Emma?"I asked only to encounter her hateful glare.

"Your father made me remember Brian,The same man who killed my parents,The same one who tried to burn me alive twenty years ago tried to do the same thing yesterday and he also told me the truth"She said 

"I had asked him not to say a thing to you !"I said in anger 

"Why? So you can keep on conveting what's not yours" She asked 

"Not because of that Emma.........."

"Save me your excuses Brian,You knew about it yet you kept shut,You should have told me but yet you didn't! You could have stopped what your father was about to do,Yet you kept shut and you allowed your father to try to kill me again"

"What? I swear to you, I never.........."

"You did Brian,You wanted me dead as well,So you can be with Alicia,The real Dora,The one who should have married you"

"He told you that too?"I asked 

"What didnt he tell me,He thought I was going to die and take it with me to the grave but you came to my aid,Why do that when all you wanted is my death"She said hitting the bed in anger.

Quickly I went to her and pulled her face, "Listen to me Emma,I will never want you dead, Never,"I said trying to make her see reason .

"You do Brian,That was why you wanted a divorce,The real Dora comes back and you throw away the fake one,Isn't that so?"She said 

Talking sense into her won't work right now,I thought as I let go of her

"You need to get some rest,I will be back to check on you"I said 

"No Brian,Do me a favour and never come back "She said as I turned to leave.

Clenching my fist, I began to head out but not before giving her a reply

"I will be back this evening to see you " Then I left the room.

How could my father have done that? I thought as I went straight to my car,Heading to the family villa where every one is staying due to the fire.

Now Emma knows the truth and she hates me,She hates me for keeping quiet about it and due to a reason, She thinks I had joined hands with my father to kill her last night.

  Emma hates me and that thought alone makes me so angry,All I wanted to do right now was to hit some one.

As soon as I got to the villa,I went in,intent on confronting my father for what he did to Emma.

I found them all in the patio,Having coffee and feeling relaxed.

"Oh son you are back! Alicia has to tell you some thing"My mom said as she moved towards me.

"Your baby just kicked "Alicia said holding her stomach.

I didn't care for what ever they were saying,All I wanted to do was to talk to my father

"What's wrong son?"He asked starring at me.

"I will only ask you once,What did you tell Emma when you tried to kill her?"I asked 

"What? What rubbish are you saying?" He said standing up and if my mother hadn't been standing in front of me,I might have commit a sin by Hitting my father.

"You must have thought that she died in the fire last night right? Well I saved her and I won't let you cause harm on her this time,You tried to kill her years ago and you are trying to do the same thing this time,I won't let you achieve it dad"

"What are you saying son? What do you mean by he tried to kill your wife ?"My mom asked starring at the both of us

"You were also there but you kept quiet about it, You watched him kill his brother and his wife and then you watched him abuse their child ,You didn't say a thing,That child managed to escape from that fire twenty five years ago and as fate will have it, She came back into our lives being my wife,The girl I love more than my life and after putting her through that misery,You still tried to kill her last night,How can you be so heartless"I yelled at him 

"This is for your own Good,Emma has to die if you must continue to be the king "He said

"I told you that I don't want it,It all belongs to Emma and I will do all I can to give it back to her and if I have to cross you to do so, Then I will do it"I said as I left the villa in anger.

                EMMA POV
I stood by the window,Starring out side,I still can't believe that the life have been living all my life is nothing but a lie.

The man I love knew about it but he kept quiet for his own selfish reasons.

His father tried to kill me just so he can keep having what he stole.

 Just then the door opened and William walked in

"I came as soon as I heard about the incident"He said as he came towards me 

"As you can see,Am fine William and I didn't die"I said and he pulled me into a hug startling me

"Once again you were in danger and i could not do a thing to help,I feel like an utter loser"He said and I pulled away from him starring at him

"What do you mean by once again?"I asked 

"Brian called me and told me every thing,He said you remember every thing but it seems like you still don't remember me"He said 

"Do I have to remember you?"I asked 

"Yes ,You have to ,I played a very important role in your life Twenty years ago but you were taken away from me,I wasn't able to protect you"He said and I moved away from him

"Who are you?",

"You always called me uncle Ivan, Even when I told you to just call Ivan" He said smiling softly 

"You are Ivan,My mother brother?"I asked as I remembered him

"Step brother,I was never related to you or your mother "He said

"So you too you knew about it,You knew every thing but yet you kept quiet,You and Brian planned all this right?"I asked in anger

"No I didn't plan any thing with him,I only asked him to tell you the truth or I will"He said 

"You have to believe me Emma,I won't do any thing to hurt you,I love you so much to cause you harm"He said suddenly and I stared at him in surprise

"Yes Emma,Have been in love with you for a very long time now and if your parents hadn't die, I might have been the one you married but all that can change now,We will get you a divorce from Brian and then you will be with me"William said pulling me into his arms 

"Stop it William! You are hurting me"I said as he pulled my burnt arm

"Have always longed for you to know the truth,So that I will be able to do this"He said and kissed me

I tried to push him away but he held me tight and I stood passive in his arms 

When he saw that I wasn't responding,He let me go and then he starred down at me 

"Don't tell me you still long for Brian,Not after what he and his family have made you go through?"He asked 

"Leave William,Just go!"I said 

"Am sorry for forcing my kiss on you but I had to let you know how I feel,For years have been at a distance,Not anymore Emma and If you need my help In getting back your right full place,Just call for me and I will come running "He said and tried to kiss my cheek but I pulled away from him

"You will soon get used to my kisses because I won't give up on......."He couldn't finish his words because Brian barged in

"Get used to what ? Emma is my wife you bastard!"He yelled as he came straight at William,Hitting his face 

"Stop it Brian, Stop it"I begged as I went to him but he pulled away from my arms and he kept on hitting William with William doing the same thing.

  Getting up Brian went to take the empty chair in the room,I knew that he was going to use it to hit William and I didn't want that to happen.

So quickly I ran to stand in front of William.

"Get out of the way Emma!"He said 

"No,No I won't,Stop it Brian"I said to him 

"Move Emma!!"He yelled at me and I still didn't budge 

"It's you who have to leave,Get out Brian,You have no right in my life or in any thing I do because I will give you the divorce you want"I yelled at him and he stood starring at me 

" You don't mean that Emma"

"I do,I mean every word,You and your family have ruined my life,What more do you want? To see me dead?"I asked and he threw the chair away wanting to touch me but I moved back

"I don't love you any more Brian,All I feel now is hate and misery, I hate you and I want you to leave before I call the police "I said and he stood starring at me for a while before he turned to leave.

"I mean it this time Brian,Don't you ever come back,My lawyer will contact you regarding our divorce "I said to him and as soon as he left the room,I began to cry.

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