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    (Living the life of a lie)
    #Season_2 Episode 11

            EMMA POV

I stayed in the garden starring at every thing both grace and I have made and it all look perfect 

I just had to wait for Brian to show up,I hope that by doing this, I will be able to get  him to forgive me

Jealousy had blinded me and I had decided to mistrust him

I have to get his forgiveness,I thought.

  "Come through here your Majesty"On hearing Grace voice,I quickly hid myself  behind a large tree

 I saw him walk in and when he saw no one he began to call my name

  As sneakingly as I could I hid ran towards him and used my hand to cover his eyes 

"What's this?"he asked 

"I don't want to see your angry face"I said 

"And who told you that I was angry"he asked 

" Because of what I did a while ago,Why didn't you defend your self,Why didnt you tell me that you had to cancel a very important business meeting because you were coming to me "I asked 

"You didn't give me a chance to Emma"He said trying to pull my hand off

"No don't,Let's stay like this,At least until I apologise"I said 

"Really? "he asked 

"Just stay like this and listen to me........Am sorry, Am sorry I doubted you,it would never happen again"I said and he didn't say any thing  

I with drew my hand from his eyes and stood In front of him

 He stayed silent starring at me and I knew that it would take a lot of persuasion to get him to forgive me.

"Brian!"I called softly 

"How are you feeling now?"He asked changing the subject

"Fine,I got treated and am up again"I said

"By your knight in shining armour right?"He asked 

 "Oh Brian,Don't be like this, won't you forgive me"I said as I held his hand

"This is not about me forgiving you,You doubted me Emma and that hurts" He said 

"I know,Am such a fool,I thought you were busy and couldn't make it to me but now that I know that you were delayed at the airport,I feel bad,you don't know how much "I said 

"So please darling,Forgive me this once,I won't ever jump into conclusion again and I won't believe any thing until it comes from you "I begged earnestly 

   He with drew his hand and went to stand by the table,His back turned towards me 

"And do you think that I should forgive you like that ? "He asked 

"Of course you should,if I were in the Same shoes,I would forgive you instantly"I said 

"I don't think so,I can't forgive you yet, Shall we eat,Am starving"He said pulling out  the chair to sit down

Suddenly I lost my temper and lashed out at him 

"You are being a jerk,Have already apologised what more do you want from me?"I said not sitting 

"Let's just sit and eat"

"You eat it your self,Have just lost My appetite"i said walking off

 I didn't make it out of the garden because Brian pulled me and back hugged me 

"Let me go"I said trying to pull free 

"Am sorry,I didn't mean to be a jerk,I was just so hurt and jealous"

"I should have been the one with you,should have taken care of you but I wasn't and knowing that William did it made me furious and jealous"

"I don't like it when you are with another guy apart from me,I don't like it"He said holding me close

Smiling gently I held his hand and relaxed in his arms 

"You don't have to be jealous,You know you are the only I have eyes for,You are the only one I love and certainly the only one I will ever want,A thousand of William won't change that"I said 

 He turned me slowly  in his arms and I starred up at him 

"Its you I love always remember that"I said and he kissed my lips.

"And not a thousands of Alicia will separate us"He said again and kissed me.

  Some one coughing nearby made the kiss stop

We both stared at the intruder and it was none other than The great queen.

"Sorry to intrude"She said giving me a malicious look

"Why are you here mom"Brian asked 

"I came to tell you that Alicia is back from the hospital"

"Am busy right now,I will see her as soon as am through with what am doing"He said 

"She just came back from the hospital,Even if she will be your mistress,you need to be there to make her feel at home"She said again

"Can't you just do it,Am having dinner with my wife"He said

"That can wait right? Emma won't object to you  making sure your mistress to be is okay,Isn't that right Dora"She asked starring at me 

"Of course I don't,You can go Brian,just go and see her in,I will wait here for you"I replied quickly 

"Fine then,I will back soon"He said and kissed me briefly on the lips before walking off 

The queen stayed Long to give me a evil look before walking off.

 I sat down on one of the chair,Feeling down.

Ever since they learner that I couldn't give birth to a child,The queen behaviour towards me had changed.
I still remember those times when she had been caring and loving towards me but every thing changed when she found out that am barren.

 If it were up to her Brian will be marrying Alicia instead of having her as his mistress and if am not careful she will find a way to make that possible.

 I sat there waiting and waiting for him to show up but nothing.

 I was dozing off when I felt some one touch,Waking me up 

I looked up to find grace starring down at me "what's wrong?"I asked 

"Its past your bed time,You should be in door not out door"she said 

"But am waiting for my husband,He said he will be here soon"I said 

I looked at my watch and saw that the time had gone two hours,Where could he be? I thought

"But I just saw him inside dining with Lady Alicia and his parents,I thought you both had finished dinning"Grace said 

"We never had the chance to,The great queen came saying that he had to welcome Alicia,Seems like he forgot I was here"I said sadly 

"But if he knew that you were here,He would have asked some one to come and tell you that he couldn't make it or did he but you didn't know"She asked 

"If he had called,Am not with my phone,So I can't know,Let's pack up all this,"I said sadly 

"Your Highness!"Grace called worriedly 

"I will be fine"I replied the rest of the maid helped to pack up .
Later on I went to my room to change and sleep in.

 As soon as I was dressed in my night gown ,I took my phone and saw his missed call.

He had indeed called me but I didn't take my phone with me .

Why couldn't he have send some one? Why didnt he try to do some thing to tell me that he couldn't make it,He had been busy with Alicia.

No I can't jump into conclusion yet,I had promised him that I wouldnt do it,So until he gives me a good reason, I won't think about it..

 I tried so hard to sleep but sleep didn't come,I had to know the reason why Brian didn't come back and why he didn't bother to get it through to me that he couldn't make it.

 Just then the door opened and he sauntered in.

I layed still while he took off his clothes and went to shower.

He came back a while later and slept beside me on the bed.

 I thought he will sleep off with out talking me to me but he moved and held me close 

"Sorry that I didn't make it back"He said 

"It doesn't matter"I replied gently 

"I couldn't reach you through your phone,So I sent James to you and am sure he did give you the message  because every thing that was set up there was gone "He said

"James!"I said 

"Yes I sent him to you,Didn't you see him?"He asked 

"I did,yes,I saw him"I lied

"Tell me what happened with Alicia"I asked trying to distract him from talking about James

"It has been decided,During the evening,I will go and see Alicia"He said gently and I knew what it was for 

"At least she will have your time in the evening while I have you in my arms in the night"I said lightly trying to be cheerful in a heart breaking situation.

 He lifted my chin and stared down at me "Are you really fine with it or are you just pretending"  He asked 

"I am,I really am fine with it"I replied gently 

"Really? You know that with just one word from you,I will stop all of it"He said

"Truly Brian am fine and you don't have to stop it,It's as important for you as it's as important for me,The child will also be like my child,So stop worrying and give birth to a child I can adore and cherish for life"I said and he pulled me hugging me

"Just keep on loving  and being there for me,As long as you are there,I will be fine"I said

"I love you"He whispered and kissed me,Showing me in many ways how much he loved me.

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