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(Living the life of a lie)

#Season_2 Episode 35


"For the up coming charity event your majesty,Your dress must be out standing and you should be different from the rest"The famous fashion designer who had been hired days earlier to make my dress for the up coming charity event said as we all sat in the palace patio talking

"What dress would you want me to make you your majesty?"She asked

I wasn't listening because my mind was some where else

I was thinking about what Brian said this morning

What was the truth he was talking about,when he had come in last night,I noticed some thing was off about him but I never would I have thought that it had to do with a secret that he is keeping from me

"Your Highness! Your Highness!"The designer called bringing me back to reality

"What were you saying?"I asked

"That what dress would you want me to make you?"She replied

"I don't know,You decide,I will be counting on your decision"I said and left the patio.

I have to talk to Brian, That is the only way to get This out of my system,I thought as I left the patio heading for the study,He was at home because it was the weekend,so he must be at his study.

""Have a seat!"I said ushering William into one of the chairs but he stood starring down at me

"If you had told her,This house wouldn't be this quiet,Judging from the silence and from the cool on your face,You haven't told her yet ?"He said

"Yes I haven't"I replied

"What are you trying to pull by doing this?"He asked

"That's why have called you to make a deal with you "I said

"Deal? What would that deal be?" He asked

"I will give her back every thing,Her life,her rightful place,Every thing but I won't leave her"I said

"What ?

"I love Emma and am not ready to give her up "I answered

"You have got to be kidding me"He said hitting the table angrily

"This is not a joke William,I love Emma and I won't give her.........."

"What do you think will happen when your parents know the truth,They will try to harm her like they did before,If she is by your side she will come into danger again" He said and I starred at him shocked

"Why are you looking so surprised! Weren't they the one who destroyed her life years ago,What assurance do you have that they wouldn't try to hurt her this time too"He added when I didn't say any thing

"Come out of your little bubble Brian,You aren't good for her,she will always be in danger if she stays by your side,So do what I asked you to do and stop your nonsense!"He said again

I sat still for a while and after assimilating the situation,I was finally able to speak

"Emma's life is in danger because of me!My parents will try to harm her once they know the truth right ?"

"You aren't deaf Brian and I know you are more smarter than this "

"But I love Emma,If I do tell her about it and she decides to forgive me and stay with me, What will you do?"

"That's why am older than you in many ways" He said

"I know my niece,she wouldn't forgive you or your family" He said

"Wrap up what ever you have to in this house and with her ,As soon as you do, I will press charges and make sure I send your father to jail,I do have the proof and I think it's time justice prevail"He said Turning to leave

"You aren't doing this to get justice or any thing,You are doing this for one purpose and we both know that right? "I asked and he stopped to stare at me

"Yes,I think we both know The reason why am so desperate for you to disappear from her life and it's because I want her for myself"He said

"Wow! You are incredible? Isn't she suppose to be your niece"I asked

"She would have been if I had been Sharon biological brother but I am not and so falling in love with her is not a crime at all"

"In love!,you are in love with Emma!"I asked more surprised by his confession

I thought it was nothing but some kind of fling for him but it turns out that he is love with her

"Yes I love her and I won't let you or any one do harm to her,You have been warned,Tell her the truth, Three days is all am giving you"He said

He was about to leave when Emma walked in starring at the both of us in a strange way

Could it be that she had been listening to what we were saying?

How much of it had she heard? I thought as I kept on starring at her .

As soon as I got to the study,I couldn't help but to hear what they were saying

"Three days is all am giving to you"That was the only thing I heard when I opened the door and walked in

I was surprised to see that the visitor he had was William

And the look on their face clearly shows that they are hiding some thing,Like they were sort of doing some thing that is guilty.

"What are you doing here Dora!"Brian asked calling me with Dora name so William won't notice

"I just wanted to see you "i replied

"Did you hear any thing ?"Brian asked

"No,I didn't,Is there some thing that am not allowed to hear"I asked starring at the both of them

"I will take my leave now?"William said leaving the room

"Why was William giving you an ultimatum of three days"I asked and he starred at me in surprise

"I thought you said you said didn't hear any thing "He asked

"Brian,You have been acting strange since last night, What's wrong?"I asked as I went towards him

"It's nothing Emma,Don't concern yourself with what William said,It's some thing that has to do with work"He said as he hugged me close

I don't know why I still had this feeling of doubt,What could Brian be hiding from me,I thought as I held him back

"What's this,Why am I here?"The man who was forced by the guards into the uncompleted building said

"The great king just wants to ask you some questions"One of the guards replied as he removed the blind fold they had used to cover up his face

"Your majesty"the man called as soon as he saw me

"Hello investigator James"I replied starring at him

"Am really sorry that my guard had to bring you here like this but I have to ask you some questions about my son"I said flicking my hands at the guards who was ear shot,They moved away from us and I continued

"What do you want to know about his Highness"The man asked

"You've always worked for my son right?"I asked

"Yes I have"the investigator replied

"Tell me every single thing you have done for him "I said

"But that is confidential your majesty"

"How much is he paying you,I will double the charge"I said and he starred at me in shock at first but then he recovered himself and began to talk

He chose the money after all,I thought as i listened to every thing he said

"There was a job I did for him two years ago,it has some thing to do with his wife"

"Are you talking about Dora ?"I asked

"Yes,I found out that her real identity is not Dora Baxter but Emma Chadwick"He said


"He had been suspicious of her back then,He had given me the job to know what her real identity was and i did what he said"

"Who else knows that She is Emma Chadwick?"I asked

"Just Brian and I,He had asked me to keep it a secret"He said

So Brian knew that the lady with him is not Dora Baxter yet he kept quiet about it

I doubt if Baxter knows the real identity of the girl who is pretending to be Some one else

Emma Chadwick,Who is she and why did she pretend to be some one else and even so where could the real Dora Baxter be? I thought

I wouldn't be here if not for my wife,She had come to me last night,Saying that Brian is out of his mind and that he was talking of what happened twenty years ago and that he was going to do some thing about it.

On hearing that I quickly got into action,I tried speaking to him but he wouldn't see me,I wanted to know what he knew but Brian being Brian wouldn't tell me a thing,So I had to get to his investigator and it seems like he knows a lot and I will surely use him to find out what Brian knew

"I will need you to do some thing for me "I said

"What your majesty?"He asked

"Some thing that will cost you to betray my son,Can you do that?"I asked and he nodded



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