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Season 5

Episode 9

“Oh my god,” Jessi whispered staring at Louis’s limp body.

“Does that mean the imposter is in the school right now?” I asked Ruka.

“Leo and the others are trying to find the person but there’s no trace left behind. There’s nowhere about of where the imposter went after the match. The security is tight today, therefore, I doubt anyone would miss it but my gut says the person isn’t here anymore,” Ruka explained and then looked at my arm, taking it one of his hand to have a closer look, “Did you disinfect it?”

“Yeah, in the infirmary,” I replied while he ran a finger on the scar given less than an hour back, “That hurts.”

“Because it hasn’t been disinfected properly. Don’t move, love,” he said as he leaned towards my arm to place his lips on the wound making me squirm as people were staring at us. I felt him suck on the skin making me cringe in pain but after a few seconds, it felt like needles were being injected into my skin. He later pulled back and spit the little amount of blood out and spoke, “There was venom in it, someone’s intent on hurting you. We need to go somewhere once we are done with this. Sebastian take Louis to Annesana,” Sebastian nodded with a yes and carried Louis out of the room.

“Aren’t we done here?” Aiden asked.

“Not yet, Aiden,” Ruka answered, “We killed two and you guys killed two of them but there were five empty cases.”

“There’s one more left,” Derek said, “It’ll be easier to split into two and search it,” he suggested.

“Ah-I don’t think that’s necessary anymore, Derek,” Jessi said looking wide-eyed at the door.

Hearing it I frowned and looked at the direction to see the zombie-like being standing there with its head hung low. Aiden and Derek took a step forward, ready to fight it but Ruka raised his hand making them stop.

“This one is much stronger than the one’s we have encountered. Look at the marking on the hands,” Ruka said and I looked at the black criss cross ink on its hands that went up to it’s arms. When it raised it’s head I clutched my sword as I looked at its jagged teeth, “It’s an ancient marking that was used in the old era to summon black magic. One wrong move can cost a life,” he warned us.

The already dead body observed us, moving it’s head slowly to see the people in the room.

“What is it doing?” Jessi asked as we saw it’s hand move behind it’s back.

“Taking a stance like a ninja maybe,” was Aiden’s witty reply, “Or samurai…” he said as the dead being pulled out a sword from it’s back. It was exactly the same sword that was given to the contestants who participated in the sword fight, I turned to Ruka and spoke,


“The imposter,” he completed my sentence.

How was it possible that this creature standing in front of us was the one who was behaving as Louis? It looked just like a normal dead body like the rest we had encountered today, except for the jagged teeth and markings. Was the markings the reason why it could shapeshift? When I looked into its hollow eyes it stared right back at me, its lips slowly curled making it look scary as hell.

“Everybody see to it that nobody makes a direct contact with it, we don’t know what abilities it possesses. Aiden get Leo here,” Ruka ordered Aiden who grumbled much to his displeasure as he wanted to fight it.

One moment it was standing and the next thing I knew it was right in front of me with its sword raised but Ruka was quick to defend me from the attack with a sword. The dead being used its full energy to fight him while he used only one of his hand to fight it with ease. Though it was fighting its eyes were on me instead of Ruka’s, the room was filled with clashes and sparks from the swords.

“Eve,” my name passed through its lips with a twisted smile before Ruka beheaded it. I felt my body run cold after hearing it say my name. Ruka and Derek bent down to examine the body when Jessi raised a question,

“How could it speak? I thought dead people didn’t speak,” she said standing next to me. I crouched to look at the markings.

“It’s being controlled by someone, this is just one of the puppet’s of the mastermind whose behind all this,” Ruka answered.

He later got up to talk to Leo about the bodies, to check the dungeon if there was anything useful there that could lead us to something. While everyone where busy discussing what just happened, I felt Jessi hold my wrist and felt it unusually cold. The grip got tighter and when I turned towards her she wasn’t there next to me. My eyes snapped to my wrist and I shrieked to see that it was the dead being holding my wrist in an iron grip. Derek was quick to cut off the arm and did the same with the other one.

“Is it alive?” Aiden asked nudging its body with his leg. I got up taking a few steps back and felt Ruka’s arm snake around my waist, bringing me closer to him protectively.

“It is. The black magic is still intact with its body giving it the power to move,” Ruka answered, “Leo take this one to the dark forest after inspecting the dungeon below thoroughly. Aiden drop Jessi to her mansion safely. Derek stay here and help Matthew with cleaning up the bodies while we are gone.”

“Where are you going?” Aiden asked his hands in his pocket now.

“The Lark’s mansion,” Ruka’s replied. I went to the arena room to pick my bag pack while Ruka had gone to talk to his men. The student who had fought against Louis in the first round was there getting his wounded arm cleaned from my history teacher Olivia.

“Ms. Whitlock, aren’t you going home?” She asked once she saw me.

“I came to get my backpack which I had left here,” I replied her and she nodded. The wound on the boy’s arm looked deep as she bandaged it, “You should go to the infirmary to get it checked,” I suggested.

“The nurse was unavailable in the infirmary but I did get the medicines,” she said pointing towards a set of tools on the tray. One instrument was like a thin knife like rod and I wondered what it was used for, “Wounds are better to be healed before it gets infectious. Don’t you think so?” she asked as I saw her eyes flicker meeting my eyes and I gave her a weak nod.

“Yeah…” I said and then left the place to meet up Ruka.




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