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Season 5

Episode 12

So we had a crazy woman on the run who was supposedly supposed to be dead. When I turned towards Ruka, he seemed distracted as his gaze was fixed on the photo frames.

“She was the one who left notes in Eve’s room,” he said and came to sit next to me, “What does Eve have to do with any of this?”

“She is an angel, Ruka. Eve together with the stones provides a perfect key for Olivia to enter the land of the dead,” she replied making me stop eating.

“Why hasn’t she attacked me yet then?” I asked her.

“I guess she’s been saving you up until she found all the stones,” Lady Lark let out a sigh.

I nodded my head to it. I remembered the Tainted book and realized why there were two books with the same name. They were of two different people, Valerie and Olivia. The words Valerie had written were deep as though she was in pain, of course, she was. I was happy to be born in this time instead of the old time.

“Lady Lark? I have been having recurring dreams,” I said and she nodded for me to continue, “It’s usually dark in a forest and I end up in a place like my school but it’s torn down as if an earthquake took place. A body lying on the floor with a blood-stained floor and I saw a village burn which Ruka told was something that happened in the past. Is it some kind of a sign?” Now that I thought about it how did Ruka know that the village there was burnt? He was one knowledgeable, smart and cool person, yup he was the total package deal in the universe.

“Hmm,” she hummed before replying to my question, “I don’t think Olivia knows this but the process has already started. Eve, you’ve been going to the land of dead since a while now in your subconscious state. It only means the gate has been completely opened. You need to change the location of the portal,” she said looking towards Ruka and he gave a curt nod.

Ruka’s hand found my free hand and he linked his fingers with mine. When I turned to look at him he gave me an assured smile and a gentle squeeze to my hand. Seeing me yawn after a few seconds, he spoke to her,

“It’s getting late and Eve needs rest. We’ll take our leave now,” he said and we stood up.

“Let me lead the way,” she said and took us through the corridors.

It was mind-boggling that how a normal person had turned to such a shady look. If it wasn’t for the light emitting from the side lamps on the wall, I was sure if someone blew it off I would bang my head to the wall. When we were near the main door she didn’t step out instead stood inside the building. When I raised my face to look up at the sky, I observed and heard the lightning and the monstrous sound of the thunder.

“I’ll visit next week,” I heard Ruka say to her.

“Can I have a moment, Eve?” she asked me and I nodded spontaneously. Ruka walked down the stairs to give us space and I heard the sound of the car getting unlocked.

“Eve, you’re an angel. The personification of light and hope. The strength of goodness will always overpower evil in the world. She knows her opponents well to make a mistake so you have nothing to fear,” she said and I for one second I felt I saw her eyes but there were no eyeballs in them. They were hollow and it freaked me out, “Moreover, you have Ruka by your side, he’ll protect you with all he’s got and you know that. Men are strong from his family, be it physical or mentally.”

“Yeah,” I nodded smiling and then remembered something, “Excuse me, but when you told you and your people killed Olivia, did you see her cremate?” I asked her and she shook her head.

“I didn’t want to be near her and hadn’t attended her funeral but now I wished I did. There were too many conspiracies and betrayal I didn’t realize or notice back then. Someone defied the order that was given to burn her,” she said clutching the door tightly and I felt as if she was trying to hold in her anger, “It was nice meeting you, Eve. I hope you have the strength to overcome the hurdles in the future. You must go now, a storm is approaching quickly this way,” she said.

“Ah, yeah. Thank you for everything,” I said before running towards the car as it started drizzling. Ruka started the car and we left Lark’s mansion, with a lot of information regarding the old Era.

So many things were running in my mind right now related to what Lady Lark said. It had been a few days since I dreamed it or should I say visiting the land of dead subconsciously. But then why get the same scenario over and over again? I let out a tired sigh.

After a few minutes, as Lady Lark predicted raindrops began pouring down and making sounds on the roof of the car. I felt something sting on my arm and glanced to see what it was. Looking at the bandage I realized it was the cut on my arm that was hurting.

“We need to clean your arm and redo the bandage going home. The boy who was pretending to be Louis was nowhere to be found, Leo said they were checking the dungeon again,” Ruka said as he switched on the heater of the car.

Thinking about the imposter something clicked in my mind, “Do you remember if the boy named Peter who fought Louis had received any cuts because of him while fighting?” I asked him.

“He did, Evie, both Peter, and Louis had received wounds while fighting each other, why?”

“All the dead beings like zombies must be Olivia’s doing and Derek had said a body was in the school missing from the dungeon but they didn’t know where it was. When I met her she was with the same boy. Isn’t it possible that while fighting Louis his sword had a substance that made Louis unconscious after the fight and Peter disguised himself as Louis to fight me,” I explained him, “All along Peter was just a dummy body, a puppet Olivia was playing with.”

“That does fit the theory, Eve,” Ruka agreed after hearing what I said.

“Many questions have been resolved,” I murmured and heard him chuckle.

“Everything will be fine, love,” he assured me, “Stop worrying.”

“During the time Lady Lark was telling about the past, she said her elder sister’s son had been saved. Is he still there? We could get to know something from him,” I suggested. The castle neared and the rain had stopped, but not the thundering of clouds.

“The boy was five years old when it happened, love,” he said making my mouth to form an O. We passed through the main gate and Ruka stopped the car in front of the entrance, “Yes, he is alive. Heaven Lark, a werewolf was married to a vampire named Victor. Victor Wolfric. I’ll let you solve the rest, love,” he said leaning towards me and placing a kiss below my ear before getting out of the car. My eyes went wide hearing it.

Ruka Wolfric, my mind registered. He was Heaven Lark’s and Victor Wolfric’s only son!

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