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    (Living the life of a lie)
     #Season_2 Episode 1 

            EMMA POV

"Wake up sweet heart"on hearing Brian voice I opened my eyes.

 He was sitting down beside the bed,Starring down at me 

"What time is it?"I asked as I sat up on the bed

"Its still early morning"He said as he put the break fast tray on my laps

"If it's still early in the morning then you shouldn't be dressed yet,You still have some time before you go to work"I said as I took my first bite

"I know but there is this urgent meeting am having today,The ministers and ambassador made it a very important meeting and I can't skip or miss it" He said 

"Fine then,Go and don't let me stop you"I replied as I continued to eat my food

"Will you be okay?"he asked 

"Of course? Have always been okay with you going to work"I answered

"Fine then,Take care of your self "He said and gave me a kiss before getting up 

"Call me if any thing happens okay" He said and I nodded 

    I waved him off and continued to eat my food.

I can't believe that we have been married for two years already

A marriage of two years that has gone well, We found out that each day we keep on loving each other more.

Keep on trusting one another and we rarely fought,It's like we are the perfect married couples.

 In a few days time,it will be our anniversary and have been planning to surprise Brian with a very big present,I just hope he likes it.

  Thinking about it, There were some things I still had to get for the upcoming Anniversary I was thinking about .

Putting the tray away,I decided to call for the maid who were always by the door

I was about to open it when I heard what they were saying.

"Its been two years,Two good years and there is no child yet"one of them said 

"Maybe they don't want to give birth yet?"the other maid answered

"Or maybe the real reason is that her Highness is barren"

"Shut up! People might hear you"the other maid said hitting the first maid 

"But am saying the truth! If you think it is a lie then ask the rest of the workers,That is what they are saying"She said 

"Well If the queen is barren or not,It's not our concern,Let's just act like we don't know"The other maid replied 

I moved away from the door and sat down on the bed

  So now people are eaves dropping behind me too? I thought 

 Its been two years,Two good years of a great marriage but we never had children

   A medical problem on my side,when we had waited months ago and nothing came,We decided to see a Specialist and that was when he told us that i could not have a children.

  Brian was cool about it but I knew that he wanted kids of his own and I wanted mine too.

I never thought that I will be talked about like this,.

What was I even thinking,people will surely talk, after all it's been two years since we got married and yet nothing.

Sighing I didn't bother to call for the maid,I got dressed my self and as soon as I got out of the room.

 They all bowed before me,Treating me with respect and also talking about me behind my back

          BRIAN POV
"we just can't sit still and not say any thing again, I mean it's been two years and nothing?" One of the minister said amongst the crowd

"Okay this is the third time some one said that,Just Come out with it and stop beating around the bush"I said already getting pissed.

 "Okay we will tell you the reason why we call for this meeting Your majesty"Another replied

"Its been two years and we haven't seen any child,It's the duty of a king to produce an heir who will take over the throne, So why is there no child yet?"one of the asked.

  I had specifically made it clear that i dont want this subject to be brought up, No one in the court had ever defiled that,If they had managed to do it today then Some one must have given them the backing and that can only be my parents.

"What my wife and I choose to do about having children is none of your problem,We are only here to focus on the country not to focus on the king and his family"I said starring at every one of them.

" But what goes on in your life should also be our interests after all you are the king and we have to follow your foot steps"one said again

"Well then you shouldn't follow Any of my foot steps, When the time comes my wife and I will have our child,So I don't want to be called to this court again to talk about my private life,You only have the right to summon Me to the court to talk about the state affair and nothing else,You have been warned"I said and walked out of the court room.

    Instead of going to my room,I went straight to the other apart ment built for the use of my father and mother.

I had to talk to them,Ever since they found out that Emma was barren they have been making trouble between us 

   They would ask me to leave her and marry some one else or they might ask me to get myself another wife or they might ask me to get some one pregnant and bring the child into the palace to live and be trained as the up coming king.

I refused every one of it,They were asking me to betray my wife and that is some thing,I will never do,I thought as I went in to the house.

  My arrival was announced by the guard who was standing by the door and when the door opened,I walked in straight and bowed 

"Have a seat son"He said and I did as he told me

"What brings you here,You hardly ever visit your father"He said starring at me 

"We both know why am here father"I said angrily 

"I don't know why"He denied 

"Well then I will refresh your memory, Why did you take my private life affair to the court to make a talk on it?"I asked 

"I had to,You aren't seeing sense any more, You need an heir of you want to keep on staying on the throne, That wife of yours can't produce that,She is barren !"He said 

"And what if she is barren? What if I don't have kids? I love my wife And I won't let any one hurt her or to talk about us,So father kindly stop with all this,When the time comes,We will have our own child........."

"When will that come? Two years on or better yet never ? You just don't under stand the kind of position and obligation you have Brian!",

" Its not just when you feel like it,It's a must that you have a child,It's one part of the duty of a king,You must have a child before it's too late for you"He said 

"As have said father,When the time comes,We will make a baby,So for now please stop pestering us and leave us out of your state affairs,I won't Ask again"I said and stormed out of the room and I didn't notice Emma who stood beside the door.

            EMMA POV
I had been told that the great king needed to see me and when I got to the apartment that had been given to him,it was to listen to the conversation Brian was having with his father.

 Just knowing that I was already being disapproved of by the man that assured Me that I will keep on being with his son made me feel sad 

And every thing is because I can't give birth to a child,I thought sadly.
"Your Highness the great king will see you now" The guard said to me and I braced my head and heart for the up coming confrontation.

  I walked in and bowed gently "have a seat"He said and I did as he told me 

"You must already know why I called you here"He said and gently I nodded 

"Don't you think it's time you start to produce an heir for my son,it's been two years already"He said 

"We are still working on it your majes........"

"You don't have to lie to me,I know that you are barren and that you can't have a child"He said so sudden that I was shocked from hearing it from his lips

"I.......... I"

"Don't you think you are being unfair to your husband,He already has the whole country affair to weigh him down,Don't let your barrenness do the same thing to him"He said 

"I try not to make him worry and Brian isn't complaining"I said gently

"He wouldn't say it so he won't break your heart but you have to be told the truth,Your barreness isn't helping your husband,Infact it is destroying him,Did you know what those ministers are saying behind his back,Do you know that they are waiting for the opportunity to get in to his seat,Do you want that for your husband?" He asked and I Shaked my head 

"Then you will only have to do some thing to help him"He said and I starred at him suspiciously

"What will that be?"

"He will have to get married to another wife" he said starring at me. 

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