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 (Living the life of a lie)

            Episode 35

        BRIAN POV

"I just asked you a question right? Why the hell are you here!"

 "I was waiting for you"She replied clutching the sheets around her

"Why were you?"I asked 

"Because we have to talk, You have been avoiding me Brian,What's going on?"She asked looking like an innocent

  That was one of the reasons I fell for her but it was all a facade 

"And why do you think that some thing is wrong?"I asked 

"You keep on avoiding me!"

"Try guessing why am avoiding you?"I said suddenly having a plan etched up in my head

"If I knew I wouldn't be Asking you ?"She replied 

"Then I will Show you why! If you want to know put on your clothes and come with me"I said leaving the tent 
    She quickly put on her clothes and ran after me 
 How dare Dora set me up with her? Have told her already to stop and since she won't stop trying to be the match maker, I will have to find a way to stop her.

   With Nina trailing behind me, I went in search of Dora and when I saw her, I went to her and pull her by her arm

"Why are you here? You are suppose to be reconciling with........"She stopped when she saw the angry look on my face

"Just what the hell are trying to do"I yelled at her and she starred at Nina before starring at me 

I did the same thing and knowing just how to get back at Nina

I pulled Dora to me and kissed her right in front of Nina.

  She tried to pull free but I held her more tightly and lavished her mouth, I know that by seeing this ,Nina will get pissed off and leave and she did just that.

   I noticed her leave and Instead of stopping the kiss, I found myself still kissing Dora, It wasn't until she pushed me that I let her go 

"What was that for?"She said starring at me 

"Am sorry, I just had to find a way to get rid of Nina"I replied 

"And so you decided to do this instead!"She said looking very serious

"I wouldn't have done it if you didn't tell her to wait in the tent for me, I thought I told I told you not to meddle?"I said 

"Well then try to fix what ever problem you have with her

"I will fix it when I want to ,okay!" 

"You really enjoy doing that right?"She said suddenly 

"Doing what?"

"Making me look like a fool!",

"What does that have to do with this?"

"Why would you kiss me when you feel nothing, I bet that you did the same thing with Nina and that was what made her fall for you and now that she is so madly in love,You decide to discard her, Well I won't be your next victim"She said angrily And stormed off.

  "Why is she trying her best to cover up for that liar"I muttered to my self as I watched her leave.

  I went back to the tent and was glad to find it empty

  I hadn't been thinking when I kissed Dora, What made me do something like that in the first place.

  I thought as I touched my lips,I just wanted Nina to feel hurt just as I felt when I heard her telling Dora that she doesn't love me 

If I can guess right, I know that she would be mad at me but she certainly wouldn't be hurt.

   Feeling tired,I changed my clothes and slept on the sheets and no matter how hard I tried, Sleep wouldn't come, I kept on thinking about Dora and I wondered where she might be.

  I stayed awake waiting to for her and when it seemed like she wasnt going to come, I stood up wanting to go and search for her but when I heard some one footsteps I quickly layed on the bed, Pretending to be asleep.

  She came in and knowing that she was fine got me Kind of relieved

Still pretending to be asleep, I felt her starring down at me 

 "I wonder if he is asleep"She muttered and walked off

  I opened my eyes to see what she was doing and when I saw her taking off her clothes,I quickly looked away,It's not like I haven't seen a naked lady before,So why am I like this with Dora.

   She got into the sheets and within minutes she was off.

  I couldn't sleep for a while and when I did sleep it was to be awaken by her 

 She had her eyes closed and she kept on calling "Daddy"

 Seems like she was having a nightmare,I thought as I tried waking her up

  She didn't budge and when I wanted to get up,She held my hand tightly saying "Please don't go,Stay here with me,Please!" She said as the tears slipped from her eyes 

"But I have to......."

"Please daddy! Don't leave me"She said again holding onto my hand and having no choice I layed beside her and drew her to me,Trying to give her comfort and at the same time wondering what had happened with her dad.

                 EMMA POV
I woke up to find myself in Brian arms,Why do I always end up being in his arms,I thought as I tried to pull away as gently as possible,So I wouldn't wake him up

  But it seemed like he was awake already be cause he kept on pulling me back

"Will you let me go!"I said starring at his closed face

"Not until you tell me why you kept on calling for your father in your sleep, What happen?"He asked 

" When did I do that"

"You had a night mare and you kept on crying for your dad,Tell me did some thing happen to you"He added

 "Nothing!"I said managing to pull free from him 

"Why won't you try to confide in me,I might be able to h........"

"You can't help,You can't,All you can do for me now,Is to go back to Nina, I don't know what happen between you two but I will like it if you don't use me like you did last night, To you my feelings might be nothing but to me it's some thing"I said and without waiting for him to reply,I went out of the tent.

       The charity auction will be taking place in the villa that belonged to Romeo.

   A lot of people had come and while every one mingled, I found myself staying on my own.
Parties like this aren't my thing,I wish I was some where else. I thought as I kept on sipping the wine.

"I knew it was you Emma!"A woman said behind me

I turned to see my old class mate Lisa Brandon starring at me

"My God, How did you get into this kind of party or are you telling me that you got married to a rich fool"Lisa asked avidly

  Lisa Brandon had been attending the same school with me but she was a spoilt rich brat who snob and bullies others,I had been one of the students she bullied 

   Its been years since have last seen her,why did I have to meet her at this charity auction

   She is the only one who knows me apart from Nina

"Say some thing,I would like to know why you are here"She said touching me 

  But the guards who had been watching over me and Brian came to my rescue

One of them pulled her away "You cant touch her Highness"He said and Lisa starred at him and then at me again

"Her Highness,but.....but"

"Miss Lisa,I think your main focus should be the charity auction,You shouldn't be bothering my wife"Brian said as he came to stand beside me 

"Your wife?"she echoed his word

"Yes my wife,Now if you wouldn't mind,we will mingle with other guest"Brian said 

"But she is Emma!"Lisa said and I stopped 

  This is what have been afraid of, I thought this day wont be coming true but it's all happening right here,Right now and I Am not even prepared for it.

  "Its you right! You are Emma!"She said again and I stood starring at her, wishing the ground will open and swallow me up

  But Knowing that if the secret should be exposed,My father will pay for it,I summon the courage within me and placing a false smile on my face,I turned to stare at her

"Am definitely not Emma,it seems like you have mixed us up with each other miss,Am Dora Baxter"I said

"But that's impossible !"she retorted

"I would ask you miss to stop right now, you are making my wife uncomfortable with your weird accusations, She is Dora Stone and it will best if you avoid her through the end of the party"Brian added and together we walked off.

    I was expecting him to take me into the party but I was surprised when he stirred me into one of the empty room.

"What the hell was that about?"he asked me

I knew this was going to happen but I won't let them find out the truth.

Fixing a smile on my face,I turned to stare at him 

"What are you talking about ?"

"Don't play dumb with me? Why was that lady calling you Emma?"

"She made a mistake,She thinks I look like some one she knew "

"But she looked so sure of it"

"She must be mistaken,I don't know any one who is called Emma and maybe I might just look so much like that Emma girl"I replied gently 

He was about to ask another question when his phone rang and he picked 

"Fine I will be there soon" He said after listening to the caller

"Am going back to the auction,Are you coming ?"

"Not yet,I have to fix my make up "I replied and he nodded and left the room.

  That was close,I thought as I leaned on the wall.

             BRIAN POV 
Emma! Emma! Emma ! That name had been the one that always haunt me each night .

   She had left without giving me the chance to apologise and have lived with guilt for a very long time.

 When I had the means,I had hired private investigators to help me search for her,To look through every girl that beared the name Emma but its still the same.

  And now that lady had called Dora,Emma and if Dora is not the Emma then the Emma might still be out there and possibly she could be the girl have been searching for

Bringing out my phone,I dialled the investigator number. 

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