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Season 5

Episode 8

Suddenly the bell was heard ending the match and the announcers announced Louis as the winner of the match.

“Oh my God, Eve, are you okay?? You’re bleeding,” Jessi asked me while she checked the wound.

“I’m Kay,” I replied, “I need some water,” and Aiden gave me a bottle of water to drink. I saw Sebastian staring at my wound and something clicked in his head.

“Something’s wrong,” he murmured and then spoke to us, “You guys stick together and avoid going alone. I’ll find Louis and Ruka,” he said leaving us behind and making us wonder what just happened.

“What was that all about?” Jessi asked and then her attention snapped back to my arm, “We need to the infirmary, come on,” she said.

“Louis looked really intense as he fought you. Did you say something to make him mad?” Aiden asked me and I shook my head, “Hmm.”

When we reached the infirmary, Jessi had to cover my mouth to prevent me from screaming as the nurse put some unknown spray that stung worst than a bee. There were many other students who had taken part in the match here, taking first aid. Compared to few of them in the room my wound looked pretty small. After some time we heard disturbances in the speaker until someone spoke,

“All the students, teachers and other faculties are requested to leave for the day. The rest of the events will be continued tomorrow. I repeat all the students, teachers and other faculties are requested to leave for the day right now.”

“What the hell is going on?” Aiden asked as we all looked at the speaker. He pulled out his cell to call when we saw Derek come inside the room panting.

“What’s the matter?” I asked him worried.

“Where are Louis and the others? I’m unable to contact through phone,” he said as creases firmed on his forehead.

“Sebastian said he was going to talk to Ruka and Louis. Why?” I asked him.

“You need to see it,” he said and I got up from the place as I sat, all the three of us following him. He took us down to the dungeon and I got a bad feeling about what was going to come. It was our anatomy class, “Look,” he pointed at the cases and I saw five empty squares without a body in it. Unlike last time where there was a body on the table, this time there was nothing. Just empty cases.

“They are roaming in the school, aren’t they? That’s why everyone was asked to leave immediately,” I whispered.

“Who’s roaming, Eve?” Jessi asked.

“Do you remember the night we went to the movie with my cousin?” I asked Jessi and saw her nod, “After the movie we met up with few zombie-like creatures?”

“What?!” She exclaimed loudly, “That’s impossible the school is being monitored every single second. So you are telling me they are here right now?”

“I’m not sure but it must be so because one of the teachers informed about this,” Derek answered her.

“There are five empty cases so that will be five zombies running in the school,” Aiden summed up and cracked his knuckles, “Sounds exciting to me.”

“Only in theory,” Derek stated. My cell rang and I picked it up.

“Love, where are you?” Ruka asked me.

“Down in the dungeon, why?”

“Alright, listen to me carefully, Evie. Move out of there and if possible go to a room which has a good locking system. I’ll be there in a few minutes,” he said.

“Okay,” I replied and looked at everyone, “Am I supposed to repeat what he said or did you hear?” I asked knowing all of them had a good hearing ability. Jessi was marked so she had a decent hearing.

“Not necessary,” Aiden replied and we went out of the dungeon. In the way, as we ran up, two men stood in the corridor motionless. Their heads were hung low and they moved as slower than a tortoise.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Jessi asked standing next to me.

“Yup,” I answered and all of us began running in the opposite direction, we had to pull Aiden out of there as he wanted to have some action.

“Wait, why are we not fighting them?” He asked as ran.

“They move slowly only in the beginning but something triggers after some time and it’s impossible to fight them,” I explained him.

“Like that?” He asked and we turned back to see another body charging at us in speed.

“Yes!” we screamed.

“Inside the room!” Jessi yelled and we locked it. Banging was heard and we pushed the desk against the door to keep it from opening but it was of no use because in a minute it was opened to reveal two of them.

I had my sword while Derek and Aiden used their supernatural abilities. Jessi broke a chair, swinging the remaining wooden piece in her hand like I baseball bat. We fought them two on one, beheading the dead bodies so that they didn’t come alive. I was utterly exhausted when Ruka and the others found us. Sebastian was carrying Louis who was unconscious.

“Are you alright?” Ruka asked me, both his hands cupping my face.

“I’m okay,” I replied smiling at him, “Just tired. What happened to Louis?” I asked.

“Did the zombie knock him out?” Aiden asked Sebastian.

“He was knocked out way before the dead bodies came into the picture. When I saw Eve’s wound it didn’t look like Louis would do such thing so I went out to search where he was but he was nowhere to found,” Sebastian said, “After looking around I found him lying in the bathroom and my guess is he’s been unconscious since an hour.”

“What? But he was in the arena with me.”

“It was an imposter who looked like Louis,” Ruka cleared the confusion, “Someone else was fighting you in the arena, love and it wasn’t Louis.”

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