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Season 5

Episode 20{Final}

Pieces of puzzle- Part 3 (Missing b/w 49 & 50)

Eve’s POV:

I felt slight pain in my head when I woke up and sluggish. I opened my eyes to be greeted by a dark room. There was a small round window letting a small amount of light inside where I was sitting. My hands were tied by chains that were connected to the wall. What was I even doing here? I started recollecting the events. I remember playing Frisbee with everyone. Later Louis and I went to the last stall to get ch.i.p.s and cool drinks for all of us, that’s when I felt a throbbing pain on my head as though someone hit me with a bat.

I caught some movement in the room and felt a little wary about it. Hehe but a little happy, I had company and was not alone in the room.

“Eve, you okay?” It was Louis and I could not see him well due to the darkness.

“Yeah, but my head hurts like crazy. What about you?” I asked him and heard him groan a little.

“I think they injected something and by the feel of it, its onyx,” he said dryly, “Onyx is a potion that’s created by witches and is a dangerous weapon against us vampires and werewolves. A small amount of it is enough to paralyze the supernatural abilities, including the immortality,” he explained.

“So your not a vampire now?” I asked shocked with the information.

“I am but due to the dosage in my body,” he replied. I heard him yanking the chain and curse something under his breath.

“Do you know who’s behind this?” I asked him softly checking the binds on my hand, it was done tightly.

“No but we’ll find out soon. You can speak loudly here, the room is soundproofed. I think everyone might have already noticed that we are missing. Before the potion could take affect I pulled the trigger to alert,” he said making me furrow my brows.


“Both Lizzy and I were gifted with a necklace and a ring each. It has a trigger alarm that lets the other know if any of us are in danger,” he explained and I left a sigh of relief. That’s a good thing.

“You’re Ariana, an ex-council,” Louis spoke. I turned to seem him and gasped looking at an ugly bruise formed on his cheekbone.

“Louis Wolfric,” Ariana sang his name and was in front of him in a second holding his neck, “I don’t like being called that, so I would ask you to refrain from using that term, yes?” she asked before letting go of his neck and he coughed.

“Why are you doing this? You stepped out of the council by your own free will,” Louis said his eyes strained on her. She laughed bitterly. Why would someone like her try doing this?

“Revenge perhaps. People just don’t know that what goes around comes around again,” she said reminding me of Justin Timberlake’s song, “Your brothers made sure to corner me so that I would quit it and had no way to come back. They don’t know what it means to lose something you like and now the time has finally come to show them,” she turned to look at me and smirked.

I was scared now at what she was going to do. Louis being non-vampire was not helpful, who knows if Ruka and the others even tracked where we were. Louis spoke after few minutes.

“You told her blood was sweet as he told. Whom are you working with?” he asked with narrowed eyes. She just smiled at it. The door opened once but this time to be greeted by two men and one, which I was familiar with.

“Hello Eve, it’s good to see you again,” the person said standing in the entrance with his blonde hair and ear piercing with a creepy smile.

“You?!” Louis told. My mind had gone blank now. It was Trent.

“Yes it’s me,” Trent smirked and came to stand next to Arianna, “I guess you have met my sister. Eve, I missed you,” he told facing me and I cringed at it. I definitely did not miss him. I decided to ignore whatever he said trying to tune him out but something about him was very different. I felt the aura of darkness near him filled with negative energy.

“What do you want?” Louis asked with a cold glare directed towards Trent.

“That’s for me to know and you to guess,” Trent told walking towards where I was and sitting in front of me, “But I’m tired with this cat and dog games so let me come to the point. You see one of your brothers broke my sister’s heart cruelly,” he said and I felt my heart sink a little. Did Ruka do something to her?

“It’s not Ruka,” he said tilting his head, “It’s the other one. Arianna did what he said and he betrayed her in the end,” he said and held my face in his hand tightly that I couldn’t move.

“Keep your hands off her,” Louis growled angrily trying to untie the restrains on his hand but Trent just laughed at it.

“You are being deeply sedated by the onyx; it’s no use with the binds. I was shocked to hear first when one of my men informed about the possibility of our king having a mate. My fascination for you increased day by day. I wanted to have you. I did not expect your mate to come join the school, it was an unexpected thing. You were just a useless human in the beginning but who knew you were the king’s mate. A sweet young human and the blood that ran through your veins were tempting but your blood smelt different. We thought it might be so as you were mated to the king but that isn’t it, it didn’t take us much time to figure it out,” he said smirking and I looked at him confused. What was he getting at?

“Every time there would be someone or the other to interrupt but it didn’t stop me. I wanted you and my sister needed revenge, everything just fits in perfectly,” he said his hands playing with my loosened hair.

“How did you get hold of the onyx potion? No witch can willingly do it for a human,” Louis said and I saw Trent get up.

“Louis Louis,” Trent chanted his name, “We first asked one of the pure breed family witch to do it but that didn’t go well. Truth to be told we never needed one. I had jinxed Megan; she was stupid and annoying trying to spoil my plan which she obviously didn’t know. It got enough time for one of my men to collect data from Eve.”

All along Megan and Trent worked together. Or was it after sometime? But that didn’t explain from where he got the potion unless he had one of them working for him.

“You have a witch,” I blurted out.

“I am a witch, sweetheart,” he smirked and Arianna just laughed at it, “Shocked?” Yes, I was shocked or confused you could say. Wasn’t he a vampire that too of low rank? This was crazy.

“It’s impossible,” Louis, declared, “You are a low life vampire.”

“Trent is a hybrid,” Arianna replied to our questions, “He’s a born hybrid of vampire and witch. With his witch powers one can hide or manipulate his nature.” Trent looked at me and raised his hand. I felt a sudden rush of pain flood through my body and screamed loudly with the pain becoming unbearable.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” I continued to scream.

“Stop it!” Louis growled and at it both the siblings only laughed.

“I want to try something and see if it’s going to work,” Trent said continuing with his torture. I heard the door open and someone speak but I could not hear it properly as I experienced pain. After few seconds, I felt the pain come down, “You remember Kallum, don’t you Eve? He was the one who got us samples of you. He looks like a vampire but he isn’t.” I lifted my head to see Kallum standing at the door with a bored look.

“Incubus,” Louis whispered enough for me to hear him.

“That’s right. Smart one you are,” Trent said and continued to talk, “Kallum untie Eve’s binds on her hand,” he instructed

“Let us go,” I pleaded. Swearing at him would just get us into more problems, “We didn’t do anything. We’ll just forget this even happened.”

“I can’t do that and if my assumptions are right then I’m going to mate you. You are so pure that I feel like tainting it. Of course Louis would be executed,” he said slyly and I just wanted to puke at him for the thought. Kallum unbounded the ropes from my hand and rubbed my hands, “Now let’s try something, shall we?” I did not know what he wanted to try but the second he lifted his hand my body went stiff thinking about the earlier encounter.

As I expected, my body went through extreme pain but this time it was ten times worse than before. It went for about ten minutes and I could not take it anymore. My throat felt hoarse with so much of screaming. I just wanted to die, no more. My eyes were streaming with tears running down my cheek. I do not know when Trent stopped with his sadistic pleasure but the room was quite now. My body was exhausted to the extreme.

When I opened my eyes tiredly I saw Louis, Kallum and Arianna looking at me with shocked expression. It scared me why they held that facial expression now.

“I knew it,” Trent looked at me triumphantly. When I tried moving, I felt a little heavy on my back.

“She’s an angel!” Ariana exclaimed and my eyes flew open instantly hearing that. I moved my hand to touch my back but felt something soft. Don’t tell me it was wings! Oh my God oh my God, I was an angel. I would have been doing a happy dance if I wasn’t in this situation but I was in threat I realised looking at Trent having an evil gleam in his eyes.

“Yes, dear sister. An angel,” he said looking at me, “But a newborn one, we’ll have to train her to gain her full potential and then continue-” I could not concentrate the rest of the words he spoke. I felt drained out and weak, my muscles hurting me. I felt my eyelids close slowly and I let the darkness take over my body.

When I woke up the next day, it was just me and Louis in the room. He was on floor and looked out of shape. The potion was affecting him badly I could say. I was placed on a cot and it looked like my wings had vanished. Trent continued with his torture thinking it would train me. I was not a freaking dog to be trained!

It was the third day here today staying in this prison like room. Yesterday I was taken to another room and Trent had tried touching me but something set off within me breaking the door and getting cracks on the wall. I was beyond scared, he stopped then but there was no guarantee that he would not try again. I felt dirty about myself now after it. Tainted, was the word that passed through my mind. Louis encouraged me throughout telling me Ruka would find me but I could not take the pain anymore. I wanted Ruka to find me soon, I missed him so much.

“Eve, stop crying. It’s going to be okay,” Louis, said snapping me from my thoughts. I touched my cheeks to feel it wet.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized for what I did not know.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Eve. I should be the one asking for forgiveness. That bastard,” Louis said with gritted teeth and clenching his fist, “I’m supposed to be protecting you and I’m not able to accomplish such a small thing.” I shook my head at it.

“It isn’t. If it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be in this kind of situation and you would also have a mate,” I told feeling guilty.

“I was fated that way. Most of our kind do not have a mate or a beloved to spend the eternity but I was graced to be your protector and that too an angel. Do you know how gifted that is for me and Derek?” he asked me, “If it weren’t for you, there would be no purpose for us to live. You are a sweet and a gentle person with a forgiving heart. You are beautiful and I am sure Ruka has reminded you of how pure you are. So do not feel guilty or bad about it. It will be over soon,” he assured me.

I nodded my head meekly and silence surrounded us. After an hour or so we heard footsteps across the door. It was as if people were moving around fast and shouting instructions. This continued for over fifteen minutes when the door opened to show Kallum.

“What’s going on?” I asked him, when he began walking towards me.

“Your mate is here,” he smirked at me and pulled me up so that I would stand on my two feet. I felt my heart flutter at the thought.

One second he was smirking but the other second his face looked blank scaring me. His body went still. First, I thought I had done something to him. I glanced at Louis whose face looked relaxed. Kallum’s body fell sideways with a thud and I looked up to be greeted by red and purple eyes.

I jumped into Ruka’s arms and he embraced me tightly in his arms. He nuzzled my neck and I felt him inhale my scent. I just wanted to stay like this but we had to get out. I looked up to see him.

“I was so worried, I missed you,” he said, “I’m sorry, I took time to find you,” he apologized to me his palm on my cheek and I shook my head in denial. Ruka came for me. It did not matter how long it took him to find us but he found me was all that mattered.

“That’s alright,” I told him and he smiled at me.

“Looks like we have an angel in the family now.” I turned around to see Sebastian’s arms being sucked by Louis. Louis’s face was returning back to its normal color. When Louis looked a little better, the next thing I know is both Sebastian and Ruka on the ground. Trent stood with three men of his at the door with darts.

“Such a sad ending story,” Trent said in a mocking tone. I bent down to check Ruka’s pulse but I felt nothing. I felt my stomach drop.

“What did you do?!” I demanded at him.

“You didn’t think we weren’t prepared for them now did you. Both of them have been injected with onyx but with heavy doses. Sebastian with a little as my sister would like to deal with him but Ruka…he has no purpose and is a threat. Onyx works on hybrids too,” he said. No no no, this couldn’t be happening.

“Ruka wake up!” I said shaking his body but felt no response from him, “No no, please come back,” I said my tears streaming down my cheeks. This couldn’t be happening, Ruka was a strongest supernatural in the whole world, a hybrid of a vampire and a werewolf.

“He’s dead, its of no use,” Trent chuckled.

“Shut up,” I snapped at him,”Please wake up,” I said shaking him again but was of no vain. Ruka had himself told onyx could kill any werewolf or vampire. I had planned so many things with him. We were yet to be married, have kids. He couldn’t leave me. I couldn’t take in the truth that was right in front of me. I continued crying and had started hicouping.

Even though blood was fed to Louis he hadn’t gained his strength and one of the men held him in place. Trent pulled my arm and took me to the cot that was in the corner of the room and my fear started building up.

“You know I waited thinking I’ll mate you in your angel form but I don’t have that patience anymore,” he said pushing me to the bed. No, this was not happening, all this was just a sick dream. Trent got on the bed to hover me. I would rather die than be with this guy, Ruka was gone, that was enough of a reason.

I tried struggling but it was of no use. He pulled me up tearing my shirt out and baring his sharp canine teeth ready to mark me, I closed my eyes. When Trent bent down to mark me we heard a crash behind. Trent turned to look annoyed.

“Impossible,” he whispered to himself in shock, “No its not real.” When I looked to see what was happening, I stopped breathing.

The two men who were standing idle where at the floor, their blood splattered across the wall murderously. In front of me stood a creature. I could feel the heavy aura filling the room. It was a dark one. A creature with sharpest canine teeth I had ever seen and eyes with slits burning red in color. It had the darkest black wings behind its back. One word that described it was-deadly. But I wasn’t scared of it because it was my one true love.

“How dare you even think of touching her,” Ruka growled loudly baring his teeth at Trent and looking feral. When I looked at Trent he looked shocked and I could see a trace of fear in him.

Ruka looked more dangerous and powerful. I being an Angel was a shock but he being a franchixer was even more shocking.

This just the beginning just cooking volume 2

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