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    (Living the life of a lie)

     #Season_2 Episode 20

            EMMA POV

Leaving Brian I went in search of William, Am sure that he was the who made Diane Campbell confess the truth and he was the one who helped in clearing my name

   I went to the construction site and except for the workers he was no where to be found

I went to the towers where I thought he might be but nothing.

Where could he be? I thought as I began to head back to the palace.

   Just then I thought about the orphanage home,would he be there? I thought to myself 

  I went through the garden once again and I found that all that had been there before had been cleared

  "Please forgive me Emma,I didn't really know,Am sorry" Brian's pleading drifted into my head again

   "You should have known first,Should have trust me a bit"I whispered to myself 

I was about to leave but I stopped when I saw a writting on a stone

I moved towards it and when I saw what was written on it,I crouched in front of it touching the stone

  "He did that before your lunch began"William said behind me suddenly 

"How did you know"I said standing up.

"I was watching every thing"He replied as he walked towards me 

He crouched on the floor fingering the written words on the stone

"Seems like he is desperate to get your forgiveness" 

"Are you going to forgive him "He asked 

"I don't know,Am not sure"I replied 

"My heart wants to forgive him but my brain is saying other wise"

"Why is it saying that?"He asked 

"Last night......last night he......he finally did his duty with your sister"I said 


"I would like to say that it's okay,That I wanted this but I can't,I can't say it William,When I found him on the bed with your sister,I felt so broken,I felt like dying"I said as I felt the tears Threaten to pour

"But I have to be strong,It's the result that we all want right?"I added 

"Every one except you,You are really hurt from all this"He said 

"But I have to be strong, Let's forget about this discussion,I was looking for you to tell you some thing "I said 

"And what's that?"He asked 

"The Diane Campbell case,It was your doing right?"I asked 

"How did you know?"He asked 

"You told me yourself yesterday"Taking hold of his hand,I starred up at him 

"Thanks for clearing my name,Thanks for not making me look like the guilty one in all this and most of all, Thanks for trusting me "I said gently 

"You don't have to thank me,I just did what was right"He said 

"But still I have to thank you, Brian says he can't trust you and that I should stay away from you but I can't, You have truly hold a place in my heart now,Your the friend I never had,Thanks William"I said and did some thing that surprised him 

I stood on tip toe and pecked his cheek gently 

 He looked shocked and surprised at first but when he recovered from the shock he pulled off his hand 

"I.....I still have some work to do,I will see you later"He said and quickly left the garden 

  I stood there starring after him and when he was out of sight,I starred at the writting on the stone again

  "Am sorry" was the word carved on it

"Should I just forgive you "I whispered sadly.

                   WILLIAM POV
I walked into the premises of the grave yard,It's been so long since have payed a visit,I thought 

I took the familiar route that took me to the grave I recognise well 

Putting the flower on the floor,I stared at the grave itself 

"You have been neglected a lot right? No one came to see you"I said 

"How would they! They wouldn't want to come because they are feeling guilty as it is"

"And the only person who would have come doesn't even know of your existence"

"You know i thought I would be able to do this but today I realise that it will be hard"

"She is in love with Brian,The enemy son"

"I thought that it was just a simple love,A love which will certainly dissipate given enough time but seeing her today made me realise that she will be hurt,She will be very hurt when all this is over"

"If only there is a way to stop her from being in love with Brian,Though I want to see them all hurt,I don't want to see her more hurt" I said as I clenched and unclenched my hands 

  'You know your heart best Ivan,Just 
    Follow it '

Like a soothing response her words came back to me

"So I should follow my heart right?"I asked starring at the grave 

"Then I will use the only means I have, I promise to make every one who ruined our lives suffer , I promise you that, Not one of them will survive "I vowed as my mind drifted off to the past 

              FLASH BACK 
                (20 YEARS BACK)
 "Ivan! Ivan! Where are you ?"The voice kept calling and though little Ivan heard he never replied 

He sat in the fields crying gently.

"There you are" The caller said as she finally spotted him 

"Why did you run off?"She asked as she gently patted his back 

"Why won't I! You are leaving and I don't want that"little Ivan replied 

"Hey it's not like am going to a very far place and it's not like you won't be seeing me for good,I will just be getting married "

"To that city prince,You will go to the city and live with him and where will that leave me"little Ivan asked 

"You stay at home and help my father ,Though the farm is not that large,Father still need your assistance "

"You know your father doesn't like me,To him am just a worker in this house,You are the only one who treats me like am a family,You are like the sister I never had and now that you will be getting married,You will be leaving me all alone again "Little Ivan said 

"You little ten year old boy,See the way you are talking,Just like an adult,Come over here"She said as she pulled him into her arms 

"I don't want you to leave Sharon,Don't marry that prince"He begged

"I have to,You know that I love him,Amongst the pretty girls of our Town,He chose me and he loves me,It's only right that I marry him"Sharon replied 

"Then once you are married,Can I come and stay with you, You know am an orphan and I only feel okay if am with you,Can I just go with you Sharon,Please"Little Ivan begged 

"Am still not sure about it"

"Why? You will just tell him that am your younger brother and that I want to live with you or you don't see me like that"

"You know I think of you like my younger sibling,Am very fond of you Ivan and I would like it if you can come and live with me when I get married but first I will have to talk to Gilbert about it,He will be the final decider and if he doesn't agrees,I will force him to"She replied giving him a smile  

"Thanks Sharon, You are the best "Little Ivan said as he hugged her.......


  "If only I knew back then that you marrying that prince will be your end,I would have never let you marry him Sharon"William said still starring at the grave 

"I miss you my sis,I really do"He said as he knelt in front of the grave crying like the ten years old he was 20 years ago

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