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      (Living the life of a lie)
              Episode 50
 Final episode for #season_1 

             EMMA POV

I began to struggle,Trying to get out of his arms but he was too strong for me

"Don't try to struggle,Cause I won't let you"He said as he held me tightly 

I nodded my head gently and he began to pull me towards the window

Would he really take me away like this, With out any one knowing and Brian, Brian would be so worried about my disappearance

"Now listen to me,We will be getting out of here by going through the window but before we do that,I want you to prepare some thing down for Brian,we don't want him Getting worried right?"he asked as he pulled his hand from my mouth

"Micheal please! Don't do this"I begged gently 

"Its too late for you to beg,Now let's hurry and get out of here"He said pushing me into one of the chairs

            BRIAN POV
"Your Highness we have a problem"my PA whispered into my ear as I stood amongst the ambassadors

"Can't it wait?"I asked

"It can't,it's about her Highness" on hearing that it was about Emma,I focused on him immediately

"What happen to my wife?"I asked 

"Its been a while now and the guards haven't been able to locate her"He said 

"What do you mean by they haven't been able to locate her? She told me she had to go and take some thing in her room, She must still be there"I said as I began to head to her room

"According to the guards,They have searched but nothing"my PA said behind me.

I collected my phone from him and dialled her number but nothing 

  I called again and still nothing, I got to her room and she was not there.

I dialled her number again and her phone began to ring in the room.

  I searched for it and when I saw it,I cut the call and as soon as I did that,Some thing popped up on it 

A video,I played it only to see Emma sitting on a chair while Micheal point a gun to her head 

"Hello Brian,you didnt think I will come back right"Micheal said starring at the camera 

"Well I did and have decided not to kill either of you,I figured that by staining your blood with my hand won't be fun at all,So have decided to take what belongs to you "He said starring at Emma who was scared

"That bastard"I yelled 

"If you want your wife back,You only have to bring a sum of 10 million and nothing less,After all I deserve it, after going through a lot of trouble and if you pull the same trick you pulled before Emma dies and I mean it"He said 

"As soon as the video end you will receive a message,It will tell you where to find me,So bring the money and don't you dare call the cops or I swear Emma will suffer "He said and the video ended.

As soon as the video ended,The message got in and as soon as I saw the address,I left the room immediately.

         EMMA POV
I sat on the floor while I watched Micheal chatting with Nina and his goons

I should have know that Nina would also be a part in Micheal plans

 This time they hadn't taken me to a house or an abandoned building,we were at some sort of mountain

  I had been Unconscious when we were coming,so I don't have a clue about the place.

I just woke up and found myself on the floor, Brian must have seen the video by now and knowing him,Am very sure that he would want to give Micheal the 10 million and I don't want that,I thought.

 "What are you thinking about?"He asked And I didn't answer

"Oh you must be worried about your darling,Don't worry he will surely come to save you and he will certainly bring the money"Micheal added

"Congratulations on being the queen"Nina said acidly 

"Being the queen certainly makes you feel good right?"she asked coming to stand beside me

"Yes it certainly makes me feel like one,After all you lost the chance at being a queen, You must be so full Of envy"I said taunting her

She raised her hand to slap me and I closed my eyes expecting her slap but nothing came 

I opened my eyes to find Brian standing in front of me and he was holding Nina hand.

"Don't you dare lay a hand on her"he said as he starred angrily at them

"My God,You really did come Brian"Micheal said as he stood up and walked towards us

Brian let go of Nina hand and he bent and help me up 

"Have brought your money and I told no one as you requested,Now my wife and I would leave together"He said and immediately Micheal goons came to us .

One pulling me away and the other pulling Brian too

They kicked him and he knelt on the floor

"Did you really think that I will let you go scot-free, You just don't learn Brian,You did the same thing the first time and yet you are doing it again Or is it that you just want to be pompous in front of your wife?"he asked 

"If I wanted to be pompous,I would have been beating the day light out of you"He said angrily

"My God Brian,You just don't know how to give up,Don't you think that have won right now?"

"I don't think so,some one who seats all day just plotting on how to destroy another calls him self a winner,To me you are nothing but a loser"Brian said 

And out of anger, Micheal kicked him in the stomach and he fell holding onto his stomach

"Micheal stop,Please!!!"I begged behind him 

"Your stupid husband just don't know how to give up"he said kicking him again

"No please Micheal,Please stop it"I kept on begging,Trying to free myself from the goons that held onto me

Brian looked up at me and gave me a smile and then he looked up at him and gave him a smile too

Micheal got so furious that he continonusly kicked him.

I screamed at him,Begged for him to leave Brian alone but Micheal wouldn't listen.

"Please stop Micheal,It's enough!!!"I yelled at him and Micheal stopped

"I wont stop until Brian begs me,Have always long to see him Beg, Every chance he got,He always insulted me and today is the day I pay him back in return"He said

"No please! Just leave him alone"I yelled at Micheal

"Just stop it Emma,You don't have to beg him, do what ever you want right now because I won't ever,ever beg you Micheal"He said giving him a smile and that riled Micheal up again

"Fine then,Since beating you doesn't hurt,Why don't I try some thing else"He said and turned to me 

He walked towards me and slapped my face "what are you doing!"Brian yelled and he turned to look at him

"That got a reaction from you right, watch how I make Emma pay for your sins"He said and before I knew it,I receive a hard blow on my stomach 

"Let her go!"Brian yelled at him

"Why? The fun is just starting" he said and he flicked his hands and immediately his goons began to draw me towards the cliff edge

"Stop it!"I heard Brian calling out 

They got to the edge and held me over it "with just one word,They will let her go and if they do,She will die,So what do you say,Are you ready to beg'" he said starring at Brian

"Fine,Let my wife go and I will beg,That is what you want right? "he said 

"Am no longer sure,I think hurting Emma is more fun now"He said and flicked his hand and immediately the guards let go of my hand a bit 

"I said I will apologise,What more do you w........."

"Its the police!" The police officers who came to our rescue said pointing the gun at Micheal and his gangs

Out of fear the two guards holding me let me go and I found my self falling but luckily I manage to hold onto some thing

Brian came to my rescue pulling me up while the police arrested Micheal and his men.

  "Are you okay?"Brian asked and I nodded my head holding him tight

"Are you okay now your Highness"The police said 

"Yes we are,How did you find out I was here?"Brian asked

"We got a call from your P A and you weren't hard to locate because we had put a tracker in your phone"He said 

"Thank God you came"I whispered still holding onto Brian

Just then I saw Micheal snatch one of the police men gun and turned towards me and Brian and before we could do a thing,He shot at us.

I walked around the palace feeling so alone and bored

The house feels so empty ,Though the maids and other workers were here with me,I still felt so alone.

Its been three months after the coronation day and Brian is not here beside me.
 Why did he have to leave,I thought as I stood by the balcony

"Your Highness"one of the maid called running in

"What's wrong?"

"Some one is down stairs,They want to talk to you"She said 

Knowing that it might be a state affair matter,I went with the maid.

Ever since what happen on the day of the coronation,Have been the one handling the problem of the state.

"In here your Highness"The maid said opening the door that led to the garden and I starred at her in surprise, Would the person be waiting in the garden,I thought as I walked out.

  A man stood with his back turned towards me and before he turned i already knew who it was

"My love"I called as I ran into Brian arms, He carried me and spin me around before putting me down

"Did you miss me?"He asked 

"Of course,You leaving for a business trip for three months is not something easy"I said hitting his shoulder

"You know I had to and its for both our sake"

"For our sake?"

"Yes,I went there to finish every business I had there,so I can stay here with you all the time"He said and I smiled

"You have no idea how much I missed you"I said hugging him again

"And I do too,And so now that am back, our marriage will be a real one ,though you still want to live as Dora,I don't mind as long as you are with me"He said 

"I agree with you on that, each time I think about it,I think it was destiny that brought me here, it knew I had to meet you"I said 

"Yes, Destiny,and we also have the late Micheal to thank for that,If he hadn't persuaded you to come then I wouldn't have met you" He added

"If only he hadn't taken the police gun,He would still be alive now"I said gently 

"Don't feel sad okay,Micheal chose his own path and what ever happen is all his fault,What we should do right now,Is to forget the past and start again"

"Yes Brian let's start again"I said gently and he kissed me 

"I love you"I whispered

"And I too"he replied.
"doctor please come,Come check on the patient,I don't know what is wrong with her"The nurse said running to the doctor
Immediately they both ran into the patient room and on walking in they stopped on seeing the patient

"She.....she......she is finally awake" They both chorused starring at the patient who lay on the bed with her eyes open. 


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