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Season 5

Episode 13

Eve’s POV:

I got out of the car quickly and went inside the castle. Questions were popping in my head which needed answers right now. When I caught up with Ruka we were greeted by Andria and Lizzy in the main hall who had broken glasses in their hand.

“Where are Louis and Sebastian?” Ruka asked them.

“They are in Louis’ bedroom. Annesana is there as well getting things in control,” Andria replied with a sigh and saw Ruka look at them in question.

“Did he break these?” I asked looking at the glasses in their hands and they nodded.

“I think the essence of venom is still there in Louis’ body, for some reason it’s bringing out the temper out of him. I would give him second place after Ruka,” Lizzy said making my eyebrows rise a little but I didn’t question upon it.

“It’s more like a child throwing a tantrum which is unusual because he behaves way mature than his age,” Andria said and Ruka hummed to it.

“Alright, we’ll go see how he’s doing,” Ruka said taking my hand in his cold hand as we headed towards Louis’ room.

When we got near to his room we saw Sebastian stepping out of the room and closing the door behind him. There was a crash inside which I believe was directed towards the door. When he saw us his eyes lit up.

“Thankfully you are here,” he exhaled, “Louis seemed fine after I called you but his vampire instincts have awoken twenty minutes back making him thirsty and angry. I called up Annesana to have a check on him.”

When Ruka opened the door wide open and we got inside, I saw three people in the room apart from us. An angry Louis who was leaning his back towards the bed rest next was Annesana who was standing next to the bed with a pointed look directed towards Louis and the third person who was Louis’ mother sitting on a chair with a stoic expression on her face.

The nerves around his eyes were prominent and his eyes bloodshot red. There was a trace of anger like how Sebastian and Lizzy had mentioned about.

“You need to have these pills, Louis if you want the remains venom out,” Annesana said to Louis who rolled his eyes. It was comical to see him like this but he looked his age now.

“You said the same for the last pill and the pills you’re providing are never-ending. I had four pills in the last ten minutes and I know what pill you’re holding,” he said staring at her angrily, “I don’t want to fall unconscious again.”

“Why is he so angry?” I asked Sebastian in a whisper who smiled at me.

“I can hear you,” Louis muttered loud enough for all of us to hear.

“He wants more blood to drink than required which we aren’t providing,” he answered me back in a whisper ignoring Louis’ statement.

“Did you take out the venom completely?” Ruka asked Annesana who gave him a bowl which was silver in color.

“It looks like onyx potion but it’s not,” Annesana said looking at the bowl, “Because onyx potion nullifies the supernatural abilities but this is just amplifying it. I took all the venom out and its taking time to wear off from its effects. A little sleep would be good for the body,” she suggested.

“If he doesn’t need the sleeping pill that’s fine, Annesana,” Ruka said that made Louis calm down a little and look less scary in appearance.

“But he requires sleep,” Sage said exasperated, “I’m going to kill the boy who did this to my son. How did it go unnoticed by you Ruka? My children are under your care,” she questioned him angry as though he was responsible for what had happened.

“I’m fine, mother,” Louis said to her.

“I don’t even know why they stay here with you wh-”

“I believe I’m more of a parent than you will ever be to either of your children. Therefore I don’t think you have the right to question me, Sage” Ruka said calmly while Sage sat there dumbstruck. I didn’t know why but it felt like there was a story behind Ruka’s words. At the same time, Lizzy had appeared in the room and looked lost with the atmosphere in the room. “Elizabeth could you take your mother to her room. She needs more rest than your brother does now,” Ruka asked Lizzy and she just nodded to it, taking her mother who looked like a gaping fish as she went out of the room.

“Wait, I haven’t finished ta-” Sage said as she passed by us.

“I think you do need rest aunt Sage. Look at your beauty mark that’s fading and…” Sebastian tagged along with Lizzy in sending Sage out of the room. The room felt much quieter and calmer now with all the noise gone.

“Annesana could you look at Eve’s arm,” Ruka said moving towards the bed and taking a seat next to Louis.

“Ah-yeah sure,” she responded. Guess I wasn’t the only one feeling awkward with the scene between Ruka and Sage. Annesana took hold of my hand and pressed the wound making me flinch in pain, “It appears that your wound is healing faster than a normal human rate, therefore, there’s nothing to worry about,” she commented taking the bandage from the first aid kit. She began turning the bandage around my arm while Ruka spoke to Louis.

“Does your arm hurt?”

“Not anymore,” Louis replied and then glanced at me for a spare second before looking back at Ruka, “I heard Eve got the venom in her too.”

“It was a fresh wound and pulling out the venom was much easier as it hadn’t circulated in her system,” Ruka said and they went on to talk regarding Olivia.

One thing I had noticed about Louis and Ruka was that Louis did anything and everything Ruka asked without questioning it. I knew he looked up to Ruka but sometimes it was as though he was sired to Ruka not that he was. On the other side, Ruka trusted Louis knowing he was more responsible than others.

“I’m keeping the pills here,” Annesana said keeping a white box on the desk to get a small growl from Louis, “Just in case he needs it,” she added before packing her briefcase that had things such as a bandage, few tiny bottles, two blood bags, and other doctor instruments.

“I’ll take my leave now. Call me if there’s anything,” she said to Ruka who got up to see her out, leaving Louis and me alone in the room. When I turned to see Louis he was already staring at me.

“The venom affected you,” I heard him speak as he assessed me with his bloodshot eyes, “You aren’t a vampire to have your wound heal quickly but you are…your powers are coming back,” he whispered at the end.

I saw his face scrunch in pain for a second but was replaced back to his calm features. His hands were twisting the bed covers while he sat there looking at the wall.

“I’ll call Ruka-”





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