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Season 5

Episode 19(Semi-final)

Where did I keep the comb?” Jessi asked to no one in particular as her eyes searched for it, “Ah, here it is,” she said taking it in her hand and going to stand in front of the vertical mirror where Lizzy was sitting on a chair.

“I don’t want anything complicated,” I heard Lizzy say to Jessi.

It was so unlike her to fret or worry but I guess she couldn’t help it after all today was her big day where she was going to marry Kyle. We all knew it was going to end that way with them but there was Sage, her mother who wasn’t apprehensive about it. How did it happen? No one knew the story but seems like one strange day Sage woke up and decided that maybe she should stop hovering over her children as they were old enough to know what was right for them.

“It’s your day and we’re going to turn you into a princess,” Jessi said swishing her hand and then began combing Lizzy’s blonde hair.

“But I-”

“Stop talking Lizzy,” Bella interrupted her, “I’m going to start with your makeup now. So sit still and stop biting your damn cheek,” she had placed her make up equipment’s spread across the dresser.

“I’m a just tiny bit nervous,” she said as she let go of her cheek.

“It’s normal, you’ll be fine,” I assured her with a smile and saw her smile back through the mirror.

“Did you feel the same way?” she asked me with her eyes shut while Bella brushed her eyelids with soft shades.

“I did,” I replied with a smile as I looked down at my hand where a platinum ring was settled on my ring finger.

It had been six years now since the incident of Olivia and the land of the dead took place. In that time, many things had changed. For instance, all of us had completed our education and that included Louis too. Apparently, he was tired playing spy kid for the school and handed his work to Aiden who surprisingly took care of it quite well. Leo was still working as a teacher there and word had it that he might be nominated as principal for Preston University. Wonder how the students are going to react to it.

Jessi was the first one to get married and a few months later Ruka had asked me to marry him. We had a little boy who was three years old. The white gown which she was supposed to be wearing soon was on the bed, placed neatly. It was just beautiful and I knew when Lizzy would wear it, it would bring more beauty to it. Once Jessi and Isabella were done with Lizzy’s hair and makeup, she went to put her dress on.

A knock was heard on the door and in came Ava, Sebastian’s mate in a blue gown, “How is she doing?” she asked softly.

“She’s nervous but she should be alright,” I replied to which she nodded and came inside.

“How are you doing? Any cramps?” I asked her and she shook her head.

“Not since this morning but there has been some kicking,” she said, placing her hand on the baby bump that had formed, “I can’t wait to cradle her in my arms,” she said excitedly with a smile.

“When is she due?” Jessi asked me and I went to where Ava stood to place my hands on the bump.

“Less than a month I believe. She seems to be doing fine,” I informed her as I felt the baby’s heartbeat in a steady state, “Where are Sebastian and the others?” I asked her.

“The guys are with Kyle but I don’t know if they got ready yet because they were busy playing video games including Sebastian which was an hour ago,” she said shaking her head with a sigh, “Ruka and William are with Sage greeting the guests.”

When Lizzy came out of the bathroom door wearing her gown all of us stopped talking and just stared at her. She looked at us wearily and spoke,

“I think I should go fix my dress again,” she said ready to turn.

“Oh my God, look at you,” Andria said near the door, “You look like a doll,” she gushed.

“You look beautiful Lizzy,” I said with a wide smile and everyone agreed.

“Going to knock many of the guy’s unconscious today,” Bella commented.

“Haha,” Lizzy laughed nervously, “Not funny people,” she said taking in a deep breath and not letting it out.

“I came here to get you girls. It’s time come on,” Andria said to us. I took hold of the bouquet of roses which Lizzy would be carrying down. Sebastian’s father, Keith had come to the wedding and was going to walk Lizzy down the aisle. He was a good man.

We still had a few minutes before the ceremony took place, therefore, I looked for my son when we went out leaving Lizzy with Keith. He was nowhere to be found in the audience.

“There you are, Cal,” I said spotting him with Caesar.

“Look look, Shisaw found a bone,” he said pointing at Caesar, who held a bone in his mouth, “I’m waiting for him to eat,” he said as his eyes lit up.

“That’s good, sweetheart but we need to go attend your aunt Eli’s wedding,” I said bending down to his height, “I’m sure your Caesar will wait until the ceremony is over.”

“Really?” he asked with his big brown eyes and I nodded. I was sure Caesar would keep the bone without eating it for a very long time, “Wait for me, Shisaw,” he said going near Caesar and then held my hand.

The music had just begun when we entered the garden and I saw everyone standing. When we went to stand in the front I felt a familiar hand on my back and turned to see Ruka in a black tux. He had let his hair in a slight mess as his amethyst eyes sparkled looking at me.

“Papa!” Cal exclaimed looking at Ruka. Ruka bent down to pick him in his arms while Lizzy appeared with Keith next to her.

When the ceremony began my mind drifted to the time when Ruka and I were getting married. After both Kyle and Lizzy said ‘I do’, the priest announced them as husband and wife. I was sitting with Ava, Sebastian, Eric, and Louis as Ruka had gone to greet one of his far relative while Cal was playing with Sebastian.

“Where did Aiden go?” I asked and Ava pointed her finger towards the dance floor. He was dancing with a brunet while he spoke to her and then I found Derek laughing at something his partner said, “At least someone’s dancing,” I said looking at Louis who just rolled his eyes.

Everyone needed someone to spend life with and my protectors, Louis and Derek couldn’t live a solitary life by only protecting me. Derek was at least mingling with girls but Louis was far from it. When we tried setting him up with a girl, it only resulted in him snapping at the girl.

“Uncle Eric!” Cal whined as Eric had taken his black feather from him. It was the feather which was given by Ruka and Cal treasured it.

“Nope,” Eric replied playfully.

“Give it back,” he said stomping his foot, “Else you won get any tonight,” he said sending Eric and Sebastian into fits of laughter. My face reddened hearing it.

“Cal!” I scolded lightly.

“Why are you laughing?” he asked them innocently, unaware of what he said.

“You’ll get this once your done eating,” my cousin said tucking the feather carefully in his pocket.

“It always works with papa,” Cal muttered before taking a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth.

Looking at the dance floor I saw Lizzy dancing with Kyle, she blushed at something Kyle said to her. I was happy for them. I was talking to Ava when Ruka came to steal me away for a dance. He took hold of my hand while he placed his other hand on my back, pulling me closer to him.

“Do you remember the first time we danced?” I asked him as we moved with the music.

“You were nervous and scared,” he pointed to which I nodded.

“All thanks to me getting lost in the forest and castle,” I said making him chuckle and he placed a kiss on my temple.

“I’m glad you did, love,” he said holding me close to his heart.

We had gone through so many things and here we were standing with our son Calhoun, stronger than ever. I had retained my angel powers back but not the wings when I left the land of the dead. Layla aka Lady Lark hadn’t attended our wedding but had sent us wedding presents.

Just like everyone was with their soul mates I wished Evan had reunited with Valerie in his afterlife and something told me my wish was granted.




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