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(Living the life of a lie)

#Season_2 Episode 38


As soon as I knew who Emma was going to meet,I began to call William And at the same time I told Peter to get the car ready

Why did she want to meet William, Could it be that she suspects some thing

Why didn't she just ask me,Why did she have to call William and go out to meet him secretly,I thought as I got to the car

William wouldn't pick Like wise Emma, just then i remembered that I had put a tracker on her phone

As soon as I knew where to find her,I directed the driver there

I just hope that William hasn't gotten to her yet cause am sure that he will tell her the truth

I drove my car right into the restaurant parking lot

I wasnt expecting her call,The only call I had been expecting was from Brian and that is for him to tell me that he has told her the truth

But getting the call from Emma herself made me wonder if He had told her the truth or not

She had called early this morning,Saying it was urgent and that she had to see me

She chose the place and time and I agreed to go see her

But the constant call from Brian made me realise that he hadn't told her and that he doesn't want me to tell her

Well I gave him his chance and since he is not ready to tell her yet , I will just have to do it myself,I thought

My phone rang and I picked only to see that it was Brian again

Out of curiosity,I picked up his call "Hello"

"William,Where are you right now"He asked

"And why do you want to know where I am "I asked

"If you are going to speak with Emma then don't do it" He said

"And why should I listen to you,I gave you the chance to tell her your self but you chose not to"I said

"I will tell her okay,When it's the right time,Just don't go to her"He said

"Sorry Brian but am already going in to see her and if she asks me about it,I will just have to tell her"I said and switched off the phone

Your time is up Brian,It's time for me to rule,I thought as I got out of the car heading into the restaurant.

The scenery out side was breath taking and just for a while it made me forget my worries

The waiter had ushered me to a sit which a had the window view

"Would you like to order now miss"The waitress asked

"Not yet,Am still waiting for my guest"I replied and she nodded and left

Where could william be,He is suppose to be here,I thought as I kept looking at the door

Am sure that by now,They would have noticed my absence and am sure that Brian would be looking for me by now

Though his calls came in a while back,I didn't want to pick because I didn't want him to know that I was coming to meet William

He doesn't deserve to know,Not after what I saw him doing with Alicia last night

I thought a lot about it last night,Was it because of Alicia that William had been telling him to tell me the truth

Was that why he given him three days to tell me the truth.

William is the only one that can answer my questions, Brian keeps on lying about it and am sure that if I didn't see him with her last night,He will keep on lying to me and that's some thing I don't want.

If he decides to choose Alicia over me,I will under stand,After all she is the one giving him the heir he needs

Just then William walked into the restaurant and when he saw me,He came over to the table

"Sorry that I called you out of your house,So early in the morning"I said as he took his seat

"It's no problem,I was getting ready to leave when your call came through " He replied

"I don't like beating around the bush,So I will just ask you what I want to ask you"I said

"Ask away!"he replied

"You were telling Brian to tell me some thing and you had given him just three days,I over heard your conversation that day"I said


"I know what that truth is,I just need you to confirm for me "I said again

"You know what the truth is! How would you when Brian didn't tell you?"He asked

"I saw it for myself and like have said I just need your confirmation on it "I said and he nodded

"Is Brian intending on marrying your sister?"I asked and he choked on the water he was drinking

"What?"I asked astonished by her questions

I thought she had some how guess the truth but I never thought that her guessing will be on some thing else entirely

"Ever since I heard your conversation have been wondering what it is but I confirmed that yesterday when I saw the both of them kissing,I still have my doubts and since you also know the secret you can help me confirm my suspicions right?" She asked

"So what you are saying is that you think the truth Brian and I was talking about is about him marrying my sister?"I asked

"Yes or am I wrong? Did I jump into conclusion?"She asked again

Not only are you wrong,You aren't even close to knowing the truth! I thought as I kept starring at her

"Why don't you just ask me that question"Brian said as he drew out a chair to sit on

"How did you know that am here? Did you tell him"Emma asked Starring at me

"I didn't say a thing to him "I replied glaring at Brian,He also did the same thing to me

"Why didnt you just ask me,You didn't have to call William"Brian said

"And why should I bother myself asking when you will only lie to me,William is the only person who knows the secret you are hiding and I came to confirm my suspicions" She replied hotly

Brian stared at me and I shrugged not wanting to help him out the mess he had caused for him self

"I know okay,I saw you last night in her arms and If she is the secret you two keep on talking about then there is no need to hide it any more,I now know what It is "She said as she left her seat angrily

Brian stood up to go after her but I pulled him back

"Haven't you told her?"I asked

"I already told you,I will tell her when I want to not because you are forcing me to do so "He said

"Aren't you scared that I will tell her the truth?"I asked

"If you had wanted to tell her the truth then you would have done so"He said pulling off his hand And going after her

I sat watching him leave and it was then that I noticed a man in all black going after them,He looked sort of suspicious and he made me suspect him more when I saw the gun he gently pulled out of his jacket into his pocket

I knew then and there that Emma was in danger.
. ________



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