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    (Living the life of a lie)

     #Season_2 Episode 36

              BRIAN POV

As soon as the last minister left,I looked at my watch only to see that I would be late for the appointment I had with Emma 

Today is the weekend and we use every chance we have to be with one another 

Today we had planned to visit the park and then the cinema to watch a film while we munch on some popcorn 

I was heading out when William words came back to haunt me
    "They will try to harm her like they did before,If she is by your side she will come into danger again"

 Could I be endangering her by keeping her here, Am I being selfish by choosing to stay by her side,I thought as I stopped by the balcony starring down at her 

She was by the car just waiting for me to go to her 

"Why aren't you going to her,Having second thoughts"Alicia asked as she came to stand beside me 

Ever since what William told me about Alicia, I haven't seen her since then 
Am just seeing her today and I stood watching her for a long time 

She turned to look at me and found me watching her 

"Judging from the way you are looking at me,William must have told you right?"She asked 

"That you are Dora?"I asked 

"So you finally know"She replied softly 

"I still can't believe this?"I said still not believing the fact 

" You better believe it,Am the real Dora "She said starring at Emma who was oblivious of her scrutiny

"Micheal made us believe that you died"

"So she can take my place and steal my life "She said 

"Whether you believe it or not she was black mailed into it"I said 

"And just because she was black mailed am suppose to believe right?"

"Believe what you want then all I know that it's now a thing if the past,You took up another identity, Even got a new face and William by your side,You must be contented "I said 

"Really! Do you think am okay with it,I had to suffer the pain of remaking my face and taking up another name,I have to see my parents with out telling them that am their daughter and I have to watch you and her together!"She finished hotly 

"What does the two of have to do with this?"I asked 

"She took you from me Brian,She took away your love" She said 

"Were we ever in love?"I asked 

"If that day never happened,I would have been the one you married,The one you fell for"She said again 

"You were in love with me ?"I asked in surprise

Back then I thought she agreeing to marry me was just for the fun of it but it turns out that she was in love with me 

She took my hand suddenly and starred at me 

"Now that am having your child, Can't you choose me?"She asked 

"Alicia I......."

"You must see that the two of you don't belong together" she said 

That was the same thing William had said to me,I thought as I stared at her 

"Love me instead and I will give you dozen of kids,I don't want to have to......."She stopped suddenly 

"What don't you want to do?"I asked 

"It doesn't matter ? "She said hastily 

"Just say that you will leave her and come to me,After all she won't be any good because she can't give birth to your child"She continued 

"I won't be leaving my wife just because you say so"I muttered gently 

"You are a fool Brian,A big fool,William won't let you two be happy,He wants her for himself after all and he will do every thing to make it possible "She retorted angryily 

"I don't care what William does,As long as he doesn't harm her "I said 

"You have really been blinded by love but don't worry,I will make sure I do my best in keeping you two apart"She yelled at me before walking off.

I stood watching her leave,William was already having his revenge on me right now,I wonder how Alicia would have hers.

I starred down stairs to see Emma starring up at me,Seems like she had seen Alicia and I together 

 Should I just do the right thing and just get out of her life,I thought as I gave her a smile which she returned.

               GREAT KING POV
I got into the study and went to where I had put the hidden recorder last night

 Since Brian isn't willing to tell me,I would just find out some how,I thought as I sat on the one of the chair and began to play the recorder

 "Have a seat"Brian voice wafted through the recorder 

"If you had told her,This house wouldn't be this quiet,Judging from the silence and from the cool on your face,You haven't told her yet ?" The person with him had said 

"Yes I haven't" Brian replied 

"What are you trying to pull by doing this?"the man with him asked 

"That's why have called you to make a deal with you "Brian continued 

"Deal? What would that deal be?" 

"I will give her back every thing,Her life,her rightful place,Every thing but I won't leave her" Brian said again 

"What ?"

"I love Emma and am not ready to give her up "

So it's true,The Dora Baxter my son married is none other than Emma Chadwick,I thought confirming what the investigator had told me earlier 

"You have got to be kidding me"The other guy said now angry 

"This is not a joke William,I love Emma and I won't give her.........." 

Wow,It turns out that the person Brian was talking to was none other than William ray.

"What do you think will happen when your parents know the truth,They will try to harm her like they did before,If she is by your side she will come into danger again"William said 

"Why are you looking so surprised! Weren't they the one who destroyed her life years ago,What assurance do you have that they wouldn't try to hurt her this time too" he said again 

"Come out of your little bubble Brian,You aren't good for her,she will always be in danger if she stays by your side,So do what I asked you to do and stop your nonsense!"

  It was quiet for a while and I thought the recorder had stopped 

    "Emma life is in danger because of me!My parents will try to harm her once they know the truth right ?"Brian said this time and I payed attention to what he was saying.

Why are they saying I will harm Emma,When I only knew of her secret today 

"You aren't deaf Brian and I know you are more smarter than this "

"But I love Emma,If I do tell her about it and she decides to forgive me and stay with me, What will you do?"

"That's why am older than you in many ways" William said 

"I know my niece,she wouldn't forgive you or your family" He added 

Emma was his niece,I thought as I gave the recorder more volume 

"Wrap up what ever you have to in this house and with her and then leave,As soon as you leave, I will press charges and make sure I send your father to jail,I do have the proof and I think it's time justice prevail"

"You aren't doing this to get justice or any thing,You are doing this for one purpose and we both know that right?"Brian added 

"Yes,I think we both know The reason why am so desperate for you to disappear from her life and it's because I want her for myself"William revealed to him 

"Wow! You are incredible? Isn't she suppose to be your niece"Brian said 

"She would have been if I had been Sharon biological brother but I am not and so falling in love with her is not a crime at all"

Just Sharon name made every thing clear to me.

William is the little boy Sharon had brought in years ago and there is no doubt that Emma is the daughter of Gilbert and Sharon.

I thought as I switched off the recorder,So this was what Brian was keeping a secret.

I hit the table in anger, Brian knew all this yet he kept quiet about it,Just so His precious wife won't be hurt 

William was right about one thing, me finding out the truth will certainly put Emma in great danger 

I did a lot of things just to be in this spot and I will do it all again but first I have to get rid of William 

He got away the first time but not this time around.

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